Saving Money and Getting Great Value with Vaping

The cost-of-living crisis in the United Kingdom is having a major impact on household budgets. With smoking costing so much, switching to vaping makes a lot of sense as it will improve your health as well as your bank account. But for those who already vape, maybe it is time to look at the products you use to see if you can improve your value for money.

save money vapingThe Office for National Statistics reports that the average price of a packet of 20 cigarettes is now £12.66. This means a twenty-a-day habit will now cost smokers over £4,600 a year – and is set to rise further still.


With disposable vapes selling for under £5 or ecig starter kits retailing from £15, the only ongoing cost would be replacement disposables or coils and e-liquid, meaning the savings from switching can be huge.


But what if you are already vaping and want to tweak your budget?


Do you currently use disposable e-cigs? New and experienced users find them simple and convenient to use, but, although retailing for a low price point, they actually work out more expensive to use compared to vape kits over the longer term.


If you are a disposable user, maybe you could consider switching to a refillable tank with replaceable coils and filling with bottles of e-liquid? These are very easy to use and most vapers believe they offer a better experience and richer flavour.


If you are more adventurous, you could consider a DIY vape tank. Making your own coils and wicks both allows greater customisation of your vape experience and saves even more money.


For vapers currently using e-cigarette tanks, there’s the opportunity to address how you buy your mods, tanks, and vape juice. Check out the Vapekit website and you can find a ‘Sale’ section, where you can root out some bargains.


Also, why not have a look at the multibuy deals on offer. Ten juice bottles for £16.90? Twenty juice bottles for £17.80? Combining this with free delivery for orders over £10 really trims the cost of vaping.


Finally, maybe you could change the way you vape.


Big clouds look cool to some people but opting to mouth-to-lung vape instead of direct-to-lung is a great way to make your batteries last longer and decrease the number of eliquid refills you buy.


First, you will need to buy a dedicated mouth-to-lung tank and lower strength vape juice. Reducing the wattage that you apply to your coil makes them last longer, so you will change them less frequently, providing further savings.


So, not only can switching from smoking to vaping save you money, but changing the way you shop and vape can also help to trim costs from your monthly costs.

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