Quitting Smoking

pimply man smoking 03/08/2021

I quit smoking and my skin looks terrible

There are many reasons to quit smoking and one of them is certainly the damage smoking causes to skin. But some quitters report that when they stopped smoking, their skin looked worse! The most common skin-related side effect of quitting is acne.

woman with constipation 28/07/2021

I quit smoking and now I’m constipated

Quitting smoking is tough but it is just about the best thing you could ever do for your health and wellbeing. But in the first few weeks after you stop smoking, you may experience a few issues including intense cravings, coughing, breathing difficulties and even constipation.

smoker coughing 27/07/2021

I quit smoking and I can’t breathe

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to improve your health and then discovering that you feel worse. If you are quitting smoking after years of being a slave to the cigs, you will be looking forward to breathing freely again. But what if you find that you are struggling for breath, and that you are coughing more than ever?

hand crushing cigarettes 16/07/2021

I Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

If you are currently a smoker, it is likely that you want to quit the habit. It is equally likely that you will have tried to quit before and failed. There is no right or wrong way to quit as every smoker is an individual. The method that works for one person might be the worse possible choice for another. Quitting cold turkey is extremely tough but does have its advantages. Here’s everything you need to know about kicking the habit without the support of nicotine replacement therapies:

teenagers smoking 15/07/2021

A Surge in Smoking Can Be Reversed By Using E-cigs

A reported “surge” in teen and unemployed male smoking has reversed a 40-year decline. The revelation puts the government’s aim of eradicating smoking by 2030 in jeopardy. Fortunately, findings from researchers at Queen Mary University of London this month have shown (again) that vaping/using electronic cigarettes is the best way to help smokers quit if strongly promoted.

stethoscope with vaping devices 13/07/2021

E-Cigs Promoted As Part Of New NHS Guidance

Last week saw new guidance published for NHS professionals and health care experts by The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and Public Health England. The guidance update promoting electronic cigarettes and vaping is accompanied by a public consultation exercise that customers of Vapekit can take part in.

stop smoking 12/07/2021

What’s the Best Vape to Help You Quit Smoking?

Anyone who’s ever smoked can tell you how hard it is to quit smoking. It takes willpower and determination like you wouldn’t believe. You may have tried patches, gum, sprays and all manner of other things without success but don’t despair. Millions have already gave up smoking as a result of discovering e-cigarettes and you can too. The feeling of inhaling vapour is so similar to smoking that the feeling off loss is minimised – and you’re ditching 3000+ killer chemicals along the way! Find out more about the best... Read More

woman breaking cigarette 10/07/2021

I quit smoking but want a cigarette

After all the agony of quitting smoking, it can be extremely frustrating to discover that months later, you are still craving a cigarette. Long after every trace of nicotine has left your body, it is possible to experience intense cravings for your ciggies. Why is this, what can you do about it and how do you resist temptation?

ashtray hand 08/07/2021

ASH Provides E-cig Use Update

Anti-smoking charity Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) has released its latest update on electronic cigarette use in Great Britain. The findings come from data obtained in ASH’s annual survey that measures behavioural and attitudinal changes in adults towards electronic cigarettes and the act of vaping.

quit smoking now 29/06/2021

I quit smoking, so why do I feel worse?

There are so many benefits to quitting smoking that you might be asking yourself why you haven’t managed to do it. Unfortunately, for many people, quitting means that things tend to get a whole lot worse before they get better. The withdrawal symptoms you experience when you go cold turkey can kid you into thinking that quitting is so horrendous that it simply isn’t worth the effort.