Hot Weather Tips for UK Vapers

The sun is being abnormally un-British and operating a scorched earth policy. If you’ve managed to make it through the weekend, you may have noticed some changes with your vape kit. From changing the flavour of your e-liquid, possible leaking, and potential safety issues – there are a number of things you might need to be aware of.

vaping in the sunOne of the top tips for vaping on any day of the year is to drink water regularly. Vaping dehydrates the body which can cause headaches, but this becomes more pressing on very hot days when the weather is also making you very dehydrated. It is vital that you keep up with a regular intake of fluids at times like this.

Secondly, hydration is important because if your body begins to lose water it can change how your e-liquid tastes. What was originally your favourite flavour can suddenly lose its appeal. A wet tongue is a happy tongue.

On the subject of vape juice, hot weather has a very direct impact on eliquids. With raised temperatures, VG heavy juices begin to flow like PG liquids – and PG liquids flow like water. They become thinner – less viscous – and this can result in inconvenient gurgling or leaking.

A runnier juice may taste different to usual as it is flowing to the coil faster. If you are experiencing a drop-off in flavour, too much gurgling, or annoying dribbles down the side of your vape tank, consider trying a thicker, more VG-heavy alternative e-liquid.

Also, make sure you keep your tank and juice bottles out of direct sunlight. The cooler you can keep your device the more normal the juice will behave. But there is another problem with strong sunlight – it breaks down the nicotine chemical compound in the e-liquid if expose to sunlight for a prolonged period of time, meaning that it will deliver less of a hit.

Start a negotiation with whoever shares your fridge. All of your spare bottles of e-liquid will be much happier during hot days if they are stored away in the cool and dark.

A final point about juices. Some vapers swear by menthols, ice cream and mint flavours during summer as they find the freshness and cooling sensation rewarding. Something to think about trying out.

Direct sunlight and heat pose safety issues too. Firstly, it is obvious that leaving your vape pen, mod, tank or disposable ecig out in sunlight can heat up the surface considerably. It makes sense to pop them in the shade so you don’t accidentally hurt yourself on metal that is hotter than the inside of a freshly microwaved pie.

Secondly, the lithium-ion batteries that power our devices really do not appreciate elevated temperatures. If a vape battery gets too hot it can develop an internal short circuit and vent.

The one place this can happen without you knowing is if you left your vape inside a car on a sunny, hot day. To avoid the possibility of having juice leak inside the glove compartment or the battery set fire to the vehicle, make sure you take your equipment with you whenever you park up.

Despite all of this, we hope you can cover yourself in Factor 40 and enjoy these lovely days while they last.

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