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Best Nicotine Salt eLiquids of 2022

the best nicotine salt eliquids of 2022

Nicotine salt e-liquid has grown so much in popularity over the past few years that it’s essentially evolved into its own separate segment of the vaping industry. Nicotine salt was once a niche product, used primarily for vaping devices with pre-filled disposable pods. As soon as the first refillable pod vape kits appeared on the market, though, everyone wanted to try nicotine salt – and today, refillable pod systems are easily some of the most popular vaping devices in the world. Whether you’re buying a vaping device for the first time or are thinking about stepping up from a pre-filled vape to a refillable one, there’s a good chance that bottled nicotine salt e-liquid is going to be on your buying list in 2022 – and that means you’re going to need to select the right nic salt vape juice for your needs. In this article, we’re going to walk you through that decision with some advice about how to buy nic salts eliquid. Finally, we’re going to conclude the article with a list of the best nicotine salt e-liquids of 2022. Let’s begin!

What Is Nicotine Salt Vape Juice, and What Are Its Benefits?

For a more detailed answer to this question, you may want to read the article “What Are Nicotine Salts?” posted elsewhere on this site. In short, though, nicotine salt e-liquid is a type of vape juice that uses the salt form of nicotine rather than the freebase form that most e-liquid uses. All e-liquid begins its life with the freebase form of nicotine, but nicotine salt contains a mild food-grade acid that triggers a chemical reaction, lowering the pH of the nicotine and converting it to a salt.The reduced pH is the biggest benefit of nicotine salt e liquid. Freebase nicotine is alkaline, and it produces a scratchy throat hit at high nicotine strengths as a result. Some people perceive the throat hit as a form of irritation and find it difficult to use high-strength freebase e-liquids. Salt nicotine, on the other hand, has a more neutral pH and is smoother at high strengths. If you find high-strength freebase e-liquids difficult to use, you’ll probably be happier with nic salts.

What Is the Right Type of Vape Kit for Nicotine Salt?

Nic salt e liquid is generally only available in higher nicotine strengths of 9-10 mg/ml and above. For that reason, you wouldn’t want to use nic salt with the same type of advanced vape kit that you’d use for lower-nicotine e-liquids. The ideal vaping device for nicotine salt is a small device designed for mouth-to-lung inhaling such as a small vape pen or refillable pod system. Here at VapeKit, our product pages clearly identify which devices are intended for the mouth-to-lung inhaling style, and that’ll help you choose a perfect vape for nicotine salts.

How to Choose the Right Nicotine Strength when Buying Nicotine Salt

Nicotine salt e liquid is usually available in two different nicotine strengths: a higher strength of about 18-20 mg/ml and a lower strength of about 9-10 mg/ml. Functionally, you’ll find that there’s very little difference between nicotine strengths within those ranges. A nicotine strength of 18 mg/ml, for instance, feels about the same as a strength of 20 mg/ml; you may simply find that you’ll vape a little more often with the lower strength. Choosing the right nicotine strength when you buy nicotine salt e-liquid, then, is mainly a matter of knowing whether you need the higher strength (18-20 mg/ml) or the lower strength (9-10 mg/ml).

Start with the higher strength if you’re new to vaping because it’ll give you the most cigarette-like vaping experience. You should also use the higher nicotine strength if you’re already a vaper, and the nicotine strength you’re thinking about buying is similar in strength to the e-liquid you currently use. If you feel like you’re getting more nicotine than you need, you should consider stepping down to the lower strength.

Start with the lower strength if you already vape and are currently using e-liquid with a nicotine strength of 10 mg/ml or lower. As a full-time vaper, you’ve already adjusted to a nicotine intake that’s lower than it would be for a smoker. You should also consider the lower strength if you haven’t switched to vaping yet but are an extremely infrequent or social smoker.

Should You Buy Nicotine Salt E-Liquid if You Currently Use Freebase Vape Juice?

If you’re already completely happy with your vaping experience, there’s no need to switch from freebase nicotine to nic salt. Switching to nicotine salt might cause you to increase your nicotine consumption, and there’s little reason to do that unless you’re unsatisfied with your vaping experience as it currently is.Does one of these situations apply to you? If so, switching from freebase nicotine to nicotine salt might be a good idea.

You’re currently using a high-power vape mod, but you’re unhappy about how much you spend on vaping. Switching to nicotine salt will mean that you’ll use less e-liquid. You’ll spend less money when you stock up on vape juice, and you also won’t have to replace your coils as often as you currently do.

You’re currently using a lower-nicotine e-liquid, and you feel like you’re vaping constantly without ever really feeling satisfied. You miss the throat hit that you used to experience as a smoker.

You’re currently using a high-strength freebase nicotine e-liquid, and you experience an unpleasant scratchy sensation in your throat when you inhale the vapour. You might prefer nicotine salt in this case because it’s generally smoother and easier to inhale.

Are You Looking for Pre-Filled Vape Pods?

If you use a pod system designed for pre-filled pods, you’ll love our enormous election of pre-filled nicotine salt pods. We carry pre-filled pods for all of the most popular brands including Blu, Vuse, Elf Bar, Element and more. Click the link above now to browse our selection.

The Top 10 Nicotine Salt E-Liquids of 2022

Without further ado, we present the top 10 nicotine salt e-liquids of 2022. To compile this list, we’ve broken the recommendations up into five categories based on the most popular flavour types. No matter what your flavour preferences might be, you’ll find the best nic salt vape juice for your needs here. Read on to discover the:

Let’s begin!

Best Tobacco Nicotine Salt E-Liquids of 2022

Silver Blend by Nasty Juice Buy It Now from: £3.33 The Malaysian e-liquid brand Nasty Juice earned worldwide fame by popularising the fruit-and-menthol flavour trend around the world – and after changing the fruit flavour paradigm forever, they went on to create a new trendsetting range of tobacco vape juices. Silver Blend by Nasty Juice combines a base note of smooth, mellow tobacco with a top note of caramel for a touch of sweetness. This is an easy all-day vape for tobacco fans. Tobacco by 88Vape Buy It Now from: £0.89If you’re tired of mellow tobacco e-liquids and are looking for something a bit bolder and more straightforward, Tobacco by 88Vape might be ideal for you. While many tobacco e-liquids attempt to capture the sweeter and more refined flavour of European tobaccos, Tobacco by 88Vape focuses on the unrestrained flavour and bold throat hit of a classic American cigarette.

Best Menthol Nicotine Salt E-Liquids of 2022

Heisenberg by Vampire Vape Buy It Now from: £2.49 Heisenberg by Vampire Vape is quite simply one of the most famous e-liquids ever to some out of the UK vaping scene. Until Heisenberg appeared on the market, menthol vape juices primarily existed to capture the flavour of menthol cigarettes. Heisenberg was one of the first vape juices to completely reimagine what the role of menthol in an e-liquid can be. It’s a flawless blend of red berry notes tinged with a finishing touch of menthol, and thousands of people would name it as their favourite vape juice without hesitation. Menthol by 88Vape Buy It Now from: £0.89 If you’re looking for a menthol nicotine salt e-liquid that provides more of a traditional vaping experience, we think you’ll love the extremely tasty and affordable Menthol by 88Vape. Based on the flavour of a classic menthol cigarette, 88Vape’s Menthol e-liquid is light on the tobacco and heavier on the menthol to give you an ice-cold blast in the throat that you’ll absolutely love.

Best Sweets Nicotine Salt E-Liquids of 2022

Black Jack by Vampire Vape Buy It Now from: £2.49 The classic Black Jack is one of Britain’s all-time favourite candies. Its unique flavour comes from a combination of aniseed oil and citric acid, and the mixologists at Vampire Vape have captured that flavour to a T with their Black Jack vape juice. This is easily one of the most famous candy e-liquids in the history of the British vaping industry. Raspberry Sherbet by Double Drip Buy It Now from: £2.49 If you can imagine popping a big piece of chewy fruit candy into your mouth, that’s just a small part of the flavour explosion that Raspberry Sherbet by Double Drip offers. With a perfectly balanced mix of sweet and tart notes, this e-liquid blends a base of rainbow sherbet with a top note of bold, fruity raspberry to create a candy vaping experience you won’t want to put down.

Best Fruit Nicotine Salt E-Liquids of 2022

Raspberry Ripple by 88Vape Buy It Now from: £0.89 In the world of vape juice, few flavour combinations have ever garnered as much love from the community as fruit and cream. While most e-liquid companies use strawberry as the base of that flavour profile, 88Vape did something different and selected raspberry instead. You’ll love how the juicy and slightly tart raspberry flavour in Raspberry Ripple is tempered by the smoothness of the sweet cream note. Pinkman by Vampire Vape Buy It Now from: £2.49 Although Vampire Vape’s Heisenberg has easily become one of the most famous e-liquids in the history of the British vaping industry, Pinkman definitely isn’t far behind. The flavour of this vape juice is like eating a big, soft piece of taffy with notes of blood orange, grapefruit and lemon. It’s an absolute must for citrus lovers and is easily one of the best fruit e-liquids on the market.

Best Dessert Nicotine Salt E-Liquids of 2022

Cherry Bakewell by Double Drip Buy It Now from: £2.49 If you’ve enjoyed a few Cherry Bakewell tarts in your day, you probably have serious doubts as to whether it would be possible for an e-liquid maker to capture that level of complexity in an e-liquid. Well, Cherry Bakewell by Double Drip is a vape juice that has actually managed to pull off the seemingly impossible. You won’t believe how distinct and tasty this vape juice’s notes of shortbread, almond and cherry jam are. Peach Dream by 88Vape Buy It Now from: £0.89 While the previous entry on this list of the best nicotine salt e-liquids captures the flavour of a complex dessert that requires time and effort, Peach Dream by 88Vape does something completely different by giving you the experience of eating a dessert that requires just two ingredients: fresh peaches and whipped cream. The best e-liquids on the market often straddle the line between simplicity and complexity, and Peach Dream certainly qualifies as a superb dessert vaping experience.