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Batteries and Chargers Guide

Vape Batteries and Chargers Buying Guide

Let’s face it, batteries are not the most interesting of vaping accessories! They don’t improve your look and are unlikely to excite your imagination. However, we recommend that you read this guide as your choice of battery will impact your vaping experience and there are serious safety implications to consider. We promise to make batteries sound as fascinating as we possibly can!

Should you choose a device with integrated or removeable batteries?

There’s a wonderful array of devices for you to choose from with something to suit all vaping styles. While most beginners’ e-cigs feature integrated batteries, many of the more advanced mods and kits are powered by removeable batteries (cells). These are usually additional purchases. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of battery. What kind of battery is best for you and how do you use it safely?

What are the advantages of integrated batteries?

Built-in batteries enable you to vape safely and hassle free. You don’t have to purchase your battery separately and you can be sure that it will be compatible with your device. You should note that ecigs with internal batteries are generally cheaper to buy than those which are powered by removeable batteries.

It is worth taking advantage of the low cost of entry level equipment with an integrated battery while you are finding your vaping feet. It could be that your first device doesn’t meet your needs or that you wish to move on to more advanced equipment quite quickly. Either way, by choosing a vape kit featuring an integrated battery, you will minimise your expenditure while you find out if vaping is for you.

What are the disadvantages of integrated batteries?

You might wish to consider that you cannot charge integrated batteries independently of your device. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue as you can charge most ecigs while vaping courtesy of passthrough technology. In addition, you can always carry a spare battery or mod with you in case you are not able to charge your device.

The biggest downside of integrated batteries is that they limit the lifespan of your device. Batteries don’t last forever and once your battery has given up the ghost, you will have to invest in a completely new device.

What are the advantages of removeable batteries?

Devices with removeable batteries are more costly initially but will save you money in the long run. When your battery reaches the end of its life, you can simply replace it rather than having to invest in a new vape mod or kit. If you really like your equipment, you will be able to enjoy it for longer, if it is powered by removeable batteries.

Removeable batteries might prove to be more convenient for you if you spend long periods out and about. Removeable batteries are small and highly portable. When you run out of charge, you just change your battery rather than having to connect your entire device to a power source.

What are the disadvantages of removeable batteries?

Safety and performance are issues with removeable batteries. You cannot load just any battery into any device. You must choose your batteries advisedly and follow the instructions supplied with your hardware.

Safety is a serious concern with mechanical mods. These are unregulated devices which should only be used if you have a good grasp of ohms law. Mech mods should only be used in conjunction with batteries boasting onboard circuitry that will compensate for the lack of safety precautions offered by the equipment.

What about battery capacity and discharge rate?

Batteries are rated for their capacity and their discharge rate. Both ratings are considerations when removeable batteries. Capacity is certainly something to think about when selecting a device with an integrated battery.

Integrated batteries

You don’t have to concern yourself with discharge rate if you have chosen an ecig with an integrated battery. It will be compatible with your equipment and safe to use. However, the capacity of your battery could be important. The higher the capacity, the longer your battery will last between charges. Capacity is measured in milliamps × hours (mAh). A 1000mAh battery won’t last as long as a 2000mAh battery. However, the higher the capacity, the bigger and heavier the battery will be. If portability is a concern, you might find that a battery with a lower capacity is easier to carry.

Removeable batteries

Removeable batteries must be compatible with your device. If your mod is regulated, i.e. it is one with adjustment buttons and/or a screen, you can use unprotected batteries. Your equipment’s built-in protections will prevent you from doing anything that could cause the battery to explode.

Your choice of battery might appear to be counterintuitive as batteries with higher capacities are most appropriate for less powerful ecigs. This is because batteries with a higher mAh rating boast lower discharge rates. You need a higher discharge rate to power a higher wattage mod.

Choosing removeable batteries for your equipment is relatively straightforward as most ecig manufacturers now design devices to be compatible with 18650 batteries. Some mods and vape kits are powered by two or more batteries. These may run in series or in parallel. When the batteries run in series, the voltage is doubled but the mAh (capacity) remains the same. When two batteries run in parallel, both the voltage and the amperage are doubled. Batteries running in series therefore deliver greater power but less battery life than those running in parallel.

How do ensure that you use batteries safely?

Safety should always be paramount. Lithium Ion batteries are small but powerful accessories. They contain flammable and volatile chemicals. You could put yourself in danger if do not choose your batteries wisely and handle them correctly. Here’s how to keep safe:

    1. If you are using removeable batteries, choose those from leading brands and purchase them from a retailer that you can trust.
    2. If your mod takes two or more removeable batteries, don’t mix and match them. All batteries that you fit must be identical.
    3. Never mix new and old removeable batteries. You should form a set of batteries which must be replaced at the same time.
    4. A set of batteries should only utilised to power a specific device.
    5. Use only the charger supplied with your device or a recommended charger for your removeable batteries.
    6. Never leave any batteries to charge overnight or when you are not at home.
    7. Place your battery on a non-flammable surface when you are charging it.
    8. Always carry spare batteries in a plastic case to prevent them from accidentally contacting metal objects such as your keys. Contact with metal could cause a short.
    9. Never attempt to use a vape battery which has been in contact with water.
    10. Don’t borrow batteries from anyone regardless of how much you trust them.
    11. If you have any concerns at all about your batteries, don’t use them.

How do you maximise the life of your battery?

No battery will last forever, but there are things you can do to extend the useful life of the batteries you have invested in.

      • When you first receive your battery, fully charge it to condition it.
      • Always store any batteries that you are not using in a cool and dry place.
      • When you store batteries, ensure that they are at least 40% charged. This will enable a small amount of discharge to occur and that will keep the protection circuits functioning.
      • Try not to store away batteries for extended periods of time as they benefit from regular use.
      • Turn off your device when you are not using it to prevent accidental firings. These represent unnecessary work for your battery.
      • Keep batteries away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight as heat will reduce their lifespan.
      • Recharge your batteries before they are fully drained to reduce the stress on them.
      • When carrying a spare battery or batteries with you, keep them in a protective case to prevent them from contacting metal.