Cheap E Liquids that Deserve a Turn in Your Tank – Our Guide

There are certain words which are guaranteed to make anyone sit up and take notice. Cheap e liquid is definitely one of them! Let’s face it, everyone loves a bargain and vapers are no exception. If you puff your way through plenty of juice, cheap e liquid could make all the difference to your finances. But is a visit to the e juice bargain basement worthwhile or do you simply get what you pay for in the vaping world?

All vapers have their favourite flavours and brands. Many will tell you that there is no substitute for premium juice and that cheaper eliquid ranges feature unpleasant flavours. They will assert that bargain bases that will do all sorts of nasty things to your throat, not to mention your coils. However, there a few things to bear in mind before you dismiss low cost e liquids out of hand.

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E liquid safety standards

It’s tempting to think that the cheapest e liquids must be mixed using poor quality ingredients or even a few nasties. After all, to get those prices down, manufacturers would have to cut a few corners, wouldn’t they? Actually, as the song goes, that ain’t necessarily so! All commercially produced e liquids contain only four ingredients – propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), nicotine and flavourings. So, there aren’t many corners to cut.

E liquids manufactured in the UK, EU or USA must pass rigorous safety checks before they can go to market. Provided your juice isn’t homemade or imported from a country where there are no laws governing products for human consumption, it should be safe. It will also be manufactured from food and pharmaceutical grade ingredients, regardless of its price tag.

Which corners have been cut with cheap e liquids?

With all that said, how do the manufacturers of cheap eliquids keep their prices down? The most immediately obvious saving is generally the use of simple branding. Don’t expect cool graphics and imaginative theming down there in the bargain basement. There are no Deja Voodoos and Head Bangin Boogies amongst the cheaper collections. But if you value your pennies more than a little pretension, you won’t mind pulling out Rhubarb and Custard or Red Cola when it’s time to top up.

There are no Gorillas in the bargain basement

Manufacturers can also achieve savings through the use of cheaper, generic packaging. Low cost eliquids are not served up in funky Chubby Gorillas, ornate tins and swanky boxes. However, you can’t vape the bottle and no matter how snazzy it is, it will end up in the recycling bin.

Save big by going large

Economies of scale can certainly result in lower prices. Hangsen eliquids don’t look particularly exciting but they are subjected to rigorous testing, they are incredibly affordable and they are made in a state of the art facility in China from quality ingredients. These juices are the best-selling flavours on the planet and the sheer volume of sales enables Hangsen to offer attractive deals.

Savour the simplicity

The premium brands invest heavily in flavour development, delivering complex blends, amazing originality and recipes which are extensively trialled before being mass produced. You are not going to stumble across unique flavours and incredible innovation when exploring the discount brands.

Forget Red Astaire and Rage because penny pinching only gets you Raspberry and Rolling Tobacco. You will experience a few flops along the way together with flavours that don’t quite hit the sweet spot. But if you love the taste of tobacco or simple fruit profiles, you should find what you are looking for amongst the cheaper options.

Consider your equipment

It is important to bear in mind that your equipment will impact the quality of flavour that you experience. If you are using a simple vape pen and vape at low wattages, you can’t fine tune your experience and so you may not be able to discern the difference between an economy brand and a more expensive vape juice. We should also point out that many of the more costly collections are high VG and so are only compatible with sub ohm set ups.

Cheap e liquids that deserve a turn in your tank

We are pleased to showcase several laudable discount brands here at Vapekit. These will enable you to enjoy vaping without breaking the bank and there’s plenty of tasty flavours to choose from. Here’s the collections which are worthy of your attention:


88 vape logo

With prices as low as 89p when you purchase 20 bottles,  flavours represent amazing value. They are made from organic ingredients in a purpose-built UK facility and you will discover fruit, tobacco, menthol and confectionery recipes plus more. The bases are 80PG and 50PG (88Vape AnyTank), ensuring that there’s something suitable for all devices. You can even indulge in the benefits of nic salts. The branding is less than exciting and there are no revelatory recipes, but there are very tasty flavours which really work and so you get plenty of bang for your buck.



At just £1.69 per bottle when you buy at least 10, Kik E Cig Liquid won’t stress your finances and there are diverse flavours to choose from. Don’t expect funky bottles, cool branding or amazing originality here but this British brand is proud of its flavourist and endeavours to deliver incredible quality at affordable prices. We are currently offering Kik’s 80PG flavours but 50PG versions are on the way.


hangsen cheap e liquids

The world’s best-selling vape brand, Hangsen delivers huge variety and so you are sure to find something to please your palate. Hangsen juices are mixed in an impressive purpose-built facility and are subjected to incredibly rigorous testing. You will pay just £1.69 per bottle when you invest in 10 and while this collection may not excite your imagination, it is pretty much guaranteed to please your taste buds.

Vampire Vape

vampire vape logo

OK, Vampire Vape isn’t the cheapest brand on the block but it isn’t the most expensive either. We had to mention Vampire Vape because this collection does give you original flavours including the legendary and much-copied Heisenberg. The quality is excellent too and the range features variety of bases to suit all equipment. With prices as low as £2.99, Vampire Vape e liquids combine affordability with impressive choice.

Top tips on reducing your e liquid spend

When your finances are challenged, switching to the cheaper e liquid brands is the obvious move. You should also take advantage of our multibuy deals as these will reduce the price of every bottle that you buy and enable you to sample a variety of flavours. But what else can you do to reduce the cost of vaping?

You should consider vaping at lower wattages as this will reduce your e liquid consumption. Those clouds always come at a cost! If you savour the considerable oomph of your marvellous mod, tone things down for part of the day and then go turbo-charged in the evening when you have the time to truly appreciate every puff.

You may find that you can save a few quid by investing in short fills instead of your usual 10ml bottles. It isn’t always the case that buying a much bigger helping results in a lower price per ml but you could benefit from going large with some collections. Most short fills are high VG and are unsuitable for low wattage devices anyway.

Always take care of your coils as they will struggle when they become clogged and then plough through more juice. Finally, think about your nicotine strength as choosing a concentration which is too low will necessitate you taking more puffs to gain the satisfaction you need.

You could be in for a surprise

You might have been studiously avoiding discount vape juices, believing that they represent too much of a sacrifice. But you could be in for a surprise. Reputable e liquid collections which are sold in the UK must meet stringent safety standards and all e juices feature only four ingredients.

You may have to lower your expectations when it comes to branding and originality. However, if your device is an entry level e cig, it probably won’t enable you to fully appreciate the finer points of the premium brands. Why not try something new and affordable to see if it satisfies your palate? You only have 89p to lose, after all!

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