yorkshire cancer research vaping advice 01/07/2022
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Yorkshire Cancer Research Updates Advice

When it comes to e-cigs, Yorkshire Cancer Research has taken on a leading role in educating the general public over the last couple of years. From producing easy to access videos featuring specialists to factual leaflets, Yorkshire Cancer Research is making a concerted effort to stop the damage caused by smoking. Now it has updated its advice, answering common questions about electronic cigarettes and vaping.

gum disease 29/06/2022

Does Vaping Cause Gum Disease?

Last week, the government published its independent Khan Review looking at all aspects of tobacco control. Part of it strongly urged the government to do more to promote vaping but this prompted the British Dental Association to kick back and suggest that “there have been recent suggestions linking disposable vapes to gum disease”.

stop smoking uk 27/06/2022
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The Khan Report on the Future of Smoking in the UK

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care commissioned an independent review to be conducted looking at all areas of tobacco control. It was headed up by Javed Khan OBE, and the report was released last week. In response to its release, the Independent British Vape Trade Association was invited to speak about vaping on Radio 4.

miserable woman smoking 15/05/2022

Renewed Asthma and Lung Support

Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation became Asthma + Lung UK a year ago. Previously, the individual organisations had released statements about vaping, but now as the unified body has included e-cigs as an integral part of a document directed at government officials. It’s a ground-breaking move and concretes support from the public health organisation for electronic cigarettes.

vaping myths 14/05/2022

Balancing The Harm Reduction Debate

Tobacco harm reduction and vaping are controversial subjects, but scientific journals frequently censor pro-ecig voices. Colin Mendelsohn, a tobacco harm reduction expert argues that scientific journals should present both sides of the issue to allow a proper discussion, ensuring the debate is balanced and fair.

parliament 13/05/2022

E-cigarettes Can Achieve 2030 Target

The government set an ambitious target to achieve a smoke-free UK by 2030, which means less than 5% of the population would be smokers. Promises were made, plans announced, but MPs recently agreed that little has be done over the last three years and the target will be missed. A harm reduction specialist believes it could be achieved if the government increases its support for vaping and relaxes the indefensible rules.

smoker 12/05/2022

Study: E cigarettes and Mental Health

The smoking rate in the general UK population is now at an all-time low thanks to vaping, dropping to 14.5%, but problems persist in discrete sections of society. The rate in one group, those suffering from mental health problems, remains stubbornly high, yet research from academics at the American Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth has shown that electronic cigarettes can help.

vape and cigarettes 11/05/2022

Vaping Delivers Benefits to Non-Quitting Smokers

The body of evidence supporting smokers switching to electronic cigarettes has been steadily growing for over a decade, with all of the British public health organisations recommending vaping as an alternative to smoking. In the past, smokers were told they’d only benefit if they fully swapped over, but latest work from The University of Kansas Cancer Centre, California State University San Marcos and Brown University indicates dual users may also experience health improvements.

cocaine 17/04/2022

Can Vape Kits Help Other Addictions?

It has been proven that electronic cigarettes are the best tool to help with smokers with their tobacco addition. Currently, the science shows that vapes work three times better than nicotine replacement products and are the UK’s favourite way of quitting smoking. This success has caused some researchers to wonder if e-cigs could be put to other uses too.