E Liquid Brands

With more than a hundred exciting e liquid collections on the menu, the Vapester range offers something special for every vaper. You will discover the finest juice from across the vaping world and a huge variety of flavours which are sure to make your mouth water. The planet’s biggest brands are joined by names that you may not recognise but which you should certainly explore. The question is, with so many amazing e liquids in one place, how do you find the perfect vape?

10 Motives 6 products
88vape 21 products
Acid E-Juice 3 products
At Home Doe 4 products
Attitude Vapes 12 products
Bad Drip 0 products
Bake Sale 0 products
Barehead 6 products
Base 5 products
Beard Vape Co 16 products
Big ML Club 0 products
Big Tasty 0 products
Binary 5 products
Blu 13 products
Boring Vape Co 5 products
Bubbleworx 4 products
Burst 12 products
Canada E Clouds 6 products
Charlie's Chalk Dust 22 products
Chicken Shop 0 products
Cloud Island 1 products
Club Juice 0 products
Cosmic Fog 11 products
Creator Of Flavor 2 products
Crisp 4 products
Custard Company 6 products
Cuttwood 15 products
Decoded 6 products
Dinner Lady 18 products
Doc Locks 0 products
Doozy Vape Co 20 products
Double Drip 0 products
Dr Fog's 13 products
Dr Salt 0 products
Drip & Dab 0 products
DVTCH 8 products
Element 57 products
Evil Drip 5 products
FAR 17 products
Fresh Pressed 5 products
Front Line Liquids 2 products
Froot Bomb 0 products
Glas 5 products
Gorilla Vapour 5 products
Halo 19 products
Hangsen 1 products
Hexa 10 products
IVG 8 products
iFresh 8 products
Jack Rabbit 6 products
Jam Vape Co 5 products
Juice Bomb 10 products
Juice Monster 5 products
Juice N Power 0 products
Juice Sauz 12 products
Just Jam 10 products
Just Juice 0 products
Kik 13 products
Kilo 26 products
KINK 6 products
Large Juice 13 products
Lemonade House 4 products
Liberty Flights 7 products
Lik Juice 0 products
Liquid State 8 products
Lolly Vape Co 3 products
Lost Art 10 products
Lost Fog Collection 5 products
Mad Hatter Juice 31 products
Manabush 6 products
Mary's Kitchen 5 products
MEGA 4 products
Mello Buddha 0 products
Milkman 11 products
Mr Meringue 2 products
Naked Fish 0 products
Nasty Juice 35 products
OFE 8 products
Ohm Boy 0 products
Ohm Brew 24 products
Ohmsome 5 products
Operation Baked 4 products
Pacha Mama 0 products
Plusnic 2 products
Pod Salt 30 products
Punch 0 products
Pocket Fuel 6 products
Pure Evil 4 products
Quiet Owl 3 products
Red Liquid 0 products
Rehab 1 products
Riot Squad 9 products
Ruthless 44 products
SALT 15 products
Shlurp 2 products
Shurbz 6 products
Slam City 4 products
Solace 0 products
SOLT 12 products
Space Jam 11 products
Strapped 7 products
Suicide Bunny 0 products
Super Strudel 0 products
T Juice 19 products
Tenshi 8 products
The Essentials 0 products
Twelve Monkeys 25 products
Urban 5 products
V4POUR 11 products
Vampire Vape 80 products
Vape Dodo 9 products
Vape Wild 5 products
Vapemate 32 products
Vaporized 14 products
Vapouriz 17 products
Vapouround 2 products
Verdict Vapors 2 products
VIP 23 products
Vype 0 products
WFFL 4 products
Whip'd 2 products
Wick Liquor 11 products
Wonutz 5 products
Yorkshire Vaper 36 products
ZAP! Juice 1 products
Zeus Juice 15 products

Budget, Bases and Flavours

Vaping is definitely a more cost-effective enterprise than smoking, regardless of your chosen juice. But we know that sometimes every penny counts! The Vapester range features e liquids to suit all budgets and you don’t have to sacrifice quality or flavour when you choose to enjoy our affordable vapes! Don’t forget to take advantage of our multi-buy deals for even better value!

Whether you are a sub-ohm vaper searching for high VG e liquids or you are looking for lower VG juice which is compatible with your starter kit, we have plenty to tempt your taste buds! We offer à la carte vaping at its best with the finest fruit, dessert, tobacco, drink and mint vape juices not to mention original flavour combinations and a few blends which defy description! With funky graphics, a few interesting backstories and a liberal dose of enigma in the mix, you can expect fun, flavour and something of an adventure! And that’s just for starters!

Hors d'oeuvres, Main Courses and Desserts

Let’s face it, with so many flavours at your disposal, you could enjoy a different vape every day of the year! But we know that you will have your favourites and that there will be blends that you will find totally irresistible. We invite you to take a look at the fabulous flavours offered by our amazing brands in order to build your own vaping menu which gives you enticing hors d’oeuvres, satisfying mains and indulgent sweets. While you’re about it, why not throw in a few minty palate cleansers for between courses or include a fine coffee flavour to complete your day?

You are probably still wondering where to start, so here’s a quick guide to our brands which should help you to home in on the right juice for your taste and your device.

Delicious but Affordable High PG E Liquids

You don’t need to spend the earth to enjoy great flavour! In any case, it makes sense to experiment with affordable options if you haven’t yet discovered which types of juice best hit the spot. Hangsen is the world’s best-selling brand and gives you a diverse collection with an impressive variety of flavours to choose from including 70PG/30VG juices which are suitable for all devices. Alternatively delve into the world of 88 Vape for truly amazing vaping value. Or check out the Vaporized Originals Collection – Dangerously delicious juice and a wide variety of flavours from a Scottish, family-run business, passionate about helping smokers to quit. 

30VG - 60VG E Liquid Collections

Perhaps you are looking for higher VG bases? No problem! If 30VG to 60VG is the right base liquid ratio for you, then you are in for a treat! Actually, make that several treats and then some! Check out the following exciting, innovative and original vaping brands:

Dr Salt – Expect smooth vapes and no harsh throat hits with these 50PG/50VG juices featuring nicotine derived from nicotine salts.

Lemonade House – Four sparkling 60VG flavours and no prizes for guessing the type of flavour that you will encounter!

Manabush – Evolved to be the finest tobacco vapes currently available, these 50PG/50VG flavours feature a variety of complementary notes to supplement the satisfying tobacco.

Nasty Juice – A cool collection from Malaysia in every sense of the word featuring fruity flavours which all boast a hint of mint. The 50PG/50VG juices are packed with surprises.

OFE – Old Fashioned Elixir equals a variety of interesting vapes including outstanding tobacco flavours and 50PG/50VG choices.

Vampire Vape – Brings you a huge variety of 40PG/60VG juices to sink your teeth into.

Vapemate – This diverse British collection of 50PG/50VG flavours could be your new best friend!

Vape Wild – Walk on the wild side with innovative fruit and custard vapes which are all 40PG/60VG. Vapouriz – An exciting British-made collection of 70PG/30VG e liquids which are bursting with flavour.

ZAP! Juice – Bring a little fizz into your vaping life with these 50PG/50VG soda inspired vapes, each boasting fruity notes.

70VG E Liquids

Our high VG brands quite simply tick every box. There’s something to excite even the most discerning vaping palates in these inspired collections which are ideal for sub-ohm devices. Check out the innovative menus of the following cool brands hailing from the four corners of the globe. Some you will already know, others will be new to you but equally worthy of your attention.

Bubbleworx - sweet and moreish bubblegum flavours presented in convenient 100ml shortfill bottles.

Custard Company – It’s hard to beat the sweet and satisfying taste of a great custard vape and there are none finer than these enticing flavours.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust – With attention-grabbing names and amazing flavours to match, this range piques your imagination and keeps you coming back for more. You should also explore Pacha Mama, a fabulous collection of fruity juices from the same stable.

Cosmic Fog – Cosmic by name and cosmic by nature, this legendary American brand offers tempting blends of sweet and savoury notes to create a whole new universe of flavour. Reach for the stars and check out The Lost Fog premium collection too!

Cuttwood – A highly regarded American collection with memorable branding and unique flavour blends. Dinner Lady – British gourmet e liquids for dessert lovers which have garnered numerous awards.

Summer Holidays - a spin-off range featuring uplifting tropical fruit inspired vapes that we think you will love.

I VG – The perfect choice if you have recently quit smoking, this range of satisfying tobacco vapes is one to try.

Juice Sauz – Moreish sweet flavours served up in 50ml shortfall bottles for your convenience.

Mello Buddha – Flavours which induce a sense of tranquillity for a truly chilled vaping experience.

Mr Meringue – Heaven in a bottle if you have a sweet tooth! Two meringue flavours that leave you wanting more.

Naked Fish – Unique fruit and dessert flavours named for marine life! Strange but true!

Super Strudel – A small but perfectly formed collection of strudel flavours for dessert-loving vapers.

The Essentials – Innovative flavours for morning, noon and after dark. If that sounds a little crazy, explore the juice and you will see what we mean!

WAFFL – The vowels are missing but you get the drift! Belgian waffles make for great vapes!

75VG Juice

More famous names and new brands for you here, all of which demand your attention! 75VG for impressive vapour, these juices will please all cloud chasers and will never disappoint when it comes to quality and flavour. We have scoured the globe for the finest juice and we are confident that you will find new favourites to add to your vaping menu when you dip in to these enticing ranges.

At Home Doe – A capsule collection of fruity flavours from The Yorkshire Vapour. Expect to be impressed by this tasty British juice.

Decoded – The enigmatic flavour names will raise a smile and that smile will become a satisfied grin when you vape such delights as Area 51 and Big Foot!

Dr Fog’s – Ice cream flavours to enhance your vaping life!

Far E Liquids – Far out fruity flavours from Element that should not be missed.

Mary’s Kitchen – Authentic fruity flavours to please your palate.

80VG E Liquids

Looking for the perfect high VG juice? Look no further! Offering both the most popular brands and the new kids on the block, the Vapester range features everything that you need if you favour cloud chasing or dripping. You can look forward to a smorgasbord of flavour and amazing juice created from premium ingredients. Fabulous flavour and vapour are guaranteed!

Double Drip – Dream juices for drippers and sub-ohm vapers with a decidedly fruity theme. You will love the colourful graphics too!

Element E Liquids – Offering the perfect vaping chemistry and impressive variety, Element flavours have been the subject of rave reviews and it isn’t difficult to see why. Don’t forget to try the Quiet Owl collection from Element which is flying somewhat under the radar but could be about to take centre stage.

Just Jam – Three Jammy Dodger inspired flavours which preserve your faith in sweeter vapes.

Liquid State – A small but growing collection which pays homage to American cuisine state by state.

Lik Juice – Drip Dab, Jelly Berry and Raspberry Dripple all offer plenty to please.

Lolly Vape – The raunchy sounding Rock It, Screw It and Twist It always deliver on flavour so we heartily recommend that you Suck It when it comes to Lolly Vape.

Shlurp – Original and memorable flavours with fruity notes.

Verdict Vapors – Yummy fruit and dessert flavours with a touch of originality.

Whip’d – Who would have thought that whipped cream could make for such delicious vapes? Clearly somebody did!

Wick Liquor – British made collection of exciting and unique flavours which boasts an interesting but entirely fictitious backstory!

Yorkshire Vaper – EEE by Gum! Legendary for delivering intense flavour, The Yorkshire Vaper is unsurprisingly a British brand and boasts many devotees.

E Liquid Brands with a Variety of Bases

Beard Vape – Vape juice with a rock ‘n’ roll feel! The flavours are identified by numbers instead of names but don’t let that stop you trying them all as each juice has been carefully selected from a raft of possible blends. Bases range from 60VG to 85VG.

Ruthless – Fruit flavours with unique twists which have already created a stir! Ruthless juice is worthy of your consideration and you will discover bases from 60VG to an incredible 90VG.

Cut Loose with Your Juice

So, there you have it! More juice than you can shake a stick at and hundreds of flavours to savour! It’s time to dive in and explore all of your options! Why not add something new to your basket when you are ordering your usual favourites? With Vapester you have the broadest possible choice and we are always updating our range to feature new brands and recently released flavours. We keep our finger on the vaping pulse to ensure that you don’t miss a trick!