DNA Damage 07/01/2022
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Do Ecigarettes and Vaping Damage DNA?

Some people are currently claiming that vaping damages human DNA and can cause cancer, but what does the evidence show? Dr Caitlin Notley and Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos, both leading experts in this field, have looked at the research and spoken out against such false statements.

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Michael Pesko Speaks About Media Vaping Disinformation

Michael Pesko is a health economist and Associate Professor at Georgia State University. He is an acknowledged expert on vaping due to his research interests including electronic cigarettes, tobacco control, and cancer prevention. He’s spoken about attitudes to electronic cigarettes in a forthright manner.

stop smoking 12/07/2021

What’s the Best Vape to Help You Quit Smoking?

Anyone who’s ever smoked can tell you how hard it is to quit smoking. It takes willpower and determination like you wouldn’t believe. You may have tried patches, gum, sprays and all manner of other things without success but don’t despair. Millions have already gave up smoking as a result of discovering e-cigarettes and you can too. The feeling of inhaling vapour is so similar to smoking that the feeling off loss is minimised – and you’re ditching 3000+ killer chemicals along the way! Find out more about the best... Read More

heavy metals 27/06/2021

Vape Defenders Show Their Metal

Should you be worried about vapour containing heavy metals? According to media articles whipping up fear, the answer is ‘yes’ – but multiple independent studies have demonstrated there is little basis to these claims. Vapekit provides a balanced view of the research to date.

wet lung 25/06/2021

Can you get “Wet Lung” from an e-cigarette?

The concept of “wet lung” was first introduced to the debate surrounding electronic cigarettes in 2018 when a trio of researchers released a single case study involving a single 18-year-old woman. The subject was covered extensively in the newspapers and still gets referred to from time to time in negative stories.

heart attack 24/06/2021

Can E-cigarettes Cause Heart Problems?

Research (mainly from America) claims that vaping is bad for the heart and circulatory system and newspapers love sharing the bad news. Fortunately for British vapers, our independent experts have found the opposite is the case and that switching from smoking benefits the heart and circulation.

hair loss from smoking 22/06/2021

Can E-cigs Help Prevent hair loss?

Much is said about the health benefits of switching from tobacco cigarettes to non-combustible electronic cigarette products but could vaping offer up further benefits? A number of studies now link hair loss to smoking and so it would appear that the sooner someone makes the swap the more chance they have of hanging on to a full head of healthy follicles.

erectile dysfunction myth 21/06/2021

Does Vaping Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

For years, smokers have been told by the NHS and public health bodies that tobacco use can lead to erectile dysfunction in men – now some researchers are trying to claim vaping does as well. The research is (at best) dubious, and the truth is that switching to vaping may help male smokers who currently suffer.