Hangsen E Liquid

At Vapester, we are proud to bring you an extensive range of the fine e liquids from Hangsen. Offering an extensive and diverse collection of flavours, exceptional consistency and the highest quality, you can rely on the Hangsen range to deliver an impressive vaping experience. The prices are very reasonable too and so the popularity of this brand comes as no surprise.

Pure Hangsen

Hangsen is a company which is dedicated to producing products of the highest quality. All Hangsen e liquids are formulated from 99% pure nicotine, naturally derived flavourings and vegetable glycerine together with carefully sourced propylene glycol.

The e liquids are produced in a state of the art facility using the advanced process known as molecular distillation. This removes impurities from the compounds. The products are tested rigorously and no e liquid leaves the factory until Hangsen are satisfied that it is of the highest quality and safe to vape.  They proudly add that their e-liquid has also been proved to be harmless to pulmonary cells by Dartsch Scientific GmbH LaboratoryFor more information see our article here on vaping and health.

Hangsen’s Global Popularity

Operating from a 10,000 square metre factory, Hangsen lead the world in e liquid production. The company has pioneered many developments in e liquids and vaping equipment and possess unrivalled experience and knowledge. The Hangsen CEO created one of the first e liquid recipes in 2004 and Hangsen is now producing over 4 million bottles of juice every month.

Given the impressive global popularity of Hangsen e liquids, this organisation must be doing something right! Unfortunately, the e liquids are now so popular that fakes are common. The fake products do not replicate the quality of the originals and so are best avoided.

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Beware of Hangsen Fakes

All of Hangsen’s flavours are supplied in bottles which feature a patented design. There are “HS” marks in the edge of the cap and on the bottom of the bottle. The caps are double-decked and there are six grooves inside the inner cap which you will not find on fake products. 

Hangsen ELiquid Flavours

We have selected a diverse range of Hangsen flavours to feature here at Vapester. There is something to suit all tastes including outstanding fruit, menthol and tobacco e liquids together with interesting and exciting flavours for adventurous vapers. Each features a 70PG base which is suitable for low wattage devices including vape pens, starter kits and pod systems. There are so many vape juice flavours here that it will take you a lifetime to explore them all! If you enjoy mouth to lung vaping, you will love Hangsen e liquids.

Get Fruity with Hangsen

Go bananas with Banana or move to the dark side with Blueberry and Blackcurrant. Enjoy the fruit of the vine with delicious Grape and refresh your palate by vaping Juicy Peach, Apple and Watermelon. Fruit lovers will discover the perfect flavours in the Hangsen range. Did we mention Lemon and Lime? Your options are without limits!

Cool It with Hangsen

Hangsen have nailed their minty flavours too. Mint King is eminently cool, icicles start forming when you move on to Ice Mint or Menthol and you will reach absolute zero with Menthol sensation. There’s no doubt that you won’t run our of Hangsen menthol flavours in a hurry.

Hangsen Tobacco Vapes

Reformed smokers who yearn for the taste of tobacco will find everything they need in this impressive range. From the unmistakable and mellow Virginia to the wonderful Golden Tobacco, there are satisfying vapes to suit all tastes. Don’t miss out on USA Mix and if you like your tobacco sweet, RY4 and RY6 will hit the spot with their caramel and vanilla notes. We should also mention Desert Ship and Golden Tree. If you appreciate tobacco flavoured vapes, there’s plenty to savour here.

The Best of the Rest

We also feature fabulous Hangsen drink flavour like uplifting Red Energy. Vanilla Custard is a top tipple that you shouldn’t miss and you can also get your Coffee fix when you need it. Bubblegum is a nicely sweet treat while Chocolate Caramel is a serious indulgence.There are spice flavours like VanillaCinnamon and Aniseed and combinations that really shouldn't work, but do, like Mint Strawberry. There are just so many to choose from!

Amazing choice with Hangsen

Hangsen now offers more than 100 flavours which are TPD compliant. These include more than 50 high PG E-liquids plus amazing 50PG:50VG E-liquids. 

Hangsen Salt

The extensive Hansgen range now features salt nicotine e liquids! The eight fabulous flavours in the Hangsen Salt collection give you the amazing value that you would expect from Hangsen.  Better still, the 50VG bases are suitable for most devices including pod systems and starter kits. You can look forward to enjoying many of your favourite recipes from the range but with the benefit of smoother throat hits and quicker nicotine absorption. Your choices include RY4, Ice Mint and Blueberry.

Hangsen Honor Series

The Honor Series was created to pay tribute to both vapers and Hangsen’s exceptional flavours. The company considers some of their e liquids to be “legendary”. A panel of 200 business partners and 584 vapers selected the flavours for the Honor Series. There’s something special for every vaper here and the 50VG bases are suitable for most devices. Your delicious options include Blueberry, Ginger Secret, Rainbow Tobacco and Sweet Menthol

Hangsen Classics

Classic by name and Classic by nature, this collection features favourite Hangsen flavours boasting 50VG bases and a choice of nicotine strengths. Whether you have chosen a pod system, starter kit or vape pen, you can take your pick from 10 outstanding e liquids including fruit, tobacco and menthol recipes. There is much to enjoy here and the Classic series is a valuable addition to the Hangsen range.

Hangsen ELiquid Discount 

At Vapester, we always aim to give you the best possible prices on all of our eliquid brands - and our Hansen eliquid range is no exception. Mix and match any 5 flavours and pay just £9.95 including delivery by Royal Mail First Class. Buy 10 or more Hangsen eliquids and pay just £16.90 (again, including free delivery). If you wish to purchase more than 10 bottles, each additional purchase will be charged at the same great price of just £1.69. What incredible value for money! To receive your discount, just place your chosen products in the cart and it will be calculated automatically. While you are here, don’t forget to stock up on your vaping accessories including replacement pods and replacement coils. You will also discover the latest starter kits and vape tanks from the leading brands. 

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