With cool, contemporary graphics based on the periodic table and Element Eliquid’s premium packaging, this is certainly an attention-grabbing brand. But does the quality of the Element vape juice match up to the impressive look?

Ooooooh yes, it does!

Perfect Chemistry

Based in Florida, Element E Liquid offer a comprehensive range of delicious flavours. There’s something to satisfy even the most discerning vaping palate. Element E-Liquids are keen to uphold the highest standards in their manufacturing processes. Each e liquid is created using only superior ingredients from trusted sources. Every flavour blended with precision. You can expect unrivalled purity but that’s not all. Element E Liquid UK are notable for using nicotine which has been extracted from natural American tobacco leaves rather than synthesised in a laboratory.

In Your Element

There’s no doubt about it, Element’s Dripper Series is the perfect choice for cloud chasers and rebuildable dripping atomisers. The 80VG/20PG Element e juices deliver impressive vapour and intense flavour. Your box mods and drip tips are going to see some serious action! This is juice which has garnered rave reviews in the UK and so we strongly recommend that you give it a try. You could be in your element with these fine e liquids. Each brings an original twist to a popular flavour profile.

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So, what can you expect, flavour wise, from the Element Dripper Series? There are thirteen exciting eliquids to explore. You are definitely spoilt for choice with this ejuice collection! These are principally fruity flavours but there’s a few hints of mint to liven up your palate. You will enjoy the menthol twists and there are creamy finishes thrown in for good measure. Every juice boasts an impressively authentic taste and is a 10ml Element eliquid.

  • Apple Accai – Refreshing green apple and acai berries in a beautiful blend. Apple acai really delivers!
  • CremaIndulgent and sweet patisserie cream
  • Banana NutDelicious banana nut bread with a hint of caramel
  • Fresh Squeeze – The authentic taste of freshly squeezed oranges! Don’t miss the Fresh Squeeze Dripper e liquid!
  • FrostIcy menthol with sweet notes
  • Key Lime CookieZesty lime with sweet cookie on the exhale
  • Kiwi Redberry – A refreshing fruity blend
  • Pink GrapefruitAuthentic grapefruit flavour with plenty of zing
  • Pink LemonadeStunning and realistic citrus flavour makes Pink Lemonade Dripper eliquid a must-have
  • Pomegranate – All the flavour of the fruit
  • Strawberry WhipCreamy and bursting with berries
  • Watermelon Chill -  Sweet watermelon with a hint of mint
  • Zenrelaxing and exotic blend of fabulous fruits

We recommend that you dip into the Dripper Series right now! Offering fabulous flavour, voluminous clouds and premium ingredients, it’s a no-brainer to give the Element Dripper eliquid Series a try. Don’t forget that you will benefit from free UK delivery when you spend £9 or more. It’s worth treating yourself to an Element Vape or several!

The really good news is that Element offer several eliquid brands to tempt your taste buds!

Element Nic Salts - NS20 eliquids

Expect diverse flavours in a neat collection featuring vape juices with a nicotine strength of 20MG. Even better, these fine flavours contain nicotine salts just like the Dripper series. Element nic salt is derived from the tobacco leaf and so these salt eliquids possess a unique quality. The ejuice is easier to inhale than your regular sauce and is kinder on throat. You can go to the max on the nicotine with NS20 and the ejuices are 65VG. The menu is tantalising too and includes a few favourites from the Dripper juice collection.

Element Eliquid Pods

Compatible with the Aspire Gusto Mini starter kit, Element ELiquid Pods make vaping simple. The disposable pods are available in an appealing range of Element’s popular flavours. What could be more convenient that a replacement pod? Each ejuice is 65VG and includes Element’s signature nic salt with a concentration of 20mg. Choose from Honey Roast Tobacco, Tobacco, Watermelon Chill, Strawberry Whip and Frost.

Short Fills from Element Eliquids

If you prefer to order your ejuice in larger quantities, Element Short Fills are for you. Offering classic Element flavours, the collection is distinguished by funky bottles. Each cool laboratory flask bottle contains a fabulous 100ml of eliquid.  Our Element e liquid UK short fill range includes Strawberry Whip, Key Lime Cookie, Watermelon Chill, Pink Lemonade and Crema.

FAR Eliquids by Element

You are going to love topping up your tank or vape pen with the delectable juices in the Far range. The graffiti-inspired graphics give the collection an edgy and artistic feel. This is in contrast to the scientific theming of the other Element ranges. Banksy himself would choose these flavours which boast 65VG and 75VG bases.

This is juice which hits the heaven spot. If you haven’t heard of that particular vaping Nirvana, read on. The heaven spot is a dangerous location where graffiti artists leave their mark. It turns out that it is also the uplifting feel that only a special vape can engender. Here’s the Far hit list:

  • Candy Punch – Sweet rainbow candy flavour with a punch
  • Grape Vape – Refreshing blend of three different grape varieties for your tank
  • Marshmallow Breeze – Delicious fusion of marshmallow and mint
  • Melon Ball – Refreshing and original honeydew melon flavour
  • Neon Green Slushie – Zesty lime and chilly menthol are the perfect partners in this slushie eliquid
  • Neon Red Slushie – Red berries with an icy menthol finish
  • Pineapple Bliss – Pineapple cubes, mangoes and berries create a tasty vape
  • Strawberry Cupcake – Strawberries, vanilla cake and sweet icing to tempt your palate

Element E Liquid UK Free delivery - IT’S ELEMENTARY!

Element do a fine job of making it impossible to ignore their amazing juice. Which is a good thing because you really should try it. Why not grab your box mods and enjoy these amazing flavours? With salt eliquid, replacement pods, 10ml Element eliquids and an extensive menu, this is a range which will appeal to every vaper. From Neon Green Slushie to Apple Acai, it is bursting with originality. Don’t miss Pink lemonade Dripper Eliquid and we think that Fresh Squeeze Dripper juice will surprise you. Element Eliquid brands tick every box and you get free UK delivery when you spend £9. Should you choose Element? It’s Elementary my dear vaper!