Quitting Smoking

smoking cessation trial 10/01/2022

Ecigarettes For NHS A&E Patients Trial

There have been a number of studies showing vaping works as a smoking quit tool for people who have chosen to switch to vaping. Now, Co-Chief Investigators Professor Caitlin Notley and Dr Ian Pope are looking to see if offering starter kits to people not considering stopping smoking works. Announced last year, the actual trial is now being rolled out in selected NHS emergency departments.

DNA Damage 07/01/2022
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Do Ecigarettes and Vaping Damage DNA?

Some people are currently claiming that vaping damages human DNA and can cause cancer, but what does the evidence show? Dr Caitlin Notley and Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos, both leading experts in this field, have looked at the research and spoken out against such false statements.

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Michael Pesko Speaks About Media Vaping Disinformation

Michael Pesko is a health economist and Associate Professor at Georgia State University. He is an acknowledged expert on vaping due to his research interests including electronic cigarettes, tobacco control, and cancer prevention. He’s spoken about attitudes to electronic cigarettes in a forthright manner.

doctor filling vape 15/12/2021
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NICE Guidance Now Includes Vaping

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has released updated advice for the National Health Service and quit smoking centres on the use of ecigs. The document has been welcomed by Louise Ross as “a welcome breath of fresh air”; Louise used to run Leicester’s quit smoking service and now holds the reigns at the charity The New Nicotine Alliance. She is widely acknowledged as being one of the country’s leading experts in the use of ecigs to quit smoking.

young vaper 13/12/2021
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Does Vaping Lure Teens To Smoking?

It is often used as an argument against liberating the vape market, but do electronic cigarettes inevitably lead teens into subsequent smoking (commonly known as the gateway effect)? Latest research conducted by Doctors Ruoyan Sun, David Mendez, and Kenneth Warner says it doesn’t result in young people taking up cigarette use.

cigarette litter 25/11/2021
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E-cigarettes Are Kinder To The Environment

Smoking has a huge environmental impact; from the single use plastics to the toxic heavy metals leaching into the soil, there is no end to the damage tobacco causes. Switching to vaping is known to improve your health, as stated by researchers at University College London, but it is also a far more environmentally friendly way to consume nicotine.

woman breaking cigarettes 12/11/2021

Massive Boost for E-cigarettes in the UK

Electronic cigarettes and vaping in the UK have been delivered a massive boost with the news that the Government is encouraging manufacturers to apply for medical licensing. This means e-cig starter kits could be made available by prescription from doctors and reinforces that vaping works as a smoking cessation tool.

ecigarettes save money 16/10/2021

How much can you save when you switch from smoking to vaping?

There are many reasons to quit smoking and only one reason to continue – addiction. Most smokers are desperate to quit and those who think otherwise are almost certainly kidding themselves. Happily, vaping can help you to quit smoking and without suffering nicotine withdrawal or feeling like a lost soul. The really good news is that vaping can also save you a fortune. Exactly how much could you save by switching to vaping? Well, that depends!