Vaping For Love? Quitting Smoking to Aid Dating

Millions of Brits continue to smoke despite us knowing that it is the leading preventable cause of disease and premature death. “Every year around 78,000 people in the UK die from smoking, with many more living with debilitating smoking-related illnesses,” says the NHS. Worse, surveys repeatedly show that smoking is a negative factor for those looking for love. Could switching to vaping be the solution?

smoking dateIn a survey conducted by the Department of Health, 50% of those surveyed stated “they would think twice” about forming a new romantic relationship with someone if they were a smoker.

This figure grows when you focus on people actively looking for love. A survey of eHarmony’s members found that 81% would definitely not start a relationship with a heavy smoker.

Match, another subscription-based online dating website, surveyed its members and discovered that 89% of respondents would prefer not to date someone who smokes.

In a list of unacceptable actions on a first date, smoking topped the list (at 51%), beating looking at your phone (45%) and turning up late (40%).

Other findings showed 57% would never date a smoker because of concerns over their long-term health, the smell on their clothes, the smell in their car, and the smell of their home.

78% said they wouldn’t want to kiss a smoker.

Match’s relationship expert Bela Gandhi said: “Our survey revealed fascinating information.  Just as many smokers trying to quit look forward to not having ‘smokers breath’ in intimate situations as they do breathing better. The key to finding love starts with feeling great about yourself.  Achieving anything big in life, like quitting smoking or finding love, requires making a plan and sticking to it.”

The evidence of the health benefits of switching from smoking to vaping in the UK has grown dramatically over the last ten years. Studies have noted improvements to breathing, exercise levels, and heart function.

Repeatedly, ex-smokers joining Planet of the Vapes, the UK’s largest online forum for ecig users, have said one of the first benefits they noticed was that they smelt better, and their sense of smell and taste returned.

A survey of vapers discovered 89% would happily be honest about their vaping on a dating website. In fact, only 3% of those responding said that vaping was a reason given for them being refused a date.

Although a number were reticent about vaping on a first date, the benefits of switching clearly extend beyond improving health alone. Swapping tobacco for e-liquid counters all of the objections shown in those surveys of those looking for love. Your breath smells fresh, your clothes no longer drag an odour along with them, homes and cars smell clean – and the money you save will pay for more impressive restaurants on that first date. Also, many single vapers have connected on the Planet of the Vapes forum, sharing a common interest, and gone on to get married.

Vaping really could help you find love.

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