Best Tobacco Flavoured e-liquids

Tobacco flavoured eliquidUsing an e-cigarette, combined with an e-liquid - which contains nicotine - is a great way to give up smoking and make the difficult switch from traditional cigarettes. This combination doesn’t contain tar or carbon monoxide, you won’t have smelly breath and your clothes won’t smell of smoke either. If you’ve smoked for a long time, however, you may miss the evocative smell and taste of tobacco smoke and using one of the best tobacco flavoured e-liquids can be a useful tool in your arsenal and the difference between you failing in your attempt to give up, or successfully transitioning to a long-term non-smoker.


By using one of the best tobacco flavoured e-liquids, which have been specifically created to mimic tobacco smoke - you get all the enjoyable benefits of smoking, including the same taste and smell – without the  dangerous smoke and additional chemicals, which combine to make smoking such a dangerous activity. When you chose to smoke an e-cigarette you’ll save a considerable amount of money too - in comparison to the many hundreds of pounds you use to spend across the course of a year on packets of cigarettes. You’ll still be able to join fellow smokers and indulge your desire to smoke, but you’ll be the lucky one who has kicked the habit – avoiding all of the negative connotations and with far more cash in your pocket.


There are lots of Tobacco flavoured e-liquids on the market, but the trick is choosing the most authentic and a high quality liquid which doesn’t damage the tank or the clearomizer on your e-cigarette. Taste is particularly important, when you’re looking for the best Tobacco flavoured e-liquid, because a poor imitation version just won’t hit the spot – like a well-flavoured liquid with all the same taste and smell sensations which are created by real Tobacco smoke and they will just leave a really bad taste in your mouth. This completely defeats the object of switching to vaping as you want an e-liquid which keeps your breath fresh – otherwise you might as well continue smoking and nobody wants to do that – considering all the health benefits of switching to vaping.


Tobacco flavoured e-liquids cater to a variety of different taste preferences, from full strength golden Virginia rolling tobacco – which has a very unique taste, the USA Mix flavour – which has been designed to recreate the strong taste of classic American tobacco brands. There’s also regular Tobacco flavoured versions, where the taste has been designed to recreate the flavour of slightly milder, common cigarette brands. Or, if you’d like a Tobacco flavoured e-liquid with a little something extra you could opt for the Rainbow Tobacco & Gold & Silver varieties, which will suit smokers who used to smoke classic British cigarette brands. Sweet tastes have proven to be helpful to those who are attempting to give up smoking, but many wanted to avoid putting on any additional weight by purging on sweets and chocolate when cravings strikes – if this sounds like you, then we would urge you to go for the RY4 Tobacco flavoured e-liquids – which have notes of vanilla, chocolate and fudge merged with a traditional tobacco flavour.