Aspire Tigon Review and Guide: The Best E Cigarette for Parents?

The best e cigarette for parents and grandparents? We think it could be the Aspire Tigon. Learn more about this clean, tiny and child-proof powerhouse in our Aspire Tigon review.

Aspire Tigon Review and Guide: The Best E Cigarette for Parents?

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Aspire Tigon vape pens

Although a major vaping manufacturer like Aspire is never going to neglect cloud-chasing vapers who crave high-end gear, the company has also spent the last several months improving its smaller vaping devices by leaps and bounds. Between the Aspire PockeX and the Aspire Nautilus AIO, each device seems better than the last – and the Aspire Tigon might just be the best of them all.

The Aspire Tigon is a superb vape pen that can fit both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping styles. It’s great with nicotine salt e-liquid, and it can also make you happy if you’d like to do a bit of casual cloud chasing. One of the greatest aspects of this device, though, is the fact that it offers some revolutionary new features for child protection and cleanliness. The best e-cigarette for parents and grandparents? We think it could be the Aspire Tigon.

Let’s learn more.

Aspire Tigon: Specs and What’s Included

The Tigon is a complete vape pen starter kit  with a single-button control scheme and a removable tank. While the battery does work with the tank of your choice, the included tank is where this kit’s unique child-resistant features reside – so we think you’ll want to stick with it.

Here’s what you’ll get with the Aspire Tigon kit.

  • Aspire Tigon 1,800 mAh battery
  • Aspire Tigon 2 ml tank
  • 0.4-ohm atomizer coil (23-28 watts)
  • 1.2-ohm atomizer coil (10-12 watts)
  • Tank disassembly key
  • Two mouthpieces (one wide, one narrow)
  • Replacement glass enclosure
  • Replacement o-rings
  • USB charging cable
  • Instruction manual and warranty information

Getting Started With the Aspire Tigon

The Tigon has several features that we believe will make some long-term vapers very happy. It’s simple enough to use, though, that it would be a fine first vaping device. This kit’s child-proofing features don’t just make this device a great e-cigarette for parents; they also help to ensure that you can’t make any mistakes.

Charging and Managing the Battery

The Aspire Tigon has a side-mounted micro USB port for charging. To charge the device, connect it to your computer using the included USB cable. You can also use a mains outlet adapter – but ensure that the adapter supplies no more than a 2-amp current. Do not use a “fast charging” adapter for a mobile phone or tablet. During the charge, the indictor ring around the fire button remains lit. When the charge cycle is complete, the ring flashes 20 times and turns off.

While you use the Aspire Tigon, the indicator ring will show the battery’s remaining charge level.

  • Pink indicator: battery charge is 3.8 volts or higher
  • Blue indicator: battery charge is 3.5-3.8 volts
  • Red indicator: battery charge is 3.5 volts or lower
best e-cigarette for parents

Filling the Tank

If you’re new to vaping, you may not yet be aware of a law called the Tobacco Products Directive. The TPD limits the maximum allowable capacity of vaping tanks to 2 ml. Elsewhere in the world, vaping tanks are typically larger than 2 ml. Vaping product manufacturers generally make two versions of every tank – one for the United Kingdom and Europe and another for the rest of the world. TPD-compliant versions of vaping tanks sometimes lack features that the standard versions of those tanks have.

In the case of the Aspire Tigon, though, that situation is reversed – our version of the Tigon tank is actually the best one. It is quite possibly the world’s first vaping tank that makes leaking almost completely impossible without compromising airflow at all.

Filling the Aspire Tigon tank is a two-part process. Begin by pulling the tank’s top metal hardware up slightly. Next, push the top of the tank sideways in the direction of the drop icon. The two-part filling process is easy enough for adults, but it should also be sufficient to keep curious children out of the tank if you happen to leave your device unsupervised for a moment.

When you open the tank, you’ll see the feature that makes the TPD-compliant version of this model unique. The filling port has a silicone seal that seals the hole completely. To open the port, simply push on the seal with the tip of an e-liquid bottle. If you accidentally drop the tank or tip it over while filling, it’s no problem – the silicone seal ensures that the e-liquid stays put. The seal is so obviously useful that we imagine most vaping tanks will one day have the same feature. For now, though, the TPD-compliant Aspire Tigon tank stands alone as one of the most childproof and leak-resistant vaping tanks in the world.

If you’re filling the tank for the first time or replacing the coil, let the tank stand for several minutes before using it. The extra time gives the cotton wick an opportunity to become saturated with e-liquid.

Replacing the Coil

The next feature that makes the Aspire Tigon tank unique is the way in which you replace the coil. Most of the time, you can’t replace the coil in a vaping tank unless the tank is empty because opening the tank causes the e-liquid to drain out. That’s not the case with the Aspire Tigon. When you remove the coil, a spring-loaded door closes and seals the openings that allow e-liquid to flow from the tank to the coil. The door is a real game changer in terms of convenience and leak resistance. It also means that you no longer have to worry about what to do if you realize that your coil is burned out after you’ve already refilled your tank.

To replace the coil in the Tigon tank, unscrew the tank’s bottom hardware and pull the coil straight out. Push the new coil in, reassemble the tank and wait several minutes for the cotton to saturate before you resume vaping.

Disassembling the Tank

The final feature that makes the Aspire Tigon so great for parents is the fact that you can’t disassemble the tank accidentally. With many vaping tanks, it’s difficult to replace the coil without taking the entire tank apart because the coil is the thing that holds the tank together. The Aspire Tigon has an internal locking chimney that holds the tank together and prevents accidental disassembly.

If you need to replace the o-rings or glass enclosure, you can disassemble the tank with the included key.

  • Unscrew the tank’s bottom hardware and remove the atomizer coil. When you look inside the tank’s coil housing, you’ll see the slot for the key.
  • Insert the key in the slot and twist to remove the locking nut.
  • Replace the o-rings or glass as necessary. Reassemble the tank.
  • Place the locking nut on the tip of the key. Insert the key into the coil housing and screw the nut back down. Tighten the nut carefully, ensuring that you don’t cross the threads.
  • Replace the atomizer coil.
  • Replace the tank’s bottom hardware.

What’s It Like to Use the Aspire Tigon?

Extremely Child-Resistant E Cigarette

The Aspire Tigon might be the most child-resistant e-cigarette on the market. Between the locking tank, the childproof top cap and the spring-loaded door in the coil housing, this vape pen kit makes it just about impossible for e-liquid to escape. The Tigon also has a locking fire button as a final feature to keep kids out. To lock the device, press the fire button five times quickly. Press the button another five times to unlock the Tigon.

Adapts to All Vaping Styles

The vaping community is divided between people who use higher-nicotine e-liquids and inhale from the mouth to the lungs – usually recent converts from smoking – and people who use lower-nicotine e-liquids and inhale directly to the lungs. Until now, no vaping product manufacturer has been able to build a single tank that pleases both types of vapers because the two inhaling styles require tanks with vastly different airflow. The Aspire Tigon tank might be the first tank that really works for both MTL and DTL inhaling because of the wide range of configurations it offers.

Here’s what your Aspire Tigon tank setup will be like, depending on your preferred inhaling style.

Mouth-to-Lung Inhaling

  • Load the tank with a higher-nicotine e-liquid such as a nicotine salt e-liquid.
  • Install the taller and narrower of the two mouthpieces.
  • Install the 1.2-ohm coil.
  • Turn the airflow collar at the bottom of the tank to expose the five small holes. If you prefer more restrictive airflow, turn the collar to adjust the number of exposed holes. The Aspire Tigon tank has five different airflow settings for mouth-to-lung inhaling.

Direct-to-Lung Inhaling

  • Load the tank with a lower-nicotine e-liquid. We suggest a nicotine strength of 3 or 6 mg.
  • Install the shorter and wider of the two mouthpieces.
  • Install the 0.4-ohm coil.
  • Turn the airflow collar at the bottom of the tank to expose the single wide hole.

Safe Direct Voltage Output

aspire tigon vape review

The Aspire Tigon is a direct voltage or bypass device, meaning that it always outputs the full available battery voltage to the atomizer coil. Fully charged, the battery operates at 4.2 volts. When the battery reaches 3.3 volts, it’s time for a recharge. The direct voltage configuration means that you’ll get the best vapor production when the battery is full, and the vapor production will slowly decrease as the battery’s charge is depleted.

The Aspire Tigon tank is removable, and you can use the device with other tanks if you like. To ensure that you can’t use a potentially unsafe configuration, the Tigon has several built-in safety features including short circuit protection, battery under-voltage and over-voltage protection, internal temperature monitoring and an automatic safety cutoff to limit puff length.

The One Drawback of the Aspire Tigon

As we’ve described so far in this article, the Aspire Tigon probably does a better job than any vaping kit yet released of adapting itself for any style of vaping. There’s one type of vaper, though, who’d probably be better off choosing something else – and that’s the extreme cloud chaser. While the Aspire Tigon tank is definitely suitable for direct-to-lung inhaling, we’d call it a slightly restricted lung hit.

If your usual vaping tank is anything along the lines of the SMOK TFV12 Prince, you’re accustomed to much freer airflow and much deeper inhaling. If you’d like a vape pen more suitable for cloud chasing, look at the SMOK Stick Prince instead. That setup has the open airflow characteristics that you’re looking for. The Stick Prince doesn’t, however, provide a good mouth-to-lung inhaling experience.

Aspire Tigon Review: The Bottom Line

In mainstream vaping publications, vaping devices and tanks meant for direct-to-lung inhaling often get the most attention. Those are the vaping products, after all, that often cost the most and appeal most to hobbyist vapers who simply must have every new thing. As flashy as the world of cloud chasing may be, though, there remains an enormous contingent of mainstream vapers who don’t care about blowing enormous clouds and are happy to simply have something that keeps them away from tobacco.

If you fall into any of these three groups, we believe that the Aspire Tigon is the ideal vaping kit for you.

  • You’re an experienced vaper with no interest in direct-to-lung inhaling. As the maker of famous mouth-to-lung tanks like the Nautilus series, Aspire has the pedigree to back up the claim that the Aspire Tigon might be the best mouth-to-lung vaping device ever made. Superb flavour, great vapour production and no less than five different airflow settings for the perfect MTL vaping experience – this kit has everything you could possibly want.
  • You’re a new vaper – especially a parent or grandparent with small children around. If you’re new to vaping and not too sure of yourself when it comes to doing things like refilling tanks and changing coils, the Aspire Tigon is as forgiving as a vaping device gets. You can change the coil without emptying the tank; it won’t leak. You can drop the tank or tip it over while filling it; it won’t leak. The Tigon tank also has an unprecedented set of features to help keep curious children out. It is probably the most child-resistant e-cigarette tank on the market.
  • You enjoy direct-to-lung vaping – but you aren’t a cloud chaser – and you would like a modern kit that suits your vaping style. The Aspire Tigon is a great alternative if you find that other recent vaping products produce far too much vapour – and use e-liquid too quickly – to give you a truly enjoyable experience.

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