doctor filling vape 15/12/2021
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NICE Guidance Now Includes Vaping

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has released updated advice for the National Health Service and quit smoking centres on the use of ecigs. The document has been welcomed by Louise Ross as “a welcome breath of fresh air”; Louise used to run Leicester’s quit smoking service and now holds the reigns at the charity The New Nicotine Alliance. She is widely acknowledged as being one of the country’s leading experts in the use of ecigs to quit smoking.

young vaper 13/12/2021
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Does Vaping Lure Teens To Smoking?

It is often used as an argument against liberating the vape market, but do electronic cigarettes inevitably lead teens into subsequent smoking (commonly known as the gateway effect)? Latest research conducted by Doctors Ruoyan Sun, David Mendez, and Kenneth Warner says it doesn’t result in young people taking up cigarette use.

cigarette litter 25/11/2021
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E-cigarettes Are Kinder To The Environment

Smoking has a huge environmental impact; from the single use plastics to the toxic heavy metals leaching into the soil, there is no end to the damage tobacco causes. Switching to vaping is known to improve your health, as stated by researchers at University College London, but it is also a far more environmentally friendly way to consume nicotine.

vaping podcast 21/04/2021

Oxford Experts – The Latest Vape Research on Podcast

Harm reduction advocate Charles Gardner said: “What happens when researchers who have no big tobacco or vape industry ties … talk about the latest findings on nicotine vape safety and efficacy for smoking cessation? A breath of fresh air.” He was referring to a new podcast series hosted by Oxford University’s Dr Jamie Hartmann-Boyce and Dr Nicola Lindson.

smoking vs vaping 11/04/2021

The Benefits Of Vaping Outweighs The Harm

Cigarettes and other tobacco products kill more than 8 million people every year, cause long-term disease, and ends up costing £Billions healthcare around the world. Millions of people have swapped smoking for vaping, which has upset many public health “experts”. They speak at length about the unknown dangers of vaping, but two professors at Oxford University believe any harm caused by vaping is totally outweighed by the benefits of no longer smoking.

quit smoking 10/04/2021

The Opinions of Anti-Smoking Organisations

The two main organisations in the United Kingdom that have dedicated themselves to opposing the tobacco industry are Cancer Research UK (CRUK) and Action on Smoking and Health (ASH). The toughest criticism of and opposition to vaping ought to come from them, so what do they think?

Bronchioles 09/04/2021

Brilliant Ecig News For Bronchioles

New research published in the Respiratory Medicine journal shows that even partially switching from smoking to vaping leads to bronchial improvements in the lungs. The findings have led a leading biochemist/immunologist to proclaim that opponents to vaping need to stop vilifying dual use of ecigs and cigarettes as the benefits are clear and can lead to complete tobacco abstinence.

Lungs 31/03/2021

Gene Genie

A peer reviewed research study in Toxicological Research & Application has found that vaping has “minimal” impact on the way cells produce proteins. Their work used cutting edge toxicity testing techniques that keeps the human cells alive while investigating the action of vapour. They compared their findings with those produced by cigarette smoke.

smoking kills vaping doesnt 18/03/2021
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New documentary explores the safety of vaping

Following an incredible period of bad press recently, vaping could benefit from a boost. Fortunately, it has received one this week with the release of a new documentary Made by Yorkshire Cancer Research, Vaping Demystified is a new film which explores the safety of vaping and how it can help smokers to quit. It was produced in an attempt to reduce smoking-related death.