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Cosmic Fog

Founded by two vapers in sunny California, Cosmic Fog has truly taken the world by storm since launching in 2013. The unique flavour combinations excite the imagination and the juice never disappoints. Delivering both new vaping experiences and satisfying all-day vapes, this is a cosmos of flavour which is begging to be explored by all intergalactic vaping pioneers. Cosmic Fog Vapors was the brainchild of friends Brant Peto and Rob Crossley who borrowed a measly $4,000 from their parents to kick start their own exploration into the world of flavour. All of the cash ended up being invested in bottles for the juice! The pair both boasted marketing backgrounds and so were keen to come up with the perfect name for their company. They quickly settled on Fog as a branding concept but then, ironically, their minds fogged over! it took several days of messing around with potential monikers before a lightbulb moment finally produced the epithet Cosmic.

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Cosmic Chemistry

The new vaping mission was launched with just two flavours and one of these, Milk and Honey, remains the most popular choice. There are now six Cosmic Fog e liquids to choose from and each features a unique blend of sweet and savoury notes to enjoy. We have featured them all in the Vapekit range!

Brant and Rob were keen to create the highest quality juices and to evolve e liquids with an original twist. Each flavour has taken between 7 and 10 months to perfect. The blends are vaped for several weeks by the entrepreneurs to ensure that they will stand the test of time. This is a duo who would travel to the outer reaches of the galaxy in search of greatness. Their flavours will always tantalise the taste buds of even the most discerning vaper. If the juice isn’t good enough for Brant and Rob, it doesn’t feature in the Cosmic range.

These days, the e liquids are produced in a state of the art laboratory, think NASA, and are filtered no less than five times for purity. Each juice is 70VG/30PG and so produces a truly Cosmic Fog to partner the impressive flavour. All of which adds up to an experience which is out of this world. Even better than that, the amazing flavours are available with nicotine or nicotine-free in short fill bottles.

A Whole New Universe of Flavour with Cosmic Fog

Well, the back story is all very interesting we hear you cry, but what about the flavours? Are they on another planet or are they more of the earthly variety? We think that they will blow your socks off! There are six to consider and each will take you on an exciting vaping journey to a new universe of flavour.

Very definitely from somewhere beyond the known universe, Chewberry is a delicious blend of strawberry, passion fruit, chewy candy and a hint of tropical fruit.  Kryp, offers an intergalactic fusion of cool melon and candy that you won’t ever want to put down. The most popular flavour in the collection, Milk and Honey, delivers sweet milk, luscious honey and a hint of marshmallow to fuel your vaping mission.

The shocker is truly rocket powered juice with its medley of tropical fruits and strawberries backed by an unexpected finish of sharper citrus notes. Providing a pleasing punch of passion fruit, kiwi and pineapple, Sonrise feels a little more of this planet,whilst Sonset combines Japanese Nashi pears, crème brûlée and salted caramel to create an utterly stellar flavour.

Cosmic by Name Cosmic by Nature

We are sure that you will adore the amazing juices from Cosmic Fog. The unique flavour combinations and impressive clouds are sure-fire winners and the neat branding adds to the overall experience. You know that you are investing in both premium quality and incredible flavour when you see that smiley cloud sporting the cool shades!