stop smoking uk 27/06/2022
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The Khan Report on the Future of Smoking in the UK

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care commissioned an independent review to be conducted looking at all areas of tobacco control. It was headed up by Javed Khan OBE, and the report was released last week. In response to its release, the Independent British Vape Trade Association was invited to speak about vaping on Radio 4.

tasered 16/04/2022

The Shocking Difference Between the UK and USA

The shocking difference between the United Kingdom and United States of America’s approach to tobacco harm reduction has recently been illustrated by yet another American teenager being tasered for simply vaping. While the UK’s public health bodies have embraced vaping as a key method to combat smoking, the States appears to be repeating its alcohol prohibition errors.

parliament 07/04/2022

E Cigarette Rule Review Completed

The law controlling electronic cigarette products, the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 (TRPR), has been reviewed and the findings finally published by government. The Post-Implementation Review of Tobacco Legislation report will now guide politicians on what measures to put into the forthcoming Tobacco Control Plan.

parliament 06/04/2022

Charity Wants Vapers To Suggest Rule Changes

Writing for a national newspaper, Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Minister for Brexit Opportunities and Government Efficiency asked for people to write in and suggest rule changes that are now possible following Brexit. The New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) took up his offer and suggested changes to vape legislation. It is asking e-cig users to do the same.

airport vaping 05/04/2022

Post-Covid Airline Vaping Rules You Need To Know

With Covid restrictions relaxed or scrapped completely, people are looking towards enjoying a holiday abroad. Many of those travelling will be going with their vapes for the first time, so we look at what the current situation is with flying and e-cig kits – from the types of devices you may wish to consider to how to pack your kit.

vaping law 02/04/2022

Law Changes in USA and China May Affect UK vaping

Momentous things are happening in the world of vape. China, the electronic cigarette manufacturing powerhouse has passed a law banning vape products from being sold. In America, President Biden has signed a Bill into law treating synthetic nicotine like freebase. We look at what this means for ecig users in the United Kingdom.

driver vaping 01/04/2022

Fresh Advice on Driving and Vaping

Safety and legal experts are offering updated advice on the legality of using your electronic cigarette when driving, prompting a fresh wave of current newspaper stories. With 3.9 million e-cig users currently vaping in Great Britain, the sight of vapour coming from a car window is no longer an uncommon sight.

No Vaping 21/02/2022

Vaping Bans in the United Kingdom

During January, smokers were encouraged by the NHS and quit smoking services to swap their tobacco products for electronic cigarettes. Switching brings many benefits, but it also raises a lot of questions – one of the biggest being “Where can I use my e-cig and vape?”

stronger e liquid 17/02/2022

Member of the Lords Pushes For Stronger E-liquid

Matt Ridley, vice chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping, is trying to convince the government to allow higher strength e-liquid again. Now the UK is no longer bound by the European Tobacco Products Directive, the Conservative member of the House of Lords sees this as an easy win for harm reduction following Brexit.

young vaper 13/12/2021
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Does Vaping Lure Teens To Smoking?

It is often used as an argument against liberating the vape market, but do electronic cigarettes inevitably lead teens into subsequent smoking (commonly known as the gateway effect)? Latest research conducted by Doctors Ruoyan Sun, David Mendez, and Kenneth Warner says it doesn’t result in young people taking up cigarette use.