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vape battery sizes 15/10/2021

E cigarette battery charging on the go

Unless you are agoraphobic or live like a hermit, you will be away from your home regularly. If you are a vaper, you probably take your e cig with you everywhere. But what if your battery gives up the ghost when you are a long way from a power point? It can be truly traumatic to discover that your battery is as flat as the proverbial pancake. So, if you are taking a hike or a holiday, how do you ensure that your vape is always charged and ready for... Read More

disposable vape pens 30/09/2021

Disposable vape pens: convenience at a cost

On the face of it, disposable vape pens are great innovations that help smokers transition to vaping hassle-free. There’s no doubt that such convenient and readily available devices offer many benefits. They are snazzy, colourful pieces of kit that are so simple to use that a 3-year old could operate one straight out of the packet. But that is a bit of a problem isn’t it? And being highly accessible to youngsters isn’t the only issue with disposable e cigs.

vape devices 08/09/2021

How much can vaping cost if you want to splurge?

A major reason given by smokers for switching to vaping can be the saving you can make from not buying tobacco products, second only to the desire to improve their health. But, if you have deep enough pockets or are unfortunate to visit the wrong country, it is possible for you to spend a considerable amount of money.

smoke alarm 07/09/2021
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Does Vaping Set Off Smoke Detectors?

Whether you are heading off for a holiday, a staycation, or visiting a public space, the chances are you’ll encounter a sign saying they can detect people vaping. So, what is the truth behind this, what detectors exist, and can people detect someone having a vape?

woman vaping 04/09/2021

The Wonder Of Vapebands – A Great Invention

The humble vapeband came into being as glass tanks began to sell in numbers and people discovered what can happen when one is dropped. Not only does it offer a colourful way for companies to advertise their products, but it has a surprising number of other uses.

woman using disposable ecigarette 06/08/2021

Discussing Disposable eCigarettes

Recently, the disposable electronic cigarette market has boomed. So, what are they, who is buying them, and what are their pros and cons? We will answer all of these questions and more so that you can work out if a disposable vape is something you might consider buying.

Best Pod Vape Kits 2021 04/08/2021

The Best Pod Vape Kits: Ultimate Buying Guide

If you spend any amount of time reading about vaping products online, you’re already aware that pod vape kits are the biggest trend to hit the vaping industry in years. They’re great vaping choices for beginners, and they’ve also convinced a number of long-term vapers to “downgrade” from the larger vaping devices they once used. Regardless of your level of vaping experience, your interest in pod systems is shared by millions of e-cigarette users around the world. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and buying one of these kits... Read More

pod system 20/07/2021

Vapers Progress to Open Systems

The World Health Organization (WHO) wants to ban them, but latest research from University College London (UCL) shows ex-smokers end up migrating to using open system vapes from whatever style electronic cigarette they initially switched to. This affirms the important role that open system e-cigs have to play in supporting ex-smoker to stay tobacco-free with the aid of their favourite UK vape shop.