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nod mesh coil 02/06/2020

When to Change a Vape Coil? What’s to be Expected?

Regardless of the type of vaping device that you use, coil replacements are a regular part of your life. Modern vape tanks make changing the coil as easy as possible, but that doesn’t make coil replacements fun. If you really want to do things right, then replacing your coil means disassembling and rinsing your tank, taking out the old coil, twisting in the new one and priming the new coil before putting everything back together and refilling the tank. It’s a process that you might find yourself putting off for... Read More

sub-ohm vape tank 04/04/2018

How to Choose the Best Sub Ohm Tank?

With so many tanks out there, it can be hard to buy the best sub ohm tank for your needs. This straightforward guide walks you through the process by explaining the qualities that differentiate vaping tanks. Are you looking for a quick way to enhance your vaping experience? Here at Vapekit, we carry a wide selection of sub ohm tanks that can instantly turbocharge the vapour production and flavour quality of your e-cigarette. Buying a new sub ohm vape tank, though, is one of the most difficult decisions that you can make as a vaper. How... Read More