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Despite the huge success vaping has had on reducing the number of people smoking, we still have around 7 million tobacco users in the UK. It is widely accepted that quitting or switching away from smoking is the one thing people can do to add the most years onto their life, but some find the world of vaping a challenge to comprehend. Vapekit presents answers to several questions you may have whether you are a smoker or a recently switched vaper.

vaping girlFrom the confusing range of devices to the choice from thousands of e-liquids, new users then face decisions over coils, batteries, charging, and more.


I tried vaping once, have ecig devices improved?

The reason people who tried an electronic cigarette just the once didn’t find success is down to the wide range of options on offer and how individual our tastes are. Not all tanks are the same, just as two strawberry e-liquids will taste differently to each other.


Devices have improved immeasurably from the early days of vaping both in ease of use and quality of flavour. Manufacturers have poured millions of pounds into developing mods and tanks to the point where it is now hard to see how they can be improved further.


Will vaping work for me?

With tales of the millions who have successfully quit smoking through switching to vaping, it is reasonable to expect that it will work for you too. The problem exists when something goes wrong. A breakage, running out, or something else can quickly send people back to cigarettes.


Expect that your first device may not be the best device you will try. Most new users try a cheap kit first and long-term vapers find success by adding to that – some building vast collections as it turns into a hobby.


Likewise, with e-liquids being different from each other, your first one may not hit the spot. Talk to your vendor (contact us) to discuss this further if you wish. Try lots of cheaper juices and then start experimenting with more expensive e-liquids.


Also, don’t leave your e-liquid in the sun. The nicotine breaks down in sunlight which means you will find it less rewarding as time goes on.


Does it matter where an e-liquid is made?

No, it doesn’t matter where the e-liquid is manufactured as all nicotine-containing juices currently sold must be tested and registered with The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.


What is the best vape set-up?

The best electronic cigarette set-up is the one that works for you. Most smokers opt for a kit that deliver a mouth-to-lung vape used with a higher strength e-liquid.


How do I use an e-cig?

A mouth-to-lung vape is the nearest to the experience of smoking. Users draw the vapour into their mouth being pulling it into their lungs. It emits a modest amount of vapour on the exhale and can be repeated until the user is satisfied. It is not used until the tank is empty in the way that you used to smoke a whole cigarette, rather it can be vaped as required during the day.


How do I maintain a quality vape from my e-cig device?

Keep your vape mod and tank clean; give the mod a weekly clean with a cloth and wash out your tank whenever you change the coil. Dry it before reuse and filling.


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