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stop smoking 12/07/2021

What’s the Best Vape to Help You Quit Smoking?

Anyone who’s ever smoked can tell you how hard it is to quit smoking. It takes willpower and determination like you wouldn’t believe. You may have tried patches, gum, sprays and all manner of other things without success but don’t despair. Millions have already gave up smoking as a result of discovering e-cigarettes and you can too. The feeling of inhaling vapour is so similar to smoking that the feeling off loss is minimised – and you’re ditching 3000+ killer chemicals along the way! Find out more about the best... Read More

quit smoking today 08/06/2021

Vaping in England: an evidence update

Public Health England (PHE) has recently published the seventh report in a series of independent reports commissioned to explore the implications of vaping, as reported in our blog post. The aim has been to explore all evidence regarding vaping products and their use. The latest evidence review was conducted by researchers at King’s College London. The resulting report will inform policies and regulations in the UK moving forward.

vaping bans 07/06/2021

How Lucky Are Vapers In The UK?

We take it for granted that vaping in the UK is accepted and that the politicians follow the e-cig evidence, but what is it like for people in other parts of the world? We might complain about bottle size from time to time, or that we can’t vape in a football stadium, but they are confiscating vaping equipment, fining and imprisoning vapers elsewhere.

smoking vs vaping 04/06/2021

Dockrell Talking

Martin Dockrell is the Tobacco Control Programme Lead for Public Health England. He became a believer in the power of harm reduction when he was involved in HIV prevention work In the mid 1980’s. Not only does switching from cigarettes to vaping reduce harm exposure, but he argues that it will also produce improved mental health.

quit smoking 10/04/2021

The Opinions of Anti-Smoking Organisations

The two main organisations in the United Kingdom that have dedicated themselves to opposing the tobacco industry are Cancer Research UK (CRUK) and Action on Smoking and Health (ASH). The toughest criticism of and opposition to vaping ought to come from them, so what do they think?

Woman vaping stealthily 08/04/2021

The art of stealthy vaping revealed

If you have managed to quit smoking by turning to vaping, you are probably very proud of yourself and your ecig. Indeed, you may feel like shouting from the rooftops and blowing the biggest cloud of vapour you can muster into someone’s face! Unfortunately, not everyone will be as enthusiastic about your success as you are. Many people see vaping as just another form of smoking. Others feel that the delicious flavours on offer are just too tempting for youngsters. Unbelievable though it may seem, you will even encounter a... Read More

smoking lung damage 06/04/2021

Lungs Switch Back On

Are you finding breathing easier now you vape instead of smoke? Cilia cells line the lungs and provide a vital function in keeping them clean. Smoking stops these important cells from doing their job, but recent research from Italy shows that in smokers who have swapped toxic tobacco for much safer e-cigarettes have seen the cilia cells recover completely.

doctor with lung x-ray 01/12/2020

The Truth About EVALI

The Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik began working on his idea for an electronic cigarette in 2001. Within two years he had adapted the ultrasound approach to include a piezoelectric atomiser. The resulting “cigalike” spawned copycat products which inspired consumers to improvise, adapt and develop newer, more rewarding vaping devices. Things in the U.K. really began to take off in 2009 and, by 2011, the vape business sector was beginning to flourish. Eight years of growth and success passed by without a major problem but then, in 2019, the EVALI lung... Read More

man skull death from smoking 11/04/2016

25 Reasons Why Vaping is Better than Smoking

Are you keen to give up smoking but worry about the misery of quitting? Have you thought about vaping but still wonder whether it could really be the answer to your prayers? At Vapekit we feel your pain because we have been there, seen it, done it and bought the proverbial t shirt. Change is scary and we all fear the unknown but if you are teetering on the brink then you should jump into the world of vaping and right now! Vaping isn’t merely an alternative to smoking. It... Read More