Liberty Flights

Founded in 2009, Liberty Flights was one of the first vaping brands to be established in the UK. From the outset, the team were dedicated to helping liberate smokers from their habits by offering flavours they could trust. The brand has since garnered an impressive reputation for consistency and superior quality. As pod systems are proving to be so popular with new vapers, it should come as no surprise that Liberty Flights has teamed up with Dot.  Users of the outstanding Dot Pro can now enjoy fabulous Liberty Flights flavours via the prefilled Dot Pro pods.

Dot Pro prefilled flavour pods

Compact, user-friendly and stylish, pod systems provide the perfect introduction to vaping. These handy devices enable you to vape hassle-free. There is no need to worry about topping up the tank or replacing the coils. Simply click a prefilled pod into place and vape! Liberty Flights pods for the Dot Pro are supplied in packs of two. The flavours feature salt nicotine for smoother hits and quicker nicotine absorption. Each boasts a nicotine strength of 20mg which is ideal for recently reformed smokers.

Liberty Flights flavours

Many new vapers begin their journey with tobacco flavours for obvious reasons. Liberty Flights Tobacco delivers authentic flavour together with impressive satisfaction courtesy of the nic salts. It would be an excellent place to begin when exploring the collection. Menthol would be a great choice if you smoked menthol cigarettes and keeps things wonderfully fresh. Blue Crush, Purple Crush and Red Crush are tasty slushies while Strawberry and Berry Nice offer fabulous fruity notes to please your palate.

Free UK Delivery on Dot Pro flavour Pods  

Stock up on your flavour pods today and receive free UK delivery when you spend £9. It’s always advisable to keep a good supply of replacement pods on hand and you can invest in a variety of flavours to enhance your vaping life. Replacing your pods is easy and you can switch flavours in seconds as the mood takes you.  Liberty Flights Dot Pro replacement pods ensure that you benefit from amazing flavour every day not to mention the benefits of nic salts. It’s time to find your vaping wings with Liberty Flights.