Cigalike USB Charger by Halo Vapour Co.


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An essential accessory for your Halo Vapour Co. cigalike batteries, this USB charger ensures that you can vape wherever you happen to be.

This product is not for sale to anybody under the age of 18, and is not suitable for use by non-smokers.



Halo cigalikes provide a user-friendly introduction to vaping for beginners. Looking and feeling like tobacco cigarettes they deliver the right experience to ensure that you are able to quit the tobacco. Better still, you can look forward to the nicotine hits that you need. But only if you can keep charging your batteries! This charger can be used with any compatible wall plug or computer USB port to keep those e cigs charged and ready for action.

  • Specifically designed to charge Halo cigalikes
  • Use with any compatible wall plug or USB port
  • Essential accessory

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