Chicken Shop

If you are looking to go large with your juice, this is the collection for you! With Chicken Shop, you can go huge because you get 200ml of e liquid with each flavour! Don’t worry about ordering a truck to haul the whopping great bottle around for you as there’s also two 60ml unicorn bottles in the pack. You can decant your juice into the smaller bottles for daily use.

Chicken Shop flavours are nicotine-free but there’s room in the enormous bottle for two nicotine shots or you can add a shot to the smaller bottle. The bases are 70VG and there are three great flavours to choose from. Don’t ask us why the collection is called Chicken Shop because we don’t know and we are struggling to think of a good reason for the branding! Perhaps they are fans of a certain colonel!

What we can tell you is that Chicken Shop is a collection by Cheap Thrills and is made in the UK from premium ingredients. Here’s the enticing menu:

Cluckin’ Hot Sauce - Mixed fruit, lemon, orange, pear and hints of aniseed

Deep Fried Jam Donut - Donut flavour with strawberry, custard and vanilla notes

Totally tropical Ting - Tropical fruit, mango and blackcurrant on ice


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