man smoking in bed 21/07/2021

Ecigs Reduce Home Fires

Switching from smoking to vaping offers benefits other than improving your health. Fire services across the UK say that it also decreases the number of fires in homes. From the London Fire Service to the one in Dorset, the message is the same: switching to electronic cigarettes reduces the number of cigarette-related shouts.

teenagers smoking 15/07/2021

A Surge in Smoking Can Be Reversed By Using E-cigs

A reported “surge” in teen and unemployed male smoking has reversed a 40-year decline. The revelation puts the government’s aim of eradicating smoking by 2030 in jeopardy. Fortunately, findings from researchers at Queen Mary University of London this month have shown (again) that vaping/using electronic cigarettes is the best way to help smokers quit if strongly promoted.

stethoscope with vaping devices 13/07/2021

E-Cigs Promoted As Part Of New NHS Guidance

Last week saw new guidance published for NHS professionals and health care experts by The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and Public Health England. The guidance update promoting electronic cigarettes and vaping is accompanied by a public consultation exercise that customers of Vapekit can take part in.

ashtray hand 08/07/2021

ASH Provides E-cig Use Update

Anti-smoking charity Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) has released its latest update on electronic cigarette use in Great Britain. The findings come from data obtained in ASH’s annual survey that measures behavioural and attitudinal changes in adults towards electronic cigarettes and the act of vaping.

woman quitting smoking 05/07/2021

Vaping Can Save Millions

Arielle Selya is an academic who has become a tobacco harm reduction expert and consultant. She specialises in behavioural science and uses her experience with statistics and methodology to promote public health measures. Her recent paper says that electronic cigarettes would save hundreds of thousands of lives if promoted more widely.

houses of parliament 30/06/2021

New Report To Direct Government Legislation on Electronic Cigarettes

The Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) charity works as the secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Smoking and Health (APPG). The members of this group have sent a report to government which includes its suggestions on how the United Kingdom should treat tobacco and electronic cigarettes. The government will be changing the laws later this year.

vaping is better than smoking 28/06/2021

IBVTA Fighting For You

The Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA), of which Vapekit is a proud member, has become aware that a number of local councils have already, or are considering banning smoking in outdoor spaces through recent media reports. Consequently, it has written to the councils concerned to point out the importance of electronic cigarettes in reducing tobacco-related harm.

Cancer Research 25/06/2021

Nurses To Be Trained To Support Electronic Cigarette Switching

Yorkshire Cancer Research is embedding support for electronic cigarettes within its new initiative for nurse training for the NHS. The aim of the new QUIT programme is to deliver a higher level of understanding to nursing staff, combat the 2000 smoking-related deaths per year in the county, and reduce over 4000 local hospital readmissions.

Vaping Nicotine Safe As Coffee 20/06/2021

Vaping and The Royal Society for Public Health

The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) says that using nicotine in safer products like vaping is no more dangerous than having a caffeine addiction. In making the comparison, it issued a call to address public confusion about nicotine and further encouragement for smokers to switch to using safer forms such as electronic cigarettes.

Police with Taser 16/06/2021

Tased For Using An Ecig

A man has been attacked with a taser for simply vaping with his electronic cigarette. One minute the worst thing the gentleman was doing was to use nicotine with a reduced harm product, the next he was on the floor as American police officers attacked him. Footage of the incident went viral, and many experts have expressed their shock and outrage.