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smoke alarm 07/09/2021
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Does Vaping Set Off Smoke Detectors?

Whether you are heading off for a holiday, a staycation, or visiting a public space, the chances are you’ll encounter a sign saying they can detect people vaping. So, what is the truth behind this, what detectors exist, and can people detect someone having a vape?

dirty vape coil 06/07/2021

How to Clean a Vape Coil

What if we told you that going through an entire box of coils every week doesn’t have to be a regular part of your vaping routine? Learn how to clean your vape coils now. If you had to guess what the most common complaint or everyday annoyance among vapers is, what would you say? Would you guess that it’s the lack of variety among many recent e-liquid flavour releases? Maybe it’s the companies that make minor iterations in their mods and tanks and re-release them each year as if they were completely... Read More