no to smoking 03/12/2023

Vapers Ask For The Right To Health

Over twenty organisations representing the voices of vapers around the world and expert harm reduction advocates have added their signatures to a letter addressed to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. They wrote to point out that vaping is integral in the fight against smoking related diseases and constitutes a ‘Right to Health’ for global citizens.

smoking vs vaping 02/10/2023
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Journalists Hunt For The Truth About Vaping

A pair of journalists who work for The i newspaper have attempted to work out what is true about vaping. Tom Chivers and Stuart Ritchie both cover science stories and have been confused by the polarised and conflicting information when it comes to vaping. They wanted to know why there are diametrically opposed opinions on vaping – and all coming from “seemingly authoritative sources”.

vaping devices 29/09/2023
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Vape Trade Welcomes The Good News

Trade organisation the Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA) has welcomed the “good news” contained within Action on Smoking and Health’s (ASH) latest YouGov survey findings. The annual study of vaping habits and behaviours has discovered record levels of people have managed to escape tobacco addiction by switching to vaping.

is vaping dangerous? 27/09/2023
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Positive Vape Evidence Grows

As misinformation abounds, and our recent article showed, even doctors are confused about the health benefits offered by switching from smoking to vaping. This is especially true when applied to chest issues such as COPD and wheezing. Naturally, this can cause concerns, but the scientific evidence is strong and continues to amass.

vaping vs smoking 26/09/2023
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Industry Clears The Air

Industry organisation the Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA) has launched a national campaign “to clear the air” about vaping. It has grown concerned about misinformation sowing confusion in smokers and the wider public and hopes that its six-month drive will “clear the air of confusion” by highlighting the “research that underlines the importance of vaping in helping smokers to quit.”

smoking in prison 28/08/2023

Vapes Have Transformed Prisons

Vapes and prisons tend to be linked when it comes to vapers visiting countries where vaping is banned, but the disruptive technology has had a transformational impact on the environment of the British prison system. Getting jailbirds to switch to quit has enabled the establishments to become smoke-free and currently prisoners are spending over seven million pounds a year on their ecigs.

regulations 26/08/2023

Are Vapes Set To Come In Plain Packaging?

An increasing number of calls are being heard for vapes to only be available in plain packaging, recently one from Leeds city councillors drew a response from trade body the UK Vaping Industry Association. Those making the calls claim it is to disincentivise young people from trying ecigs, but experts point out it equates vaping to smoking and puts off adults tobacco users from switching.

regulations 14/07/2023
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WHO Plays Bad COP

The World Health Organization’s Framework Convention for Tobacco Control is set to hold its Conference of Parties later this year, in November, in Panama. This article looks at the threat posed to vaping in the United Kingdom and what people who use vapes to quit smoking can do about it.

counterfeit vapes 21/06/2023
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Illegal Vapes Driving Campaign to Ban

Despite clear warnings that illicit sales will result in fines, illegal vapes and underage sales continue to drive a growing political desire to restrict vaping for smoking/ex-smoking adults. In the space of one week, the media was flooded with tales of sales to teens, “toy-shaped” vapes, and wild claims from prohibitionist activists. What does this mean for the future of vaping in the UK?

no flavour vaping 15/05/2023

Banning Vaping Fails Smokers

A new study has found that taking a strong anti-vaping approach as part of an approach to combat tobacco use ends up being a threat to public health in South-East Asia. The authors shy away from stating it clearly, but the authors do use their findings to call for “a nuanced approach to tobacco control”.