Dr Salt

Dr Salt is a quality e liquid derived from nicotine salts which are designed to capture the natural salts found in tobacco leaves to deliver a really smoth vape with no harsh throat hit. 

This in turn means the nicotine is absorbed into the the body more quickly, giving you a feeling much more like that of smoking a regular cigarette.

Please note, these e liquids are only available in 20mg strength meaning they are at the maximum strength currently allowed by UK TPD regulations. Also, as the throat hit is so smooth it's easy to think you're not getting much nicotine and puff more frequently. We strongly recommend you take it easy when first trying out these eliquids until you've found the right amount of puffs needed to get the nicotine level you desire. These liquids will generally suit those who used to smoke heavily (20+ per day) and need a considerable amount of nictine to keep their cravings at bay.


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