Interesting Facts about e-cigarettes

Smoking traditional cigarettes is beiAbout ecigng increasingly associated with health problems and disease and the habit can be directly attributed to many cases of lung cancer and other lifestyle-related cancers. e-cigarettes are a reasonably new invention - designed to help people give up smoking. Using e-cigarettes can be a less dangerous alternative and a useful tool in your arsenal to kick the habit for good.  


For new vapers and experienced users alike, we’ve put together a list of interesting factoids on e-cigarettes to help you learn more about the vaping craze which is sweeping the UK:


- Using an e-cigarette is commonly referred to as ‘vaping’, which describes the process of inhaling the flavoured vapour created by the e-cigarette.


- Although they’re considered a reasonably new craze, the first e-cigarettes were launched way back in 2003.


- e-cigarettes are completely legal in the UK and it is legal to smoke them indoors in public places, although some venues choose not to allow it, to prevent other customers from smoking real cigarettes. No more standing outside in the cold!


- e-cigarettes are considerable cheaper than traditional cigarettes as the vapourizing liquid, or smoke juice retails from approx. 2.99 for a 20ml bottle. Most users will only need 1-2 bottles per week, which works out at far less than cigarettes.


- You need to be 18 years old to purchase e-cigarettes and e-liquids in the UK.


- e-cigarettes were originally invented and manufactured in China and many of the best products and top-selling brands are still made in China.


- e-cigarettes don’t contain any tobacco, which means you can get the desired nicotine hit – without the harmful chemicals, tar and actual smoke.


- the amount of nicotine present in e-cigarettes is ten times less than traditional cigarettes


- Many famous celebrities have been photographed vaping and using e-cigarettes, including: Katy Perry, Johnny Depp, Robin Pattinson, Kate Moss and Leonardo di Caprio.


- There is a new specially designed ‘Vaping Zone’ in London’s Heathrow Airport


- e-cigarettes produce 0mg of Carbon Monoxide - compared to 11mg from traditional cigarettes


- the main ingredients in e-liquids, aside from added nicotine, such as: glycerol, propylene glycol and the aromas are all also found in food products.


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