Based in the UK, 88Vape is a highly affordable range of tasty e-liquids that is well worth exploring. The 88Vape team have clearly focussed on delivering exceptional value for money but not at the expense of flavour! This is a carefully conceived collection of tasty vape juices including both traditional choices and unique blends.

There is no doubt that if you quit smoking, you will improve your health. It is important to remember that you can also save a lot of money. Especially if you use an inexpensive vape pen or starter kit. Ecigarette starter kits certainly don’t have to cost the Earth! With 88Vape’s affordable prices, your e juice doesn’t have to either. Perhaps it’s time to please your bank manager as well as your taste buds!

Prepare to Save With 88Vape

Once you have sorted out your vape mods and kit bundles, it’s time to think about your juice. The 88 Vape range is a great place to start if you're a beginner. It also offers an exceptional menu of flavours for experienced vapers and you can choose your preferred nicotine strength - each flavour is available in 11mg and 16mg.

To partner the reasonable prices that you enjoy with 88Vape, we offer free UK delivery when you spend £9 or more. All in all, you are about to enjoy an amazing deal on your e liquids! Better still, it doesn’t matter which electronic cigarette, starter kit or vape mod you are using. 88 Vape e liquid flavours are 80PG and so are suitable for any vaping device.

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More About 88Vape

88Vape E Liquids are created in a purpose-built facility which enables the team to deliver exceptional quality. This also means that they are able to develop their own flavours in-house. 88Vape use 100% organic ingredients and craft all flavours in the UK. With tobacco, fruit, menthol  and confectionery flavours on the vaping menu, you can enjoy outstanding variety without breaking the bank!

If you are on a budget, or are looking for the best possible vaping value, this is the brand to watch. The budget prices will certainly come in handy if you are new to vaping and are trying to discover which flavours best suit your taste. You can experiment with your e liquids and starter kits until you find a combo that hits the spot. In any case, what’s not to like about high-quality, tasty eliquids at 99p each?

If only everything in life was this simple. Like the European Tobacco Directive, for instance! We won’t go there for now because there are a few eliquid flavours to explain.

88Vape Flavours

Affordable prices are all very well. But we suspect that you want to hear about the flavours. There’s certainly an amazing choice. Here’s the eliquids that you could explore with 88 Vape:

Tobacco Flavours

Rolling Leaf – Sweet and mellow tobacco flavour which is a great choice if you want to stop smoking.

Maiden’s Tobacco – Authentic and satisfying flavour to help you quit smoking.

Tobacco Nut – Rich tobacco with the added bonus of nutty notes.

Fruit Flavours

Morello Cherry – The cherry on the icing on the cake of your vaping life.

Fruit Twist – Fruity cocktail that would grace any vape kits.

Sweet Strawberry – A very English vaping treat for your starter kit.

Fresh Blueberry – No flavour collection would be complete without delicious Blueberry!

Crisp Apple – A sharp and refreshing vape with a twist for your vape pen.

Eliquids with Menthol

Menthol Chill – Cold as Ice and even more refreshing.

Menthol – Suitably chilly juice that any vaper would enjoy.

Arctic Cherry – Delicious cherry cola flavour with a chilly finish for your electronic cigarette.

Dessert, confectionery and beverage flavours

Liquorice – all sorts of delights for your taste buds.

Bubblegum – Sweet and moreish but without the sticky stuff.

Raspberry Ripple – Vanilla ice cream and raspberry makes for an appealing vape.

Red Cola – Cola flavour with a fruity twist that you will love.

Rhubarb and Custard – As wickedly moreish as the sweets it honours.

Frosted fruit – enigmatic flavour that you will have to vape to explain, even to yourself!

Energy Plus – A livener to complete an impressive e liquid collection.


Who Should Explore 88Vape?

It’s hard to imagine any vaper who couldn’t do with investigating 88Vape. Perfect if you are on a tight budget, these affordable e liquids would also come in handy if you are experimenting with your flavours. You can find out what pleases your vaping palate without wasting your hard-earned cash. You could choose a few 88Vape flavours to partner your spare vape mods and if you use a starter kit for travelling.

With so many flavours to choose from, this range offers plenty to please. From Rolling leaf to Rhubarb and custard, there’s something for everyone and you certainly won’t get bored in a hurry. Don’t forget that you can take advantage of free UK delivery when you choose a nice selection of juices. Why not throw in some vaping accessories like replacement coils when you are ordering? Whichever vape kits you are using, you shouldn’t overlook 88Vape.

What Vape Kits Should You Use?

88Vape eliquids are compatible with any device. Unlike many High VG collections and short fill e-liquids, these flavours with affordable prices are suitable for low-cost starter kits including the Kanger Top Evod, Aspire Pockex and the Innokin T18E, T20S and the EZ Watt.

If you are thinking about taking up vaping to help you stop smoking, you have discovered everything you need to quit and save a huge amount of money. The more affordable starter kits are also the easiest to use. Single button operation keeps things simple and you can be vaping just a few minutes after opening the box. Simply charge your battery, top up your tank with an 88Vape flavour and you are good to go. You will find the kit bundles and ecigarette starter kits that you need here at Vapester!

Is 88 Vape the Way Forward?

The team at 88Vape have proved that good quality e-liquid can be highly affordable. Could this mean that prices generally may fall? We don’t know but what is clear is that you have amazing choice and that you can enjoy great flavour every day. The world of vaping becomes more interesting and diverse with each day that passes! Keep visiting Vapester to stay ahead of the game and to discover outstanding eliquid collections.

Please note - 18+ smokers only (age verification is required when you create an account).