The 15 Best Menthol E-Liquids

Get your cool on with this comprehensive roundup of the 15 best menthol e-liquids on the market, sorted by flavour type.

Menthol is, by far, the most popular cigarette flavour – even in areas where other forms of flavoured tobacco are still legal. Menthol is so popular that, as governments around the world have moved to ban flavoured cigarettes, menthol cigarettes remain available in most locations; people simply won’t allow their governments to take them away. Numerous studies have also shown that menthol cigarettes are more addictive than plain cigarettes. Underage smokers are most likely to smoke menthol cigarettes, and people who smoke menthol cigarettes are most likely to remain addicts for life. That’s why it’s so great that menthol e-liquid exists. The best menthol e-liquid gives you virtually the same experience that you remember from your time as a smoker – an even better experience, in fact, without the smoke. Do you vape because you couldn’t quit smoking – because you just couldn’t imagine daily life without that constant cool rush of menthol traveling down your throat? If that’s the case, you probably love your new life as a vaper.

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So, what are the best menthol e-liquids out there today? No one person could ever try them all, and that’s why this article exists. We’re going to round up the best menthol e-liquids in our store. We’re also going to group those e-liquids into categories and explain why they might appeal to you. By the time you finish reading, you’ll know exactly what e-liquid you want to buy next.

Before we begin, let’s learn a bit more about what makes menthol e-liquid so special. We’ll also learn about a little “secret” of the e-liquid industry: Not every “menthol” e-liquid actually contains menthol!

What’s the Best Thing About Menthol E-Liquid?

Did you prefer menthol cigarettes when you were a smoker? If you did, we bet it was the flavour of the menthol – not the taste of the tobacco – that kept you coming back. Here’s the best thing about menthol e-liquid. Whether you’re using menthol to flavour tobacco – or to flavour an e-liquid – the menthol itself is exactly the same! When a company attempts to capture the flavour of tobacco in an e-liquid, that company usually must do so with flavours and aromas that mimic tobacco – not with tobacco itself. When you use a menthol e-liquid, on the other hand, you’ll enjoy the same menthol that you enjoyed when you smoked. You’ll still get the nicotine, but you’ll get none of the harsh smoke. Vaping a menthol e-liquid is a better experience in every way than smoking a menthol cigarette.

There Are Menthol E-Liquids Without Menthol?

What Menthol Is and How It Works

Menthol is a substance that occurs naturally in mint. Isolated from mint or created in laboratories, menthol is a crystal that dissolves easily in liquids such as propylene glycol. It’s a simple matter to add menthol to an e-liquid; companies around the world sell liquid menthol solutions ready for adding to vape juice.

When menthol touches your skin, it stimulates your cold receptors in a similar fashion to the way in which capsaicin from hot peppers stimulates your hot receptors without actually making you hot. Menthol also has a distinct minty flavour. If you use enough menthol to create an e-liquid with a strong cooling sensation, the e-liquid will also taste like mint. Some people even find that too much menthol causes an e-liquid to taste like a cough drop or medicated chest rub.

Menthol E-Liquid Alternatives

Sometimes, e-liquid makers want to create e-liquids that cool the mouth and throat without giving off that characteristic menthol flavour. As it turns out, there are several compounds that can do that.

Wilkinson Sword is a brand with almost 250 years of history. The company began by producing guns and swords, eventually moving to more consumer-friendly products such as scissors and razors. Beginning in 1969, Wilkinson Sword attempted to develop cooling agents that could replace menthol in shaving cream. Menthol – while friendly to the skin – can irritate the eyes when it’s applied to the face. The company developed several alternative cooling agents, assigning each a number.

Many of the Wilkinson Sword cooling agents have been given the “Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS)” classification by the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association of the United States (FEMA). As a result, you’ll find those agents in consumable products such as e-liquids. The most popular WS compounds for menthol e-liquids are:

  • WS-3: N-Ethyl-p-menthane-3-carboxamide. Added to the FEMA GRAS list in 1975. Also known as Koolada. Adds a mild cooling effect to an e-liquid without altering the flavour as long as it is used in small amounts. A few people can detect the taste of Koolada and do not like it.
  • WS-23: 2-Isopropyl-N,2,3-trimethylbutyramide. Added to the FEMA GRAS list in 1996. People comment that WS-23 produces a very intense cooling sensation, particularly on the exhale. Some e-liquid makers combine WS-23 with WS-3 to create extremely icy e-liquids that cool both on the inhale and on the exhale.
  • WS-5: (1R,2S,5R)-N-((Ethoxycarbonyl)methyl)-p-menthane-3-carboxamide. Added to the FEMA GRAS list in 2007. Considered by some to be even more potent than WS-23. Not common in e-liquid yet.

E-liquid makers guard their recipes carefully, so you’ll never see which cooling agent – or combination of agents – an e-liquid contains on the label. What this list tells you, though, is that you shouldn’t discount menthol e-liquids in general if you don’t like the first menthol vape juice that you try. This e-liquid category has far greater flavour variety than you might initially realize.

The Best Menthol E-Liquids

Now that you’re a menthol expert, let’s examine our selections for the best menthol e-liquids across the most popular flavour categories. Would you rather see everything? View all of our menthol e-liquids.

Best Pure Menthol E-Liquids

  • Menthol Sensation by Hangsen: If you like your menthol e-liquids cold, Menthol Sensation by Hangsen is undoubtedly one of the coldest that we sell. With a mega dose of menthol, this e-liquid isn’t just cold enough to blow those other “ice cold” e-liquids out of the water – it’s also cold enough for adding to other juices. When you buy one of those e-liquids that doesn’t quite do the trick for you, adding a few drops of Menthol Sensation is a great way to perk the flavour up.
  • Ice Menthol by Vampire Vape: If you need a menthol e-liquid that’s perfectly balanced for day-in, day-out vaping, you can’t go wrong with a juice from Vampire Vape. This is a menthol that’s cold, but it isn’t a throat burner. It’s perfectly smooth with just the right amount of cooling.
  • Menthol Chill by 88Vape: Here’s a pure menthol e-liquid that absolutely defines the word “smooth.” Many former menthol smokers have told us that this juice calms their cravings for menthol cigarettes like nothing else – and the flavour is only part of the appeal. At just £0.99 per bottle, this is one juice that anyone can afford to buy in bulk.

Best Menthol Tobacco E-Liquids

  • Menthol by Hangsen: Some people like straightforward menthol e-liquids, and others like a juice that provides a more cigarette-like experience with a bit of tobacco flavour to go with the cool menthol. If you need an e-liquid that gets you close to the menthol cigarettes that you gave up, Menthol by Hangsen is the gold standard that other vape juice makers around the world have tried to copy. This is definitely the menthol e-liquid that you should try first.
  • Tobacco Menthol by Vapemate: Combining a smooth, slightly sweet tobacco base with a cool menthol top note, this is the e-liquid to choose if you’re looking for something with a little more tobacco and a little mess menthol. You’ll definitely still feel the cooling effect of the menthol in this juice, but the menthol doesn’t colour or alter the flavour of the tobacco quite as much as it does in Hangsen’s rendition.
  • Mint Tobacco by Dinner Lady: Did you ever try one of those mint-flavoured cigarettes before flavoured cigarettes became illegal, and all the makers had to transition to pure menthol cigarettes? Here’s an e-liquid capturing that experience in vapour form. Mild tobacco and smooth mint combine with a generous helping of chilly menthol.

Best Menthol Mint E-Liquids

  • Ice Mint by Hangsen: If you’re looking for a menthol e-liquid that delivers a bit more than plain coldness – but you also want something other than a tobacco flavour – the menthol-mint category is definitely for you. Here again, Hangsen sets the standard. When feel the chill of the menthol while tasting the smooth and mild sweetness of mint, you’ll know why Ice Mint is an all-day vape for so many menthol e-liquid lovers.
  • Ice Mint by Vapouriz: If Hangsen’s Ice Mint doesn’t quite do it for you because you’re looking for something a little bit bolder, Ice Mint by Vapouriz – yes, it has the same name – ups the ante on both the sweet mint and the crisp menthol. Not too intense, this e-liquid is a perfect fit for anyone who wants a mint vape juice with some real backbone.
  • Frost by Element: Here’s an e-liquid with a unique take on what a menthol e-liquid for all-day vaping should taste like. On the inhale, of course, you’ll get the lovely sensation of menthol rushing through your mouth and down your throat. When you exhale, though, you’ll begin to taste the complexity that has given this e-liquid so many fans. There’s just a mild hint of mint along with a subtle sweetness that’s lacking in most menthol e-liquids.

Best Menthol Fruit E-Liquids

  • Heisenberg by Vampire Vape: Heisenberg isn’t just one of the most popular menthol e-liquids in the UK – it has become a legend. It is available throughout the world. It is one of the most popular e-liquids on the planet, full stop. It’s a blend of menthol and mystery fruits that no one can quite identify, and once you’ve had a single taste, we guarantee that you’ll want more.
  • Cush Man by Nasty Juice: From one legendary e-liquid to another, Cush Man by Nasty Juice is a vape juice that virtually defines the entire Malaysian e-liquid scene on its own. Malaysian e-liquid makers have become famous throughout the world for their incredibly tasty combinations of fruit and menthol, and Cush Man might be the most popular juice to come out of that scene. This e-liquid delivers an unforgettably delicious blend of bold, fruity mango and crisp, clean menthol.
  • Blood Sukka by Vampire Vape: The next entrant from Vampire Vape on our list of the best fruit-and-menthol e-liquids, Blood Sukka is a complex blend featuring the flavours of cherries, mixed berries and aniseed with a rare cooling note of eucalyptus. If you’re the type who likes to suck on an occasional cough drop just for fun – and who isn’t, right? – this e-liquid is for you. With bold fruit and bold cooling, Blood Sukka is a great variation for anyone who enjoys Heisenberg.

Best Menthol Candy E-Liquids

  • Black Ice by Vampire Vape: One of the hottest trends in e-liquid these days is candy and menthol. Combining the taste of a popular candy with a rush of cool menthol creates a uniquely refreshing and sweet flavour profile that many people just can’t get enough of. In this case, the candy flavour being duplicated is that of the legendary anise-flavoured Black Jack. People in the vaping community have found the combination of anise and menthol incredibly compelling, and this e-liquid has become quite famous.
  • Blackcurrant Menthol by Vapemate: If you’re not a fan of anise flavours, perhaps Britain’s other favourite vintage candy flavour would be more to your liking. The classic taste of a blackcurrant hard candy never gets old, and this e-liquid tastes a bit like a blackcurrant candy that’s been frozen and ground into a fine powder. You might think that you’ve tasted some great blackcurrant e-liquids in your day, but you haven’t had anything until you experience what happens when you combine that note with a bit of chilly menthol.
  • Cool Red Lips by Vampire Vape: Rounding out the sweeter section of this roundup of the best menthol e-liquids is – who else? – Vampire Vape with their famous Cool Red Lips e-liquid. You’ll get a bit of the same “cough drop” flavour with this e-liquid that you get from Vampire Vape’s Blood Sukka e-liquid. Without the eucalyptus and anise, though, Cool Red Lips tastes less herbal and medicinal. This e-liquid is much sweeter – almost like drinking a frozen cherry slush.

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