Quitting Smoking

ecigarettes save money 16/10/2021

How much can you save when you switch from smoking to vaping?

There are many reasons to quit smoking and only one reason to continue – addiction. Most smokers are desperate to quit and those who think otherwise are almost certainly kidding themselves. Happily, vaping can help you to quit smoking and without suffering nicotine withdrawal or feeling like a lost soul. The really good news is that vaping can also save you a fortune. Exactly how much could you save by switching to vaping? Well, that depends!

miserable woman smoking 14/10/2021

Stop smoking services: why accessing support is a real drag

It’s generally the case that if you want Someone to do anything even remotely tricky, it’s a good idea to remove all barriers to action. Few things in life are more challenging than trying to quit smoking. So, it certainly makes sense to part the waves and create a smooth path to cessation support. Those who avail themselves of stop smoking services are four times more likely to quit their habit.

man smoking in bed 13/10/2021

A hot topic: one indisputable reason why vaping is safer than smoking

Vaping has helped many smokers to quit but hasn’t met with universal support across the globe. Public Health England has stated that it believes vaping to be 95% safer than smoking but vaping has been banned in many countries. The debate about the impact of vaping on human health will doubtless continue. But there are other safety issues to consider. Did you know that the popularity of vaping in the UK has contributed to a reduction in the number of injuries and deaths caused by fire?

Is Vaping Safe? 11/10/2021

Should I be afraid of vaping? Experts speak out

A recent study paper says that tobacco controllers should spread fear about vaping, but is it something to be afraid of? The answer is ‘no’, according to Public Health England, the Royal College of Physicians, Cancer Research UK, and the UK’s National Health Service.

vaping girl 09/10/2021

Advice For New Vapers from Vapekit

Despite the huge success vaping has had on reducing the number of people smoking, we still have around 7 million tobacco users in the UK. It is widely accepted that quitting or switching away from smoking is the one thing people can do to add the most years onto their life, but some find the world of vaping a challenge to comprehend. Vapekit presents answers to several questions you may have whether you are a smoker or a recently switched vaper.

Stoptober 06/10/2021

Stoptober Quit Smoking Push Is Back for 2021

Stoptober, Public Health England’s annual push to get smokers to quit or switch to vaping, is back for 2021. Organisers are calling on smokers to join the 2.3 million people who have made quit attempts since the campaign’s launch 10 years ago.

quit smoking 02/10/2021

Oxfordshire Getting Tough on Smoking

Oxfordshire has become the latest local authority to embrace vaping and is committing to promote electronic cigarette use to the county’s smokers. The news comes as the council released data to show that ecigs are the leading method its residents use in order to quit smoking.

lung xray 28/09/2021

I quit smoking and now my whole body hurts

When you quit smoking, it can be disappointing, to say the least, when you find yourself experiencing all sorts of health issues. You will have stopped smoking to improve your health, not to make it worse! Some smokers report that when they have attempted to quit, their entire bodies have started hurting. Why would that be?

switch to vaping 28/09/2021

5 Benefits of Switching To E-cigarettes

Everyone understands precisely how bad smoking tobacco can be, from the financial impact of spending over £10 on a pack to the debilitating health impact that can include lung disease and cancer. It is also accepted that the damage caused by smoking comes from the tar and toxins, not the nicotine, so vaping makes an ideal alternative.