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What are Nicotine Salts?

what are nicotine salts

If you were an early adopter of vaping, you will recall the days when your choice of electronic cigarettes was confined to lame cig-a-likes and few interesting flavours to enjoy. If you progressed to mechanical mods, your battery was liable to blow your face off at some point.

Technology marched on to deliver safer and ever more efficient e cigs capable of delivering impressive clouds and intense flavour. But if you are a quitting smoker looking for a nicotine hit replacement, advanced sub-ohm devices and high VG juices might not hold much attraction, or if you are an advanced vaper who occasionally want a more convenient way of getting your hit, what is your best option? Nicotine salts could be the solution for you.

Since their introduction, nicotine salt liquids have taken the vaping community with storm, providing an alternative that is easier to use and get satisfactory nicotine hits from than conventional (freebase) nicotine liquids.

Freebase Nicotine vs Nicotine Salts

Freebase nicotine (aka deproponated nicotine), is a purified form of natural addictive nicotine, occuring mostly as salt in the tobacco leaf, and has been added to e liquids since they were first conceived. Liquid nicotine is added to a mixture of vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) which delivers the nicotine to you when you vape. Freebase nicotine is also what is used in replacement therapies including those disgusting gums which make you feel like you have a terrible case of acid reflux.

Nicotine salt (aka proponated nicotine) is a mix of freebase nicotine and acid. It made headlines in 2015, when Juul brought out their first range of nic salt liquids. They became very attractive to smokers trying to quit, because of the nic salt's near instant nicotine hit and smoothness.

If you're wondering how anything could be better than the purest form of nicotine, let's get slightly technical and explain some basic nic salt chemistry. If you failed your chemistry GCSEs, fear not! Nicotine salt really isn’t complicated.

What Is Nic Salt?

In nature, tobacco leaves contain nicotine salts that are nearly identical to the nic salt in your vape liquid. However, if natural nicotine salt was added to your vape juice, you would have to vape at ridiculously high temperatures to vaporise the nicotine and it wouldn’t be readily absorbed by your body. In order to make a potent nicotine that your body can absorb more easily, the tobacco leaf nicotine is purified with ammonia, an alkali (high PH). This creates very potent freebase nicotine, which is particularly suitable for high temperature vaping. When freebase nicotine is mixed with a small amount of mild organic acid, such as benzoic acid or lactic acid, it creates nicotine salt, in a form that is both potent and bioavailable.

Benefits Of Nic Salts

The alkalinity of freebase nicotine causes a harsh throat hit that may lead you to take fewer puffs than you really need to get a satisfying hit. Nicotine salt has a lower, more neutral PH, so nic salt liquid gives a smooth vaping experience. If you've already vaped for a while and have found freebase liquid nicotine too harsh on your throat, nic salt juice could be your perfect solution.

Nicotine salt juices can be vaped at lower temperatures and with higher concentrations of nicotine than traditional e liquids and lend themselves to vape pens and electronic cigarettes which operate at fairly low temperatures. So, you don’t need a rocket-powered mod delivering molten lava to your throat and lungs in order to receive an impressive hit.

If you are trying to quit the cigs for good, you want something that will totally ease your craving. As salt nic is absorbed easily by the body and can be vaped at higher concentrations than freebase nicotine, it is very likely to still your nicotine cravings.

Another cool benefit is that nicotine salts improve the flavour of your vape liquid. This is because the alkalinity of freebase nicotine imparts a bitter flavour, whereas nic salt, with a closer to neutral PH, has little or no effect on the taste of your vapes. You can look forward to a more flavourful experience every time.

Nic salts might even save you some of your hard-earned cash. An advanced electronic cigarette is going to set you back considerably more than a simple vape pen but with nicotine salts on the menu, you won’t need the complex kit. In addition, as you can get a fast hit at high concentrations, you won’t need to vape your way through quite so much e liquid.

Are Nic Salts Right For You?

If what you are looking for is simplicity and vapes that mimic the experience of smoking a cigarette, nicotine salts will be right up your street. However, if you enjoy complex devices and don’t require a serious hit, then you might prefer sticking to your sub ohm set-up and forgo trying this alternative vaping experience. With nicotine salts you will be restricted to vape pens and entry level starter kits which won’t deliver enormous clouds or excite the gadget lover in you. Nic salts are all about the nicotine delivery, not the clouds.

Nic salts are the best choice if you are or were a heavy smoker and are looking to replicate the experience.

NOTE: Nicotine salt e-liquid should only be used with a low wattage device. The smoothness and close to immediate absorption rate of nicotine salt means that a nicotine overdose is possible if nic salts are vaped rapidly or used in high wattage, sub-ohm devices. 

Nic Salts At Vapekit

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