25 Reasons Why Vaping is Better than Smoking

Are you keen to give up smoking but worry about the misery of quitting?

Have you thought about vaping but still wonder whether it could really be the answer to your prayers?

At Vapekit we feel your pain because we have been there, seen it, done it and bought the proverbial t shirt. Change is scary and we all fear the unknown but if you are teetering on the brink then you should jump into the world of vaping and right now! Vaping isn’t merely an alternative to smoking. It is better than smoking! Here are 25 good reasons why you should start your vaping adventure.

1. Less Chemicals

Smoking tobacco creates a toxic mix of pernicious chemicals. This noxious cocktail of unpronounceable metals and compounds features substances which are potentially harmful to every organ and system in your body. We can’t list them all, but here are some of the main offenders.

  • Acetaldehyde, acrylonitrile, benzol, benzene, chromium, formaldehyde and styrene are all carcinogenic.
  • Acetone causes kidney and liver damage.
  • Ammonia raises your blood pressure.
  • Carbon monoxide affects heart and muscle function.
  • Catechol, propionaldehyde and pyridine damage the respiratory tract.
  • Crotonaldehyde is thought to adversely affect the immune system.
  • Hydrogen cyanideis a lethal poison.
  • Lead and toluene can cause brain damage
  • Nitric oxide has been linked to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Polonium is radioactive and 250,000 times more toxic than cyanide.

So what about electronic cigarettes? Good quality e-liquids from reliable brands contain propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerol which are both generally recognised as safe. E-liquids also contain flavourings which are of food grade. They may also contain nicotine. Carcinogens have only ever been discovered in trace amounts and at levels far lower than are found in cigarette smoke.

Do you really need another 24 reasons why you should switch to vaping? If you do then read on.

2. Save Yourself from a Toothless Grin

Smoking has a seriously detrimental effect on both your gums and the bone density in your jaw. Gum disease could result in irreversible damage and is a major cause of tooth loss. Whilst e-liquids may contain nicotine which isn’t gum friendly, smokers who turn to vaping often report that gum recession is less of an issue. If you don’t want to be the proud owner of a toothless grin then vaping is the way forward.

3. Preserve Your Pearly Whites

All that nasty tar in cigarettes quickly turns your teeth yellow or even brown, regardless of how often you brush. No tar is produced when you vape so if you want to keep your dazzling white smile then you know what to do!

4. No More Yellow Fingers

There are many reasons why smoking is a habit that you will never be able to hide. Yellow fingers are a real give away and are frankly a rather unpleasant feature. The tar in cigarettes turns your fingers yellow but vapers can be proud of their beautiful hands.

5. Fresher Breath

Imagine the romantic moment when you lean in for a long awaited snog. Just as you prepare your lips for action, the object of your desire recoils in horror because your breath smells like an ashtray. Now rewind the scene and imagine how it plays out when your breath smells as fresh as a daisy. Enough said?

6. Maintain Your Sexual Performance

Whilst we are on the subject of passion killing we have to mention smoking’s negative impact on your sex life. If you actually have a sex life with such bad breath! Smoking reduces your libido and can cause erectile dysfunction. Vaping won’t turn you into sex god but it won’t impede your performance either.

7. Fresh Smelling Clothes

It isn’t only your breath which smells nasty when you smoke. Everything stinks! That rancid stench attaches itself to your clothes and even a good wash doesn’t get rid of it. If you switch to vaping then the only thing other people will smell is the fabulous aroma of your favourite perfume.

8. Enhance the Value of Your Home

If you smoke indoors then the unpleasant smell will linger around your home and your paintwork eventually turns an unpleasant shade of brown with yellow highlights! This 1970’s retro look is extremely unfortunate and it is a serious turn off for prospective buyers. Your habit could knock £thousands off the value of your property.

9. Keep Your Car Pristine

Yes, it isn’t only your home which smells like a blocked up chimney when you smoke. Your car does too and there are all those burn marks to the upholstery to consider. Don’t deny it, you must have experienced that moment when you go to flick ash out of the window and your cigarette catches in the wind. It then flies back onto your rear seats and burns a nice new hole. Every one of those burn holes is driving down the value of your vehicle.

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10. Rid Your Life of Ash

Tired of brushing ash off your clothes and your car’s seats? Bored of dusting the ash off the bookcase in the house? Switch to vaping because there is no ash.

11. Stay Looking Younger

Every year people spend £millions on cosmetic surgery in order to create a more youthful appearance. There is an easier way to slow down the ageing process and it’s a lot cheaper too! Quit smoking and start vaping! Smoking accelerates skin aging giving you wrinkles and bags under your eyes. Vaping does not. Simples!

12. Be kind to Your Hair

Smoking damages your hair and can even lead to hair loss. Vaping does neither so if you cherish your mane then vaping is the way forward.

13. Reduce Fatigue

Smoking affects lung capacity and so the body receives less oxygen. This is probably why smokers tend to get fatigued. If you want to give the Duracell Bunny a run for its money then turn to vaping.

14. Get More Puff

Do you find physical exertion a challenge and does the mere thought of a flight of stairs make you feel puffed out? If so then stop puffing and start vaping because your lung capacity will improve no end.

15. Stop Coughing

Smoking gives you a horrible cough and phlegm on your chest that you can never shift. Stop coughing every time you laugh and switch to vaping instead.

16. Improve Your Sense of Smell

If you smoke then you may or may not have noticed how much your sense of smell has deteriorated. Quit smoking and you will soon realise what you have been missing! Vaping opens up a whole new world of amazing aromas!

17. Experience Flavour

There is no doubt about it, smoking murders your sense of taste. If you are wondering why only the most volcanic curry curry tastes good then start vaping and discover how delicious food really is.

18. Become Socially Acceptable

You choose to smoke but those around you have little choice about sharing your habit. Second hand smoke is smelly and a health hazard. Vaping has no negative impact on other people.

19. Be Kinder to Your Pets

You will know in your heart of hearts that second hand smoke is bad news for other people, but what about your pets? Your fury friends have to live with your habit too. Vaping is far more Fido friendly.

20. Save Money

Yes you did read that right! Vaping is cheaper than smoking. Not only will you save money by investing in e cigarettes instead of conventional ones, you will also find that health insurance and life insurance are cheaper too.21. Flavours to Savour

Smoking provides limited choice on the flavour front. Brands vary in taste but we are talking about a variation on a very narrow theme – tobacco. Vapers have a vast array of flavours to choose from and there is an e-liquid to excite every palate.

22. Stop Playing with Fire!

There is no smoke without fire and that means that smoking is a major safety hazard. If you fall asleep holding your cigarette or drop it in the wrong place then you could spark an inferno. There are no such risks when you vape.

23.Vaping Gear is Cool

if you are a vaping virgin then a voyage of discovery awaits. Unleash the geek and get into the exciting world of electronic cigarettes, vape mods, tanks and more. If you love your gadgets and gizmos then vaping is definitely for you. Start exploring the latest cool products from Smoktech, Innokin, Aspire and more with Tekcig today.

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24. Vapers Are Even Cooler!

Vaping is undeniably cool. You can ramp up your street cred with your stylish equipment, huge vapour clouds and funky flavours. Vaping really is the new black.

25. Say No to Big Tobacco

The big tobacco companies have been trading in death and concealing the truth for decades. They have an undue influence over government too so you should vote with your feet and vape instead. That way you can deal with the nice guys like the friendly team at Tekcig!

Surely you are convinced now!!!

Feel free to provide us with more reasons to vape and not smoke and we’ll get them added!

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