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vaping pregnant woman 12/08/2022

E-Cigarettes Help Drive Pregnancy Quit Success

Latest findings from the National Health Executive show that a record 15,000 expectant mothers quit tobacco use in the last three years, with many of them using electronic cigarettes. At the time of birth, the smoking rate for pregnant women has dropped from almost 11% in 2017 to a record low of 9.1% this year.

queensland university study 11/08/2022
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Good News For Vapers From Down Under

Australia has taken a strong prohibitionist line of vaping to date, effectively banning vape sales and imports and only allowing e-liquid by prescription from a doctor. It has justified this with bogus research and flawed position statements from its public health bodies. Finally, the University of Queensland has published a balanced overview of electronic cigarettes and vaping – pointing to a brighter future and greater understanding around the world.

cigarette ban 04/08/2022

The End for Cigarettes?

Activists have been pushing for increased smoking bans and now, with the growth of vaping, more members of the public appear to support the move. A Centre for Public Impact survey noted a shift in opinions in 2019. Last year, a YouGov report highlighted the number had grown further still. Now, a new poll shows a majority of Brits support banning cigarettes in favour of encouraging people to use electronic cigarettes.

teen vaper 03/08/2022

How Are Others Responding To Teen Vape Use?

Newspapers in other countries continue to publish stories about teen vaping “epidemics”, ignoring the actual data on young person e-cig use. America and Australia tend to be the worst for this, so we are having a look at what kind of actions this hysterical coverage is driving them to.

save money vaping 02/08/2022

Saving Money and Getting Great Value with Vaping

The cost-of-living crisis in the United Kingdom is having a major impact on household budgets. With smoking costing so much, switching to vaping makes a lot of sense as it will improve your health as well as your bank account. But for those who already vape, maybe it is time to look at the products you use to see if you can improve your value for money.

Quit Smoking 01/08/2022

New Quit Smoking Survey Results

New evidence has been presented from a survey in the Netherlands that looked at the habits of Dutch ex-smokers. It found that electronic cigarettes are really effective as a smoking cessation option, adding to the research that proves vaping helps smokers quit and remain tobacco-free.

disposable vape pens 19/07/2022

IBVTA’s Wake Up Call Over Disposables and Teens

Anti-smoking charity Action on Smoking and Health produces an annual report looking at teen use of electronic cigarettes. This year, they discovered the proportion of children aged 11-17 who vape has risen from 4% to 7%. The Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA) spoke about related matter on BBC Radio Kent’s “The Wake Up Call”.

vaping in the sun 18/07/2022
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Hot Weather Tips for UK Vapers

The sun is being abnormally un-British and operating a scorched earth policy. If you’ve managed to make it through the weekend, you may have noticed some changes with your vape kit. From changing the flavour of your e-liquid, possible leaking, and potential safety issues – there are a number of things you might need to be aware of.

smoking in prison 09/07/2022

Vaping Success in UK Prisons

The World Health Organisation is warning about tobacco use and secondhand smoke in European prisons with tobacco use prevalence rates as high as 90% among men and 85% among women. What it is missing from its report is that a tobacco ban combined with initial free ecigs has resulted in all the prisons in Great Britain being completely smokefree indoors and outdoors (except for open prisons).

how safe is vaping? 08/07/2022

E-cigarettes: No smoke without fire?

Vaping became the Oxford English Dictionary’s “word of the year” in 2014 as popularity boomed. Lines were being drawn between those who were invested in discovering the truth about ecigs and those who wanted to find evidence to support their opposition. With recent renewed attacks on vaping due to illegal vape sales in Scotland, what is the current understanding of the safety of vaping?