vape being thrown in a bin 28/11/2023

Two Million Reasons To Be Considerate

Every second that ticks by on a UK clock sees an additional three disposable vapes dumped onto a street, discarded into a verge, or thrown into a normal bin. The problem has grown to such an alarming level that companies are conducting research, politicians are thumping the air, and campaigners are loudly demanding action. The problem caused by casually discarded vapes leads to litter, toxins leaching into the earth, a loss of valuable materials, and an increasing risk of danger from fires in bin lorries and waste processing centres. What... Read More

quit smoking now 25/07/2023
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New Alliance Promotes Vaping

A new alliance of health bodies, professionals and politicians have come together to go hard on promoting vaping to smokers in order to achieve a Smoke Free London by 2030. The London Association of Directors of Public Health, Stop Smoking London, The Mayor of London’s office, and the NHS have united under the banner of The London Tobacco Alliance (LTA) and issued a position statement advocating the benefits of vaping as a smoking cessation aid.

fake or fact 22/07/2023

Vaping: The Facts

A few self-appointed experts are sharing their feelings about vaping, but feelings aren’t the same as facts and so this is a good time to get reacquainted with what the science says about electronic cigarettes. Since 2015, a group of independent academics at King’s College London have been producing evidence updates for the UK Government. Across eight reports, they carefully monitored what the science is telling us about vapes and their potential to help or harm.

regulations 14/07/2023
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WHO Plays Bad COP

The World Health Organization’s Framework Convention for Tobacco Control is set to hold its Conference of Parties later this year, in November, in Panama. This article looks at the threat posed to vaping in the United Kingdom and what people who use vapes to quit smoking can do about it.

counterfeit vapes 21/06/2023
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Illegal Vapes Driving Campaign to Ban

Despite clear warnings that illicit sales will result in fines, illegal vapes and underage sales continue to drive a growing political desire to restrict vaping for smoking/ex-smoking adults. In the space of one week, the media was flooded with tales of sales to teens, “toy-shaped” vapes, and wild claims from prohibitionist activists. What does this mean for the future of vaping in the UK?

is vaping dangerous? 19/06/2023

Are Vapes Dangerous?

Stories are cropping up in the media regarding vapers being hospitalised. Newspapers have listed off examples of seizures, being rendered unconscious, lungs failing and speak about a “vaping crisis”. It all sounds very serious, but is all is as it appears to be and can vaping put you in hospital?

think tank 06/03/2023
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Think Tank Demos Sets Out New Vision for Vaping

Think tank Demos has set out a new vision for the ecig government policy in the United Kingdom, throwing its weight behind tobacco harm reduction and electronic cigarettes. The centre ground body is classed as “transparent” by the analysis website ‘Who Funds You?’, which gave Demos an A grade in 2022. The timely announcement should give confidence to those in charge of ecig policy at a time emotive attacks are being launched across national media.

vaping myths 05/03/2023

Vape Myths Addressed by Experts

Three leading UK tobacco harm reduction experts have spoken out about common vape-related myths and set out the truth regarding electronic cigarettes in the latest Nursing Times. John Waldron, a policy manager at Action on Smoking and Health, Dr Debbie Robson, a senior lecturer in tobacco harm reduction at the National Addiction Centre, and Professor Ann McNeill, and expert at King’s College London’s Department of Addictions have joined together to improve nurses’ understanding.

doctor filling vape 03/03/2023
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New Study Explores Vaping Evidence

World renown experts in tobacco control and e-cigarettes have delivered a new paper detailing the truth about vaping. Published in the journal Nature, the quartet write about nicotine e-cigarettes as a tool for smoking cessation. In the paper, they list off the facts that prove vaping works for smokers as a quit tool and that ecigs are far safer than using tobacco products.

Is Vaping Safe? 22/02/2023
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Oxford University Supports Vaping

A leading academic at Oxford University has vocally supported vaping as a method of reducing tobacco related harm. The public health expert wants the government to do something to combat current smokers’ fears about the technology. Professor Hartmann-Boyce thinks people who smoke have a right to accurate, evidence-based information.