health benefits of vaping

vaping safer than smoking 23/06/2021

Where Does The ‘95% Safer’ Figure Come From?

It is frequently cited on social media that vaping is 95% safer than smoking but where does this figure come from, and can we trust it? Many opposed to electronic cigarettes say the figure is fictional and comes from people who received money from the tobacco industry – Vapekit looks at the facts.

hair loss from smoking 22/06/2021

Can E-cigs Help Prevent hair loss?

Much is said about the health benefits of switching from tobacco cigarettes to non-combustible electronic cigarette products but could vaping offer up further benefits? A number of studies now link hair loss to smoking and so it would appear that the sooner someone makes the swap the more chance they have of hanging on to a full head of healthy follicles.

quit smoking today 08/06/2021

Vaping in England: an evidence update

Public Health England (PHE) has recently published the seventh report in a series of independent reports commissioned to explore the implications of vaping, as reported in our blog post. The aim has been to explore all evidence regarding vaping products and their use. The latest evidence review was conducted by researchers at King’s College London. The resulting report will inform policies and regulations in the UK moving forward.

smoking vs vaping 04/06/2021

Dockrell Talking

Martin Dockrell is the Tobacco Control Programme Lead for Public Health England. He became a believer in the power of harm reduction when he was involved in HIV prevention work In the mid 1980’s. Not only does switching from cigarettes to vaping reduce harm exposure, but he argues that it will also produce improved mental health.

Diacetyl 03/06/2021

The Truth About Popcorn Lung and Vaping

Smokers thinking about making the switch to vaping often come across a reference to so-called popcorn lung. Even if they haven’t, the chance is one of their friends or family have read a story about it. The truth of the matter is that experts say British vapers are not at risk of the lung disease. What is Popcorn Lung? Popcorn lung is the common name for a disease known as name bronchiolitis obliterans or obliterative bronchiolitis. The smallest airways in the lung, the bronchioles, become scarred and inflamed which leads... Read More

homeless man smoking 08/05/2021

Helping The Homeless

A research team including Lynne Dawkins, Linda Bauld, Peter Hajek, and Sharon Cox (among others) has conducted a feasibility trial to assess the potential to engage with people accessing homeless services to support smoking cessation. They found that vaping vastly improved outcomes compared to the usual care offered.

tobacco leaves 12/04/2021

Five Amazing Things About Nicotine

“People smoke for nicotine, but they die from the tar,” Michael Russell, father of the theory of tobacco harm reduction, once said [link]. The inventor of nicotine gum hit the nail on the head, but nicotine continues to receive a rather bad press. So, what do we really know about nicotine?

smoking vs vaping 11/04/2021

The Benefits Of Vaping Outweighs The Harm

Cigarettes and other tobacco products kill more than 8 million people every year, cause long-term disease, and ends up costing £Billions healthcare around the world. Millions of people have swapped smoking for vaping, which has upset many public health “experts”. They speak at length about the unknown dangers of vaping, but two professors at Oxford University believe any harm caused by vaping is totally outweighed by the benefits of no longer smoking.

quit smoking 10/04/2021

The Opinions of Anti-Smoking Organisations

The two main organisations in the United Kingdom that have dedicated themselves to opposing the tobacco industry are Cancer Research UK (CRUK) and Action on Smoking and Health (ASH). The toughest criticism of and opposition to vaping ought to come from them, so what do they think?

smoking vs vaping 09/04/2021

The New Nicotine Alliance

The average vaper makes their purchase, uses their products, and rarely thinks about what is going on behind the scenes. In this article we introduce you to the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) and the incredible work it does to educate politicians and fight to protect the rights of ecig users.