is vaping dangerous? 27/09/2023
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Positive Vape Evidence Grows

As misinformation abounds, and our recent article showed, even doctors are confused about the health benefits offered by switching from smoking to vaping. This is especially true when applied to chest issues such as COPD and wheezing. Naturally, this can cause concerns, but the scientific evidence is strong and continues to amass.

lungs 07/12/2022
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Can Vaping Harm The Lungs?

A social media influencer has claimed that vaping caused her lungs to collapse. This story has been widely shared by a national newspaper, the Daily Express. No doubt this type of coverage can cause worry for smokers, smokers who have switched to vaping and their families, but can electronic cigarettes cause this kind of problem?

vaping in the sun 18/07/2022
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Hot Weather Tips for UK Vapers

The sun is being abnormally un-British and operating a scorched earth policy. If you’ve managed to make it through the weekend, you may have noticed some changes with your vape kit. From changing the flavour of your e-liquid, possible leaking, and potential safety issues – there are a number of things you might need to be aware of.

smoking date 03/07/2022

Vaping For Love? Quitting Smoking to Aid Dating

Millions of Brits continue to smoke despite us knowing that it is the leading preventable cause of disease and premature death. “Every year around 78,000 people in the UK die from smoking, with many more living with debilitating smoking-related illnesses,” says the NHS. Worse, surveys repeatedly show that smoking is a negative factor for those looking for love. Could switching to vaping be the solution?

benefits of nicotine 31/03/2022

Eight Surprising Nicotine Benefits You Should Know

An oft-quoted saying is that people smoke for the nicotine, but they die from the tar. Nicotine has become synonymous with the dangers posed by smoking but ecig vapour doesn’t contain the tar, carbon monoxide or almost all the toxins found in cigarette smoke. Moreover, there are some surprising advantages to using nicotine.

vaping myths 30/03/2022
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UKHSA Tackles Vaping and e Liquid Myths

In 2015, Public Health England addressed a number of myths surrounding vaping. Now, following Britain leaving the European Union, the section of Public Health England responsible for electronic cigarettes has been moved to the UK Health Security Agency. The Agency has recently revisited the topic to clean up the myths around e-cigarettes.

no cigarettes 08/03/2022
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Women Fighting For Electronic Cigarettes

The United Kingdom has achieved a level of success in reducing smoking rates that is unrivalled around the world. This has been achieved thanks to millions of ex-smokers switching tobacco for vape products – and this in turn was only possible due to the women pushing the case for vaping from universities, consumers groups, and general advocacy groups.

no to smoking 07/03/2022
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Reduced Harm Proved When Vaping Compared to Smoking

We know that cigarette smoke contains over 7,000 toxic compounds that are absent in the vapour produced by electronic cigarettes. An American toxicological study, published in open access in JAMA Network, measured for the presence of 55 indicators of proven or potential other toxins in the urine of over 3,000 adults. This landmark study confirms the reduced harm of vaping instead of smoking.

homeless smoker 19/02/2022
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Emerging Ecigarette Evidence with Dr Cox

Dr Sharon Cox has spoken about her team’s randomised controlled trial based in multiple homeless centres in the UK. The study looks at smokers experiencing homelessness and compares delivering the usual support with offering electronic cigarette starter kits. This trial can take place thanks to funding from the National Institute for Health Research.

e cigarette trends 18/02/2022
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E Cigarette Trends in England, United Kingdom

A team at University College London completes four data reviews per year looking at the trends in electronic cigarette use. Professors Kock, West, Beard, Kale, and Brown have been keeping a check on vaping since it began to take off in England and have conducted many related studies. The first analysis of 2022 displays that e-cigs remain to go-to choice for smokers looking to quit.