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The Best E-Liquid Flavours for Beginners

The Best e Liquid Flavours for Beginners

If you’re new to vaping, the best kind of vaping device for you is almost certainly one that you can build yourself. That’s because having the ability to choose your own e-liquid flavours opens up an enormous world of variety and possibilities. An e-cigarette that uses pre-filled cartridges or pods can give you an impressive variety of flavours, but that’s nothing compared to the variety you’ll enjoy when you buy e-liquid by the bottle. Your decision can start to feel a little overwhelming when your choices include literally every e-liquid on the planet, though, and that’s where we’re going to help. When you think of e-liquids in terms of general flavour profiles rather than individual products, you can start to get a better idea of what a particular e-liquid might taste like before you’ve actually used it. Getting to know the most popular flavour profiles can also help you learn what your preferences are. That way, you’ll know whether you’re likely to enjoy a particular e-liquid before you buy it. These are the most popular e-liquid flavour profiles among beginners. If you’re not sure what to buy, we think you’ll be very happy if you choose something from this list.

Tobacco E-Liquids

Tobacco ELiquids for Beginners If you’re just making the switch to vaping for the first time, it’s likely that you’ll try a tobacco e-liquid first because you want to try to find an e-liquid flavour that recreates the experience of smoking a cigarette. Although most vapers end up switching to sweeter e-liquids after they gain experience, we encourage you to try a tobacco e-liquid anyway because you may find that you enjoy the savoury flavour very much. If you’re going to try a tobacco e-liquid, you should know up front that no e-liquid can exactly recreate the flavour of a cigarette because there’s no way to recreate the flavour of tobacco smoke using food-grade flavours. However, tobacco e-liquidsare often some of the most creative vape juices on the market and use a variety of savoury, nutty and rich flavours to strike the palate in much the same way as real tobacco.

Menthol E-Liquids

Menthol ELiquids for Beginners While a tobacco e-liquid may not quite manage to capture the flavour of real tobacco, menthol e-liquid is a different matter entirely because the menthol that’s used in e-liquid is exactly the same as the menthol used to flavour cigarettes. The recent ban on menthol cigarettes in the U.K. makes that fact even more important because vaping is now the only way to experience the cool throat sensation that you love. If you’re a menthol lover, you’re going to find that using a menthol e-liquid is a far more pleasant experience than you’ve ever had with menthol cigarettes. In a cigarette, the menthol is there more to cover the harshness of the smoke than it is to provide a flavour of its own. When you switch to vaping, you can experience the coolness without the harshness. A menthol e-liquidcan, in fact, provide a much more dramatic cooling sensation than any menthol cigarette. For menthol lovers, vaping is an absolute pleasure.

Fruit E-Liquids

Fruit ELiquids for Beginners Fruit e-liquids are incredibly popular among vapers of all experience levels. It’s likely, in fact, that fruit is the most popular flavour profile in the entire vaping industry because, although most vapers start with tobacco or menthol e-liquids, they eventually move on to other flavour profiles once they realise that vaping makes it possible to enjoy sweet flavours without compromising satisfaction. E-liquid makers use the same flavouring compounds that companies in the food, candy and beverage industries use, and that means you can find an e-liquid in just about any fruit flavour you could possibly imagine. In the U.K., some of the most popular fruit flavours for e-liquid include strawberry, mango and blackcurrant. Some fruit e-liquids taste surprisingly true to life, and others taste a bit like fruity candy – and no matter what your favourite fruit is, you’re certain to find several e-liquids using that fruit as a flavouring element. So, if you try a particular e-liquid and find that it isn’t quite sweet enough – or that it tastes a bit too artificial – don’t stop experimenting. You’re certain to find something that suits your palate perfectly.

Candy E-Liquids

If you try a few fruit e-liquids and find yourself surprised by how true to life they taste, candy e-liquidis really going to knock your socks off. As with fruit e-liquid, the key here is the fact that e-liquids use the same flavouring compounds that companies in the food industry use. In fruit-flavoured foods that use natural and artificial flavours, though, the flavours are often there to enhance the flavour of actual fruit. Candy, on the other hand, usually contains no fruit juice at all – the taste comes entirely from natural and artificial flavours. What does that mean for e-liquid? If an e-liquid maker uses the same flavouring agents that a particular brand of candy uses, it’s possible to create a vape juice that’s a virtual clone of that candy – and that’s exactly that many e-liquid companies have done. No matter what your favourite candy is, you can probably find an e-liquid that tastes almost exactly like it.

Custard E-Liquids

Sweet flavours dominate the e-liquid industry these days, but not all vapers prefer the bright flavours of fruits and candies. Some people like their e-liquid to be a bit richer and more decadent – and if that’s true of you, then you need to try a custard e-liquid. Traditionally, a custard vape juice combines notes of vanilla, cream, egg and sugar to create a flavour profile in which the sweetness is balanced out by creamy and savoury notes. Although a great custard e-liquid is a perfect experience on its own, the custard flavour profile is also an excellent starting point for vape juice companies that want to develop more creative and complex blends. It’s common, for instance, for fruity e-liquids to have custard notes. If you like the idea of a sweet e-liquid with a more pronounced savoury edge, you might enjoy an e-liquid that mixes custard and tobacco flavours.