Vaping Advice

vaping girl 09/10/2021

Advice For New Vapers from Vapekit

Despite the huge success vaping has had on reducing the number of people smoking, we still have around 7 million tobacco users in the UK. It is widely accepted that quitting or switching away from smoking is the one thing people can do to add the most years onto their life, but some find the world of vaping a challenge to comprehend. Vapekit presents answers to several questions you may have whether you are a smoker or a recently switched vaper.

summer vaping 28/09/2021

Hot Weather Challenges for Vapers

The summer is currently delivering glorious weather in the UK, but this time of year poses a unique set of challenges to e-cig users. From the possibility of battery damage and sand in your tank to the sticky mess seeping from your device, hot weather needs to be planned for.