Juice Bomb

There’s a new collection in town and we think you are going to love it! When it comes to piquing our interest, there’s nothing which compares to a few funky monikers and so we had to explore the offering from Juice Bomb. This collection sounds really exciting and it actually is! Cool names aside, the flavours are delicious and the diverse menu should keep your taste buds on their toes for a while. Better still, these are explosives which don’t costs a bomb!

An explosion of flavour with Juice Bomb

Made in the UK, Juice Bomb eliquids feature premium ingredients and so you are assured of superior quality. The team has declared that they are dedicated to delivering safe choices to the vaping community and that has to be a good thing. We think you will agree that there’s more than a hint of originality about the flavours and we would like to give a massive thumbs up to the edgy theming.

Juice Bomb have chosen the strapline “choose your weapon” so no prizes for guessing the nature of the flavour names! Detonator, Dynamite and Explosion are amongst your choices but fear not! There’s nothing here that will cause your electronic cigarette to self-destruct as the only explosions you will experience are of the flavour variety.

Taking up arms

We’re not sure about the branding of this collection which lacks the impact that the e-liquids probably deserve, but Juice Bomb have nailed the flavours which is all that really matters. The range offers something to please every vaping palate with each ejuice featuring a 60VG/40PG base which is suitable for many starter kits and pods. Every flavour is available in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg to suit your taste. All of which means it must be time to bite the bullet and choose your weapon:

  • Aftermath – yummy strawberry and custard cream mash-up
  • Atom – apple and blackcurrant split with attitude
  • Bullet – take a shot at your taste buds with this cherry and menthol ejuice
  • Detonator – explosive fruity cocktail to refresh your vaping palate
  • Dynamite – New York Cheesecake and lemon with plenty of oomph
  • Explosion – fruity vape juice bursting with strawberry and kiwi
  • Missile – vibrant e-liquid with aniseed, liquorice and menthol
  • The Rocket – mango and pineapple is zooming your way
  • The Bomb – mixed fruits with the bombshell of an icy finish
  • Torpedo – retro blackjack flavour that hits the right spot


If you can’t quite settle on your weapon of choice, why not try the entire collection? You will enjoy free delivery on order of £9 or more and now would be a great time to stock up on your vaping accessories or to upgrade your equipment with a fabulous new starter kit.