Dinner Lady Vape E Liquids

Clever branding and a liberal dose of hype characterises many e liquid collections, but image only gets you so far. Ultimately, it is the flavour that counts and vapers everywhere are always in search of the finest juice. Dinner Lady e liquids have literally taken the vaping world by storm with their delicious flavours. The branding is excellent and there has been plenty of hype, but the proof of the puddings is in the vaping and Dinner Lady have absolutely nailed their flavours!


Dinner Lady was established as recently as 2016 and quickly began to hit the headlines. This is a relatively new e liquid brand but one which tempts vapers with lashings of nostalgia. The team at Dinner Lady wanted to turn the vaping world on its head by focussing on the quality of the ingredients and the strength of flavour rather than considering what would be the cheapest juice to manufacture. Their approach appears to have taught eliquid producers a bit of lesson!

Dinner Lady E Liquids burst onto the scene at the 2016 Vaper Expo in Birmingham. The team had been quick to subject their range to examination but passed the test with flying colours. Dinner Lady won the award for the best stand at the expo and promptly sold out of juice! Dinner Lady e juice was hitting the spot!

The brand has since won a hat full of awards including Best E Liquid 2017 for their Lemon Tart at Hall of Vape in Stuttgart. The brand also topped three prestigious categories in the E-cigclick awards 2016.  The E-cigclick accolades are voted for by vapers rather than industry insiders or the press and so carry great weight with the vaping community. Dinner Lady vape juice consistently garners outstanding reviews and the expanding collection of amazing flavours has now gone global.

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Founded by Jonny Williams, this British company works hard to keep vapers up to date with the latest products. The approach to marketing is very currant, but Dinner Lady have gone old school with the branding. Both the packaging and labelling boast a 1950s vibe. Many of the flavours play to memories of school days. With carefully evolved and diverse recipes, the team at Dinner Lady have ensured that everyone comes back for seconds!

Every vaper will remember their school days and those feelings of euphoria when the lunchtime bell rang. They will recall those mad dashes to the dinner hall and when those memories come flooding back, they can still smell the aroma of tasty puddings that always filled the air. Nobody ever forgets the kind dinner lady that welcomed them with a smile to their daily feast. This is a brand which captures the unique flavours of Britain’s classic school puds plus so much more and then bottles them.


Dinner Lady has taken a new approach to mixing e liquids and has stuck its metaphorical finger up at the cost cutting approach of its rivals. Nostalgic and undeniably delicious, Dinner Lady’s amazing flavours will certainly see you coming back for seconds, thirds, fourths and more! Prepare your electronic cigarettes for some Dinner Lady E Liquid action!

So, what’s on the blackboard?

Below are brief explanations of the bestselling Dinner Lady flavours. The juice is available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine strengths and so appears to be targeted at direct to lung sub ohm vapers. However, anyone would enjoy this juice and it has proved to be popular with new and experienced vapers alike.

The impressive Dinner Lady range now features no less than six collections; Dinner Lady, Dinner Lady 50/50, Dinner Lady Salt, Dinner Lady Short Fills, Dinner Lady Fruits and Dinner Lady Ice.

Dinner Lady Flavours:

Lemon Tart eliquid - This award-winning flavour wows with its wonderful blend of lemon curd, creamy meringue and pie crust. It’a a dinner lady e juice whose recipe will appeal to citrus lovers, dessert fans and anyone who enjoys impressive flavour.

Cornflake Tart eliquid - Cornflake is a difficult flavour to capture which is probably why most producers have given it a wide birth. Dinner Lady have taken on the challenge and boy was it worth it! This recipe features cornflakes, syrup and a dollop of strawberry jam.

Rice Pudding with Jam eliquid - Creamy rice pudding with a hint of raspberry jam! It’s old school but this winning flavour reminds you of how the simple pleasures in life are often the most enjoyable. This premium eliquid is not to be missed.

Strawberry Custard eliquid - Ok, strawberry custard may not have been your favourite dessert at school but you are about to discover that you love it after all! This fine fusion of sweetened strawberries and creamy custard is a winning one.

Berry Tart – A delicious fusion of fresh fruits and pastry notes that will delight your taste buds. This one is a classic in every sense of the word and will take you back to your youth while offering the brightest of vaping futures.

Mango Tart – If you love a great tart, this Dinner Lady Vape is the one to have! The indulgent pastry is joined by exotic fruitiness to create a genuine winner that should find its way into your tank right now!

Apple Pie – There is no way that a dessert themed collection could be without Apple Pie and here it is! This Dinner Lady vape juice will appeal to both your sense of tradition and your taste buds.

Blackberry Crumble – there are few things in life which are more appealing than a great crumble and this is a great crumble! Those fruity notes perfectly balance the sweet pastry to deliver an incredibly impressive flavour for your tank.

Orange Tart – it’s not the most obvious recipe but Orange Tart is something special. Bright citrus and indulgent pastry has turned out to be a winning combo and one that you just have to try sometime soon.


The fabulous flavours have proved to be a massive hit but the team at Dinner Lady are not given to resting on their laurels. They have sharpened their pencils and returned to the classroom to keep themselves busy by writing new recipes.

Dinner Lady’s popular flavours are now available nicotine-free in short fill bottles, so you can tuck into Lemon TartBlackberry Crumble, Mango Tart, Orange Tart, Apple Pie, Strawberry Custard, Strawberry Macaroon and Berry Tart without fear of your tank running dry. These incarnations of Dinner Lady short fill eliquids are 70VG. If you are a sub ohm vaper, dinner lady 50ml short fills could be the way to go.


The good news doesn’t end with the short fills. This is especially true if max VG juice is incompatible with your vape pen or electronic cigarette and you don’t own sub ohm tanks and box mods. Dinner Lady 50/50 is now in the house, or should we say in the canteen?

The new 50VG/50PG vape juice collection from Dinner Lady is suitable for most vape pens, pod systems and vaping devices. You can enjoy the perennial favourites Strawberry Custard, Lemon Tart, Blackberry Crumble, Apple Pie and Mango Tart. But there are also six fine Dinner Lady tobacco ejuices in the mix – Straight Tobacco, Caramel Tobacco, Original Tobacco, Smooth Tobacco, Mint Tobacco and Cherry Tobacco. These exciting flavours are available in nicotine strengths of 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg.


Just when you thought that Dinner Lady must be running out of new recipes, the Dinner Lady Fruits collection arrives! The new flavours will excite your palate and fans of fruity juice won’t believe their luck! Get stuck into Pink WaveMelon Twist, Berry Blast, Purple Rain (love that name) and Tropical Fruits. You can feast on fabulous flavours and enjoy a few surprises along the way. Dinner Lady eliquid has never been better and these 70VG flavours are nicotine-free and supplied in short fill bottles.


The fabulous Dinner Lady Ice collection is a complete departure from the original dessert flavour profiles. Proving that diversity is a very good thing indeed, these chilly vapes truly impress and ensure that when you buy dinner lady e juice, there is sure to be something that appeals to your vaping palate. Originally marketed under the Summer Holidays brand, these refreshing recipes really work. Choose from the amazing Apple Sours, Watermelon Slices, Sweet Fusion, Lemon Sherbet and Bubble Trouble. As with Dinner Lady Fruits, this collection is 70VG, nicotine-free and supplied in short fill bottles.


The popularity of nicotine salt e liquids has not escaped the attention of the Dinner Lady team. They have been working hard to craft salt versions of their incredible flavours. You can now enjoy the Dinner Lady range, regardless of the electronic cigarette you are using courtesy of the 50VG bases. The nic salts give you smoother throat hits, quicker nicotine absorption and longer lasting effects and so could transform your vaping experience. The nicotine strength is 20mg – perfect for reformed smokers.

Dinner Lady Salt flavours

Apple Sours

Blackberry Crumble

Bubble Gum

Cola Ice

Heisen Lady

Lemon Sherbets

Lemon Tart

Strawberry Ice

Strawberry Macaroon

Sweet Fruits

Watermelon Slices


You can expect exciting new vape juice to join this top-rated range very soon. Taking on the world armed only with rolling pins, aprons and a talent for fine flavour, the Dinner Ladies are a force to be reckoned with. If you haven’t explored this brand, it must be time to vape Dinner Lady!


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