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quit smoking today 08/06/2021

Vaping in England: an evidence update

Public Health England (PHE) has recently published the seventh report in a series of independent reports commissioned to explore the implications of vaping, as reported in our blog post. The aim has been to explore all evidence regarding vaping products and their use. The latest evidence review was conducted by researchers at King’s College London. The resulting report will inform policies and regulations in the UK moving forward.

vape bottles 01/06/2021

Expert Clive Bates Appeals For A Common Approach

The United Kingdom government is currently conducting a review of the law that regulates what and how we can vape. At the same time, the European Union is conducting the process that will result in a new Tobacco Products Directive. Both of these can influence each other and could spell a dramatic shift. Renown expert and advocate Clive Bates has issued a call for everybody to pull together.

smoking vs vaping 27/05/2021

The Problems with Research

There is a wealth of independent evidence that is very supportive of vaping but what does ‘independent’ mean and why can’t we attach equal weight to all of the research carried out? In this article we explain some of the problems with published studies from putting rats into tiny test tubes to drowning cells in laboratory dishes. The snags in research work are plentiful and even papers that are supportive of vaping can be problematic for various reasons.

Doctor Vaping 26/05/2021

Introducing Dr Farsalinos

Introducing Dr Farsalinos, commonly referred to as Dr F, a name instantly recognisable to those following the vape debate in scientific research and public health circles. Konstantinos Farsalinos has been prolific in the number of studies he has published and is frequently seen at conferences around the world. A mark of how successful he has been can be measured by the venomous attacks he is increasingly subjected to.

fake or fact vaping myths 14/04/2021

8 Vape Myths Debunked

Up to last year, 3.8 million smokers had switched to vaping in England; around the world the numbers who have opted to reduce their harm exposure while using nicotine soared to eye-watering levels. Despite the full support of Public Health England, the NHS, the government, Cancer Research UK, the British Medical Association, and the Royal College of Physicians, there is an organised and well-funded global campaign opposing vaping. It relies on a number of arguments to put its case across and here we describe why they are nothing more than... Read More

smoking vs vaping 11/04/2021

The Benefits Of Vaping Outweighs The Harm

Cigarettes and other tobacco products kill more than 8 million people every year, cause long-term disease, and ends up costing £Billions healthcare around the world. Millions of people have swapped smoking for vaping, which has upset many public health “experts”. They speak at length about the unknown dangers of vaping, but two professors at Oxford University believe any harm caused by vaping is totally outweighed by the benefits of no longer smoking.

smoking vs vaping 31/03/2021

Eurobarometer Reveals Attitudes To E-cigs

The latest Eurobarometer report examining the attitudes of Europeans (including the UK) towards tobacco and electronic cigarettes shows “vaping is providing a great public health benefit by reducing smoking” according to consumer advocacy umbrella group European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (ETHRA).

Lungs 31/03/2021

Gene Genie

A peer reviewed research study in Toxicological Research & Application has found that vaping has “minimal” impact on the way cells produce proteins. Their work used cutting edge toxicity testing techniques that keeps the human cells alive while investigating the action of vapour. They compared their findings with those produced by cigarette smoke.