MYBLU PODS & Starter Kits

Sleek, user-friendly and convenient, the myblu offers vapers something genuinely new and different. Designed for beginners and vapers seeking a compact and straightforward device, it utilises disposable myblu e liquid pods for added convenience. This is a ready to use device that we think you will enjoy.

The benefits of myblu Pods

If you are new to vaping, the complexity of some devices can be off-putting but the myblu couldn’t be easier to use. Simply charge the device, click your e liquid myblu pod into place and you are ready to vape. The battery life will last up to four hours when fully charged, depending on how heavily you vape, and when your juice runs out, removing the myblu liquidpod and replacing it with a new one is simple. Better still, the battery charges in just twenty minutes which is a real boon. Compact proportions mean that it can be slipped into your pocket with ease and with its stylish contemporary design, my blu looks great too!

This ready to use vape system will undoubtedly appeal to newbies but its sheer convenience could also prove useful for more experienced vapers. Ideal when you are on the go or driving, myblu devices would be an excellent choice as a second or back-up electronic cigarette and are certainly perfect for when you are globetrotting. You don’t have to worry about refilling your tank or replacing your coils when you are on the move and there’s a good selection of flavours to choose from. A USB charger is included in the starter kit so you can be sure you are always ready to use your blu myblu device.

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MYBLU Liquidpods - Preparation and Usage

As vaping devices go, the myblu couldn’t be more straightforward.  Unpack your device and unfold the USB cord. Take the USB cord and plug it into your e cig. Plug the cord into a USB-compatible device.  The tip of the e cig will glow blue when the device begins charging. Charge your blu myblu for approximately 20 minutes and then remove your device from the power source. Your myblu is shipped partly charged but it is best to fully charge it before vaping.

Remove the liquidpod from packaging and slot the liquidpod into the rechargeable myblu. Feel it click and draw on the device. Remember that the tip glows blue when it begins charging, the red light means you are running out of charge. Always keep an eye on the indicator light. Electronic cigarettes can be complicated but this vape pen proves that they don’t have to be. Isn’t it time you invested in this impressive rechargeable device?

MyBlu flavour pods

There are diverse and delicious flavours in the blu liquidpods range with something to suit all vaping tastes. You will discover six flavours in the standard collection including tobacco, fruit and coffee profiles. If you are trying to stop smoking, Gold Leaf would be an excellent choice! But you should also explore the Myblu Intense collection featuring salt nicotine blends for a smoother throat hit without sacrificing the nicotine strength. The flavour pods are supplied in packs of two and feature a variety of nicotine strengths to suit your needs

Here’s the full rundown on the flavours:

My Blu Liquidpods: Tobacco, Tobacco Crème, Mango Apricot, Green Apple, Cherry Crush, Ginseng Ginger, Eucalyptus Lemon, Café Latte, Bourbon Caramel and Blue Ice.

My Blu Intense Nicotine Salt: Blueberry Salt, Strawberry Mint, Tobacco Salt and Menthol Salt

MyBlu Eliquids

In addition to Myblu pods, we are also pleased to bring you the full range of Blu eliquids. With bases from 50PG to 70PG, they are compatible with all devices and the diverse flavours will bring variety to your vaping life. There’s 13 to choose from, so it will take you a while to work your way through the options!

If you are a fan of fruity juice, Tropic Tonic, Peach Passion, Green Apple, Cherry and Blueberry are all tasty choices. For a chillier vape try Strawberry Mint, Polar Mint, Mint Chocolate or Menthol. Tobacco and Tobacco Crème will satisfy your cravings for baccy while Berry Swirl, Caramel Café and Vanilla Crème bring a touch of luxury to your tank,

Smoking Cessation With the My Blu Starter Kit

A Blue Myblu starter kit could help you to quit smoking. If the complexities of vaping have stopped you giving it a try, you no longer have an excuse! The blu starter kit is a device you will probably feel like using. Start vaping with your new toy and enjoy a smoke-free life! Together, your device and liquidpod are the route to salvation! They provide the nicotine hit that you need but always remember that nicotine is an addictive chemical and that won’t change. However, the myblu is a simple and powerful closed system which could help change your life.

Is myblue vape for you?

You can’t beat my blu for ease of use and that twenty-minute battery charge is definitely a big plus. After all, you don’t want find yourself without the ability to vape. This myblu vape system provides a great introduction to vaping but experienced vapers looking for convenience may also be impressed by both the device and the flavours on the menu.

Myblu at Vapester UK

We are delighted to bring you the myblu starter kit here at Vapester where you will also find the full range of tasty liquid pods. Don’t forget to use your promo codes when ordering and it would be a good idea to stock up on any vape accessories you need while you are here. We believe that the myblu is an excellent addition to our collection of vaping devices and if you spend more than £9, you will enjoy free delivery within the United Kingdom.

Can you refill myblu pods?

The ready to use myblu won’t be for everyone but any devices which remove barriers to vaping have to be a good thing. If the technicalities, jargon and complexities associated with vaping are preventing smokers from quitting, the blu myblu starter kit removes most of the potential obstacles. As all you have to do is slot a liquidpod into the rechargeable device, the blu myblu could be the way forward for those who value speed and convenience. A USB port is required but everyone has one of those! The pods themselves are disposable.

The blu starter kit and all myblu devices are proving incredibly popular. A powerful closed system which could aid smoking cessation, this little gem is a vape pen which could make vaping a more attractive proposition.