Apple Nicotine Salt E Liquid by Pod Salt (10 ml)



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A sweet and juicy vape to remember, Apple by Pod Salt delivers a deliciously fruity experience.

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This product is not for sale to anybody under the age of 18, and is not suitable for use by non-smokers.



If sharper apple flavours tend to be a little too much for you, this juice offers plenty to please. A sweeter option for apple lovers and yet never too much, it’s a refreshing and balanced flavour which keeps delivering from the inhale to the uplifting exhale. Certainly one that you can enjoy all day, it deserves to be considered for your collection and could prove to be the apple of your eye.

Pod Salt flavours are designed to offer reformed smokers the perfect fusion of flavour, throat hit and satisfaction. Nicotine salts deliver a smoother throat hit and yet more immediate satisfaction to mirror the experience of smoking. This juice boasts a 50VG/50PG base which is suitable for starter kits and pod systems and it is available in nicotine strengths of 20mg and 36mg (equivalent to 11mg and 20mg concentrations of freebase nicotine).

Made in the UK, Pod Salt flavours offer premium quality, fabulous flavour and the considerable benefits of nicotine salts.

  • 50VG/50PG E liquid
  • Made in the UK
  • Vibrant apple flavour
  • Features nicotine salts
  • Available in nicotine strengths of 20mg and 36mg

Additional Info


Base on Kanger CLTank v2. Given device is for illustration only. Please consult the manual of the device you are using for refilling instructions. Please note: The refill opening on your chosen device should be able to receive the bottle nozzle which is 2.1 mm wide and 9 mm long.

  1. Hold the tank with one hand, and use the other to push the top cap down and twist anti-clockwise.
  2. Add e-liquid into the chamber, being careful not to spill.
  3. Replace the top cap, allow a few minutes for the eliquid to penetrate the coil, then use the wattage indicated by the coil.

Health and Safety


Please read entire leaflet carefully before you start using this product. It contains important information. Keep this leaflet; you may need to read it again.


This product is intended for use solely with refillable electronic cigarettes, to receive nicotine dosages to your personal requirements. Shake the refill bottle well before refilling the electronic cigarette device. Please do not drink this product, and avoid direct contact with the skin and eyes.


Keep the container tightly closed in an upright position. Store the product at an ambient temperature (between 18-30oC), away from direct sunlight. Do NOT refrigerate or freeze or store the product above 30oC


Due to propylene glycol:

  • Adverse effect may occur in patients treated with disulfiram or metronidazole.
  • Individuals with a history of atopy, allergic rhinitis (hay fever) or childhood eczema may be susceptible to developing allergic reactions.
  • Lactic acidosis may occur when propylene glycol is consumed in large quantities by children, pregnant woman and patients with hepatic or renal failure.

Due to glycerol:

  • Chances of dehydration are increased in elderly or already dehydrated patients.
  • Caution must be observed in diabetic patients as when metabolised, glycerol may cause slight hyperglycaemia and glycosuria.


This product is not recommended for use by children, and pregnant or lactating women.


New users of electronic cigarettes may experience dry throat, dry cough, mild pain or irritation of the mouth or respiratory tract. If the symptoms become severe or last for more than 48 hours, please see a general practitioner and report the incidences by following information given “Reporting Adverse Effect”

Possible nicotine withdrawal adverse effects – irritability or aggression, feeling low, anxiety, restlessness, poor concentration, increased appetite or weight gain, urges to smoke (craving). Night time awaking or sleep disturbance, lowering of heart rate.



This product contains Nicotine which is a highly addictive substance and is thus not recommended for use by non-smokers. No other ingredient of this product is known to be addictive.


This product contains Nicotine which may produce toxic effects is consumed orally, especially in infants and children. Please DO NOT drink this product. In case it is consumed, please take this leaflet with you and see a genera practitioner immediately. In case of contact with skin, rinse immediately with cold running water for at least 15 minutes.


If you experience any side effects as a result of using this product, please help us by informing us about it so that we can continue to improve the safety of our products. Please fill out an online form available on our website: Alternatively, you can also report your symptoms directly to MHRA using the Yellow Card Portal available at:


This product is manufactured by Xyfil Ltd. Which is a registered company in England and Wales. Registration number: 09012568

Xyfil Ltd.,
Unit 1, 15-19 Sedgwick Street,
Preston, Lancashire,
United Kingdom, PR1 1TP.
Tel: +44 (0) 1772 888778

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