Police with Taser 16/06/2021

Tased For Using An Ecig

A man has been attacked with a taser for simply vaping with his electronic cigarette. One minute the worst thing the gentleman was doing was to use nicotine with a reduced harm product, the next he was on the floor as American police officers attacked him. Footage of the incident went viral, and many experts have expressed their shock and outrage.

quit smoking today 08/06/2021

Vaping in England: an evidence update

Public Health England (PHE) has recently published the seventh report in a series of independent reports commissioned to explore the implications of vaping, as reported in our blog post. The aim has been to explore all evidence regarding vaping products and their use. The latest evidence review was conducted by researchers at King’s College London. The resulting report will inform policies and regulations in the UK moving forward.

smoking vs vaping 04/06/2021
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Dockrell Talking

Martin Dockrell is the Tobacco Control Programme Lead for Public Health England. He became a believer in the power of harm reduction when he was involved in HIV prevention work In the mid 1980’s. Not only does switching from cigarettes to vaping reduce harm exposure, but he argues that it will also produce improved mental health.

office vaping 31/05/2021
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Workplace E-Cig Bans Reduce Smoking Cessation

A new study from researchers at the Yale School of Public Health finds that adding vaping to a workplace smoking ban undermines smoking cessation attempts. Published in this month’s issue of Addiction journal, the authors findings ought to make employers pause for thought before discouraging staff from switching to vaping.

go smokefree, stop smoking 29/05/2021
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A Smokefree nation by 2030?

Public Health England (PHE) has recently published the seventh publication in a series of independent reports. These were commissioned to investigate the various implications of vaping. Many subjects were explored in the latest report. One of these was the part vaping could play in ensuring that England is smokefree by 2030. Yes, we did say smokefree!

beer garden vaping ban 30/04/2021

Does Vaping Face A Beer Garden Ban?

The number of pubs allowing vaping inside has been steadily dropping, now activists are pushing for a ban on smoking and vaping in beer gardens following the partial lifting of lockdown restrictions. The calls mirror those made during the summer of 2020 when pubs and cafes were encouraged to sit people outside. Will we still be able to vape while having a drink or bar meal?

vaping podcast 21/04/2021

Oxford Experts – The Latest Vape Research on Podcast

Harm reduction advocate Charles Gardner said: “What happens when researchers who have no big tobacco or vape industry ties … talk about the latest findings on nicotine vape safety and efficacy for smoking cessation? A breath of fresh air.” He was referring to a new podcast series hosted by Oxford University’s Dr Jamie Hartmann-Boyce and Dr Nicola Lindson.

smoking vs vaping 31/03/2021
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Eurobarometer Reveals Attitudes To E-cigs

The latest Eurobarometer report examining the attitudes of Europeans (including the UK) towards tobacco and electronic cigarettes shows “vaping is providing a great public health benefit by reducing smoking” according to consumer advocacy umbrella group European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (ETHRA).

smoking kills vaping doesnt 18/03/2021
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New documentary explores the safety of vaping

Following an incredible period of bad press recently, vaping could benefit from a boost. Fortunately, it has received one this week with the release of a new documentary Made by Yorkshire Cancer Research, Vaping Demystified is a new film which explores the safety of vaping and how it can help smokers to quit. It was produced in an attempt to reduce smoking-related death.