smoke alarm 07/09/2021
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Does Vaping Set Off Smoke Detectors?

Whether you are heading off for a holiday, a staycation, or visiting a public space, the chances are you’ll encounter a sign saying they can detect people vaping. So, what is the truth behind this, what detectors exist, and can people detect someone having a vape?

women on a plane 07/04/2021

Vapes on a plane

Many ex-smokers will remember those bohemian days when you could smoke on an aeroplane. It was a time when you would place an evil curse on the check-in agent if they didn’t allocate you a smoking seat. There were never enough of those special seats at the rear of the aircraft to satisfy demand. The unfortunate addicts who were confined to the front seats would spend the entire journey wistfully staring at the privileged few behind them.

ecigarettes on airplanes 26/07/2018

E-Cigarettes on British Airlines, Vaping at UK Airports

Can you bring your e-cigarette on an aeroplane? What are the regulations about packing your vaping gear for a flight? Can you vape at UK airports? We answer all of your questions in this comprehensive UK guide to flying with your e-cigarette. E-Cigarettes on British Airlines, Vaping at UK Airports A Comprehensive UK Guide to Traveling With Your Vaping Gear Are you thinking about bringing your e-cigarette on a plane? All major airports and airlines in the UK and Ireland allow passengers to travel with their vaping devices and e-liquids.... Read More