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What is the ideal e cig shop?

It’s an interesting question and one that we continue to ponder here at Vapekit because both vaping and the way we shop have changed so dramatically in such a short space of time.

When the first commercially viable ecig was invented, Nokia phones were all the rage, Concorde was still flying and Donald Trump was about to become a reality TV star. That was 2003, the year that Amazon first managed to make a profit. Ecigs didn’t really begin to take off in the UK until 2010. In some ways, that probably feels like yesterday but regarding vaping and shopping, 2010 was the Jurassic era!

Vaping: Blink and you’ve missed it!

Electronic cigarettes took time to find traction in the UK but once those particular rabbits were out of their hats, there was no going back. The first ecigs were simple mouth to lung cigalike devices. Pod vape kits weren’t even a twinkle in their inventor’s eye and salt nicotine was a term that nobody would have understood. Those little cigalikes did a great job of replicating the experience of smoking but failed to spark the imaginations of many potential vapers. People love their gadgets and they were about to get them!

Technology marched on and delivered ever more exciting and complex ecigs. For a vaper, treating themselves to that new equipment was like binning their Nokia flip phone in favour of a swanky iPhone. The new e cigs offered impressive performance and looks to match. Better still, a whole new world of flavour was developing.

Vapers were soon able to move on from simple tobacco profiles. They began to revel in a riot of fruity recipes, dessert delicacies and minty marvels. Blandness was banished and replaced by innovative and exotic choices with names to match. From Heisenberg to Head Bangin, e liquid flavours began to appeal to vaper’s imaginations as well as their taste buds.

Gradual development gave way to rapid change. Just five years into the vaping revolution, new devices and flavours were coming to market so quickly that it was impossible to keep up (sometimes even for us!). Whichever e cigarette shop you cared to visit, the range would have been changing apace. New iPhones might have appeared to be arriving with indecent haste, but the Apple developers were crawling along in comparison with the manufacturers of electronic cigarettes!

The trend for rapid change has continued and shows no sign of abating. Vapers can now enjoy a new flavour every day and vape it with a wonderful array of equipment. But, of course, they don’t!

Choice is a good thing – sort of!

So, here’s the thing. We all relish choice and online shopping has delivered that in spades. Your online ecig shop is no longer restricted by the available display space front of house, because that is now infinite. E cig stores are not impacted by high street rents and their ranges do not need to be tailored to the demographic of the local market.

You can choose from thousands of eliquid flavours, hundreds of vaping devices and all of the accessories you can shake a rebuildable tank at. However, modern life will probably have ensured that you don’t have the time to fully explore those choices. To make matters worse, your smartphone, tablet and other gadgets will have ensured that you have become incredibly impatient. You want to make the right decisions but very quickly. Once you have placed your order, you expect it to arrive yesterday at the latest.

The reality is that you won’t visit your e cig store, file through 5,000 flavours and carefully consider every one of them. There was a time when browsing in a department store represented a great day out and taking your time was part of the fun. Not anymore!

Even now, if you are choosing something expensive and long-lasting for your home you might fritter away a few hours ensuring that you find exactly the right piece. It might be worth examining 10,000 pendant lights to uncover the perfect accessory. You might even indulge yourself by scrolling through an infinite number of freestanding baths to make absolutely sure that you nail your impending bathroom makeover. But juice is different. All of those amazing choices could merely serve to slow you down and rob you of the opportunity to research light fittings.

The perfect e cig store

All of which brings us back to the original question. What is the ideal ecig shop?

Sure, we have the latest vaping equipment at Vapester together with an impressive range of e liquids and all the accessories you need. We are your one stop e cig shop. But we know that we need to be so much more than that!

In addition to assembling an amazing range, we have also strived to make your life easier. You will be able to find everything quickly and when you have found it, you will have at least some hope of establishing whether you want it or not! How many times have you looked at flavours only to find yourself none the wiser about what they actually taste of?

The ecig shop that makes your life easier

Our amazing eliquid range can be explored by brand or by flavour. Whether you cherish bananas or feel that only Charlie’s Chalk Dust will do, you can home in what you are looking for in seconds. You can filter our listings by name, price, popularity and more to refine your choice. If you set up an account, our reorder function means you can get your hands your juice after just a couple of clicks.

Ordering equipment is equally easy and we have ensured that with both ecigs and e liquids, our product listings boast all of the information you need. Those enigmatic flavour names are explained so that you know whether you will be topping up with a fruity cocktail or a blast of menthol. It takes no time at all to deduce the VG/PG ratio of each eliquid and how much juice you are getting for your hard-earned buck. You can select the right nicotine strength or even the type of nicotine and the result will be that your juice will delight your palate, satisfy your cravings and complement your equipment.

Some things never change – much!

The way you shop may have changed dramatically in recent years but what you really cherish probably hasn’t. You will be looking for value and quality, just like you always have. You will want choice too but not at the expense of your time. The perfect ecig shop is therefore the online vape store with an impressive range that helps you to find what you need quickly and then delivers it in a flash. That would be us, then!

You are in the right place at Vapester, whether you are searching for the right e cig vapourizer, the latest irresistible eliquid flavors or a replacement tank after an episode of butter fingers (we all have those!). Everything is here, priced to please and easy to find. You should take advantage of our many multi-buy deals and if you spend as little as a piffling £9, you will benefit from free UK delivery.

The Vapekit ecig shop range

So, what will you discover, should you decide to delve deeper into the Vapekit world? To begin with, you will need some vaping hardware and that could mean a starter kit, a vape pen, one of our sub ohm vape kits or your choice from our exciting new pod kits.  They have all been chosen from the collections of the leading suppliers. When you fancy a change or need replacements, you can invest in a sub ohm tank, sub ohm coils, standard coils and high wattage vape mods. Seek out our vaping guides if you haven’t yet got to grips with the vaping kit types at your disposal.

Our ecig store also showcases drip tips, refillable pods, replacement coils, replacement pods and battery chargers plus all of the other vape accessories that you could ever need. Except perhaps squonk mods, because we haven’t quite got around to those yet. But we are sure that they will also enhance your vaping experience. You never know where that pen style vape kit is going to lead when you get into vaping!

Then there’s our incredible eliquids! You can feast on the menus of the planet’s leading brands including Vampire Vape, Dinner Lady, Double Drip, Nasty Juice, Pocket Fuel and Twelve Monkeys. Those popular brands also encompass Beard Vape, Hangsen, Doozy Vape Co, Riot Squad and Element, to name but a few. You can explore short fill eliquids, nic salt eliquids, prefilled pods, zero nicotine juice and hybrid salt eliquid. Better still, you can avail yourself of our eliquid bundles and a variety of vape deals. If you are going for a short fill, we have that all-important nicotine shot too.

So, whether you need a couple of vape pods, new subohm tanks or a USB charger, you won’t be disappointed. We do our best to ensure that the kits and eliquids are available to you at the best possible prices to make Vapester the leading ecig UK online store.

Our e cig store and the finer details of vaping

If you are new to vaping, welcome to our world! You can look forward to an amazing adventure because your new hobby is going to be about much more than quitting smoking. The only trouble is, all those choices can feel intimidating and confusing at the outset. If you don’t know your VG from your PG, a vape pen from a box mod or a pod system from a vape tank, our informative pages should help you to understand all of your options. You can then shop ‘til you drop or whizz through your flavours, whichever approach is more appealing. We’re in camp whiz but hey!

The best e cigarette shop is the one which keeps your tank or pod topped up with the flavours you love and with the minimum of fuss. It’s also the place you feel most comfortable. We hope that your leading online vape shop turns out to be Vapekit and we will continue to improve everything we do to ensure that it is. We have high ideals and becoming the UKs leading online vape store isn’t easy. Our story started with a small collection of pen style vape kits, a few vape coils and a limited range of vape juice. Heaven knows where it will end!