smoking vs vaping

quit smoking today 08/06/2021

Vaping in England: an evidence update

Public Health England (PHE) has recently published the seventh report in a series of independent reports commissioned to explore the implications of vaping, as reported in our blog post. The aim has been to explore all evidence regarding vaping products and their use. The latest evidence review was conducted by researchers at King’s College London. The resulting report will inform policies and regulations in the UK moving forward.

vaping bans 07/06/2021

How Lucky Are Vapers In The UK?

We take it for granted that vaping in the UK is accepted and that the politicians follow the e-cig evidence, but what is it like for people in other parts of the world? We might complain about bottle size from time to time, or that we can’t vape in a football stadium, but they are confiscating vaping equipment, fining and imprisoning vapers elsewhere.

doctor vaping 06/06/2021

Do Doctors Understand Vaping?

The recent report by Public Health England (PHE) highlighted a problem with smokers holding misconceptions about vaping. While this is a barrier to them switching, you might be surprised to discover that a large number of doctors and nurses also believe things that aren’t true about alternative nicotine products like ecigs.

smoking vs vaping 04/06/2021

Dockrell Talking

Martin Dockrell is the Tobacco Control Programme Lead for Public Health England. He became a believer in the power of harm reduction when he was involved in HIV prevention work In the mid 1980’s. Not only does switching from cigarettes to vaping reduce harm exposure, but he argues that it will also produce improved mental health.

Diacetyl 03/06/2021

The Truth About Popcorn Lung and Vaping

Smokers thinking about making the switch to vaping often come across a reference to so-called popcorn lung. Even if they haven’t, the chance is one of their friends or family have read a story about it. The truth of the matter is that experts say British vapers are not at risk of the lung disease. What is Popcorn Lung? Popcorn lung is the common name for a disease known as name bronchiolitis obliterans or obliterative bronchiolitis. The smallest airways in the lung, the bronchioles, become scarred and inflamed which leads... Read More

go smokefree, stop smoking 29/05/2021

A Smokefree nation by 2030?

Public Health England (PHE) has recently published the seventh publication in a series of independent reports. These were commissioned to investigate the various implications of vaping. Many subjects were explored in the latest report. One of these was the part vaping could play in ensuring that England is smokefree by 2030. Yes, we did say smokefree!

smoking vs vaping 27/05/2021

The Problems with Research

There is a wealth of independent evidence that is very supportive of vaping but what does ‘independent’ mean and why can’t we attach equal weight to all of the research carried out? In this article we explain some of the problems with published studies from putting rats into tiny test tubes to drowning cells in laboratory dishes. The snags in research work are plentiful and even papers that are supportive of vaping can be problematic for various reasons.

nicotine molecule diagram 25/05/2021

Facts About Nicotine

Sometimes it is hard to see the wood for the trees when so many media outlets are quoting supposed experts. Here we present factual comments from reliable sources from around the globe. Independent experts all agree that nicotine vaping is safer than smoking, works as a smoking cessation tool and appreciate that nicotine does not cause cancer.

vaping vs smoking 13/04/2021

The Royal College of Physicians

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) was at the forefront of advocating the use of vaping to combat the blight of tobacco-related disease and death and continues to be one of its strongest advocates. This action doesn’t just relate to the United Kingdom, the RCP is a driving force across the globe and stands as a voice for reason and evidence.

smoking vs vaping 11/04/2021

The Benefits Of Vaping Outweighs The Harm

Cigarettes and other tobacco products kill more than 8 million people every year, cause long-term disease, and ends up costing £Billions healthcare around the world. Millions of people have swapped smoking for vaping, which has upset many public health “experts”. They speak at length about the unknown dangers of vaping, but two professors at Oxford University believe any harm caused by vaping is totally outweighed by the benefits of no longer smoking.