Aspire Dynamo Review: The Hot New Do-Anything Box Mod

The Aspire Dynamo is a mod that can do absolutely anything — and it does it with such style that it’s a slam-dunk choice as the best vape mod of 2021. Read our Aspire Dynamo kit review!

As any vaping hobbyist will tell you, there’s no such thing as a “last mod you’ll ever need.” There is only the mod that you use until the next big thing comes along. Occasionally, though, you’ll find a vaping device that’s far enough ahead of the technology curve to keep you satisfied for quite some time.

Something that you keep on coming back to again and again, just because it really works for you. The Aspire Dynamo is such a device. It supports every new technology that advanced vapers demand, and it does so in a package that oozes style and confidence.

aspire dynamo review

The Dynamo is Aspire’s new flagship product. With its support of all the most important recent technological advancements in vaping, the Aspire Dynamo ticks the right boxes:

  • 21700 batteries
  • mesh coils
  • 2-amp fast battery charging 
  • …and much more

Unless something fundamentally changes the state of the art in vaping technology, it’s unlikely that you’ll feel the need to replace this device for at least a year or two.

So, what makes the Aspire Dynamo special? It isn’t in the details – it’s in the way that Aspire executed those details with the quiet confidence of an industry leader that’s unquestionably hit its stride. Let’s learn more.

Aspire Dynamo: Specs and What’s Included

aspire dynamo colours

The Aspire Dynamo is a perfect example of a do-anything regulated box mod. With a maximum power of 220 watts and a thickness of 34 mm, you’ll find that the Dynamo has the size and power to support whatever tank or atomizer you’d like to throw at it. The 21700 battery cell is one of the latest trends to sweep the vaping world; it stores energy far more densely than the 18650 cell, with only a slight increase in size.

The Aspire Dynamo supports two 21700 batteries to give you up to about 8,000 mAh of battery life – and with the 21700 cell supporting a maximum discharge current of around 40 amps, you’ll have more than enough headroom to drive the most extreme vaping coils. The Dynamo also works with 20700 and 18650 batteries.

Opening the Aspire Dynamo kit, you’ll find the following:

  • Aspire Dynamo mod
  • Aspire Nepho tank
  • Replacement glass tube
  • Replacement silicone o-rings
  • 0.5-ohm standard coil
  • 0.15-ohm mesh coil
  • USB charging cable
  • Adapter for 18650 batteries
  • User manual and warranty information

Getting Started With the Aspire Dynamo

Even if you’re new to vaping, you’ll find that servicing the Aspire Dynamo kit and getting it going straight out of the box is incredibly easy.

Charging and Installing the Batteries

If you dislike the inconvenience of removing the batteries from your mod to charge them in an external charger, you’ll love the way in which the Aspire Dynamo handles battery charging. The dual-cell charging circuit automatically balances the two cells and uses a two-amp current per cell to get your batteries topped up quickly. During the charge cycle, the device’s display shows you the status of the two batteries.

Slide the vented door at the bottom of the Aspire Dynamo to expose the battery compartment. When you install batteries for the first time, you’ll notice an orange adapter inside the compartment. Remove the adapter if you’re using 21700 or 20700 batteries. If you’re using 18650 batteries, install them in the adapter before placing the adapter inside the battery compartment. Note the correct battery orientation marked on the inside of the battery door.

Connect the Aspire Dynamo to one of your computer’s USB ports to charge the batteries. The device shuts down automatically when the charge cycle is complete. As an extra measure of safety, the Aspire Dynamo won’t attempt to charge the batteries if they’re installed incorrectly or if only one battery is installed.

Filling and Maintaining the Aspire Nepho Tank

aspire dynamo nepho tank

The Dynamo isn’t just Aspire’s latest flagship device; it’s also the device that introduces the company’s latest and greatest cloud chasing tank. The Aspire Nepho is Aspire’s first tank to support mesh coils. It’s also the first with a threadless coil installation procedure and a true child safety lock.

The Aspire Nepho comes with the first coil already installed. To fill the tank, grab the textured edge of the tank’s top hardware and pull straight up to disengage the child safety lock. Locate the triangle-shaped marker on the side of the tank’s top hardware and push the hardware in the direction of the triangle to reveal the tank’s top filling hole. Fill the tank, close the filling hole and push the tank’s top hardware back down. Wait some time for the cotton to saturate before using the tank.

When it’s time to replace the coil in the Aspire Nepho, you’ll love the mess-free threadless design. There’s no need to touch the wet part of the coil! To replace the coil, invert the tank and unscrew the bottom hardware. Lift the old coil out of the tank and discard it. Remove the new coil from the package and wet the exposed wick openings with a bit of e-liquid to prime the wick. Push the new coil into the tank and replace the tank’s bottom hardware.

The Aspire Nepho is a tank for cloud chasing. The coil becomes extremely hot with little to no ramp-up time, and the wick can burn if you allow it to dry out. When you see that the e-liquid in the tank no longer covers the coil’s wick holes, refill the tank.

Using the Aspire Dynamo

aspire dynamo mod

When you press the fire button five times to turn the device on, you’ll discover one of the Aspire Dynamo’s coolest features: a two-inch, full-colour round TFT display. Although vaping devices have had LCD screens for many years now, full-colour displays are still rare. With the screen’s high resolution and the interface’s bold, legible typography, you’re going to love looking at this device.

In keeping with the “do anything” theme of the Aspire Dynamo, this device supports every vaping mode you could possibly want. You can choose between:

  • Wattage mode
  • Voltage mode
  • Bypass mode (outputs the full voltage of the batteries with all safety features remaining active)
  • Custom wattage curve
  • Temperature control with pre-configured settings for titanium, nickel and stainless steel
  • Temperature control with custom thermal coefficient

One of the greatest benefits of having a vaping device with such a bright, high-resolution screen is that you won’t need to struggle to read the menus and understand what the different options and settings mean.

There’s no need for incomprehensible icons and abbreviations; the screen spells everything out for you. An added bonus is that the screen becomes a clock when the device is idle. At the time of release, the Aspire Dynamo includes 11 built-in skins for the clock. More skins may appear in the future via a firmware update.

Some of the skins are understated and elegant, and others display extra information about the status of your device, such as the current wattage setting and charge levels of the batteries.

aspire dynamo clock skins

How Does the Aspire Dynamo Kit Perform?

With the recommended wattage of a typical vaping coil inching closer to 100 watts – many coils demand even more power than that – many vapers have needed a boost in battery life for a while. A few devices have given us that boost by accepting up to three batteries, but those devices are bulky and difficult to carry. Using the 21700 cell allows the Aspire Dynamo to deliver approximately 8,000 total mAh of battery life – depending on the battery cells you use – in a device that’s scarcely larger than a dual-18650 battery mod. It’s a difference you’ll really notice.

One thing that Aspire has focused on in recent years is the development and improvement of the chipsets and firmware that control its devices. The Aspire Dynamo can get a coil up to temperature remarkably quickly – a feature that’s especially evident when you use the included mesh coil. Rather than using traditional wound kanthal wire, a mesh coil uses a metal screen with low mass and high surface area. 

Mesh coils can produce enormous vapour clouds with very modest wattage requirements, and virtually all vaping product manufacturers are now offering them. The mesh coil of the new Aspire Nepho tank generates dense, flavourful clouds effortlessly and with virtually no ramp-up time.

Given this, the answer to our question is: it performs astoundingly well. 

Does the Aspire Dynamo Have any Drawbacks?

If you’re looking for a do-anything mod that supports cloud chasing and features every bleeding-edge vaping technology that you could possibly want, the Aspire Dynamo has no drawbacks. If you’re not a cloud chaser and are looking for something light and easily pocketable, though, the Aspire Dynamo isn’t it. Consider something like the SMOK Stick V8 if you’re looking for a device that’s very sleek but still produces respectable clouds. Otherwise, there isn’t a device on the market right now that’s more capable than the Aspire Dynamo.

Aspire Dynamo Review: The Bottom Line

The Aspire Dynamo is likely to remain Aspire’s flagship product for some time. It provides the right mix of the latest vaping technologies in a package that’s smaller than a three-battery mod and only slightly larger than a dual-18650 mod. Between the large full-colour screen, the ample power range and the all-day battery life, this is the perfect mod if you’re looking for something that you won’t need to replace for a long time.

This is the perfect cloud-chasing tool that will allow you to experiment and be visible. If you’re not a cloud chaser – then we don’t recommend getting it. But don’t worry, we have plenty of other products that are simply perfect for those who like to keep their feet firmly on the ground and their head out of the clouds.

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