Fresh Pressed

This appealing collection of fruity and dessert flavours would certainly be a delicious addition to your vaping life. Made in California, the flavours feature unique blends but share a refreshing feel. The bright and breezy branding is just right, and you can’t argue with the quality. We have chosen to showcase the short fill versions of the exciting recipes. Each gives you 50ml of juice to enjoy and there’s room to add your nicotine shot to the bottle.

It is worth noting that Fresh Pressed e liquids feature 60VG bases. This is significant because the VG content is lower than in many short fills. Once diluted by a nicotine shot with a PG base, these flavours are compatible with most devices. Fresh Pressed juice brings the convenience of short fills to vapers with pod systems and vape pens. Could that be you?

Fresh Pressed for flavour

Unsurprisingly, Fresh Pressed flavours are principally fruity blends. Honeycomb Berry is a delightful fusion of limeade, berries and honey that always goes down well. Sugar tantrum definitely won’t put you in a bad mood with its custard and pecan recipe which is a departure from the fruity theme. Lava Luau gives you a chilled fruit cocktail and tribute to Hawaii and Pink Pressed Melon partners peaches with melons for a vibrant feel. The collection is completed, appropriately, by Fruit Finale with its mixed fruit notes and we can’t wait for the encore!

Treat yourself to the juiciest of juices

As the Fresh Pressed flavours are all so very tasty, why not try them all? Our multibuy deals give you incredible value and you will benefit from free UK delivery. Our range also features the vaping accessories that you need including replacement coils, batteries, starter kits and pod systems. You can make the most of your vaping experience and enjoy the finest available flavours. Your choices should include the Fresh Pressed short fills which we can heartily recommend.