Vampire Vape

The team at Vampire Vape had been creating flavours for 35 years before turning their attention to eliquids. With their extensive experience and impressive facilities, they were able to sink their teeth into their new project with gusto. From the outset, they produced amazing blood, oops! We mean Juice!

The range has continued to evolve and now features unmissable flavours, some of which have achieved legendary status. The company soon garnered a fabulous reputation for quality, consistency and originality because Vampire Vape have always listened to their victims. Gosh there we go again! Vampire Vape have always listened to their customers’ feedback and work hard to deliver exceptional juice that is priced to please.

Quality and Safety from Vampire Vape

Vampire Vape take quality and safety extremely seriously, which is unusual for the undead. They have three clean rooms dedicated to eliquid production and two full time flavourists who develop new products for vapers to enjoy. A sample from every batch of juice is stored for fifteen years for future testing. There is a clear audit trail for every bottle of juice and all of the ingredients that are used.  Everything except the bottles is made in Transylvania.

Only kidding. Everything is made right here in the UK. Vampire Vape deliver great flavours but not ones which will come back to bite you!

It may be counterintuitive to trust the blood sucking undead, but this juice is a safe bet! 

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Vampire Vape Flavours

Safety and accountability are important issues, especially for vampires, but eliquid needs to taste good too. You must be sure that the blood is fresh before you start sucking on it otherwise it simply won’t deliver the required energy!
This range features exciting collections and diverse flavours with something to suit all vampires, not to mention vapers.

Fruity Juice

If you prefer fruit flavours and are a budding vampire, then the princes of darkness have created some special recipes for you to cut your teeth on. From Bat Juice with its very berry cocktail topped off by aniseed to rich Blackcurrant and sharper Applelicious, fans of fruity juice are spoilt for choice.

Icy Flavours

Maybe chilly vapes are more to your taste. If so, then you are in luck. The delicious Berry Menthol is certainly a winning flavour and Ice Menthol is most definitely sub-zero. Alternatively, Black Ice delivers a treacherous concoction of Black Jacks and menthol that should not be missed while Dawn provides a wake-up call with its blend of juicy fruit and cooling menthol.

Iconic Flavours

There is no doubt that Vampire Vape cooked up a storm with the ever-popular Heisenberg. This enigmatic flavour, named for Breaking Bad and a German Physicist, defies description and appears to taste different to everyone.  Heisenberg boasts a fruity flavour with a menthol twist but the precise recipe is a closely guarded secret and so even vampires aren’t allowed to know what it is. Pinkman, another juice named for Breaking Bad, runs Heisenberg a close second in the popularity stakes and delivers a unique citrus cocktail that is uber-refreshing.

The Best of the Rest

We are sure that you will also enjoy the confectionery flavours Black Jack and Sherbet Lemon which capture the authentic taste of your favourite sweets. Smooth Weston is an appealing tobacco flavour and Funky Monkey offers a cheeky cocktail of bananas, chocolate and aniseed. There’s more to discover in the Vampire Vape range and so it must be time to explore your options.

American Desire Collection

Featuring six tasty flavours inspired by Uncle Sam, this collection is sure to please your palate. Each juice is 65VG and available in nicotine strengths of 0mg, 2.5mg and 5mg. You will appreciate the retro branding which is pure Route 66 and there isn’t a drop of blood in sight!

Caddy – This strawberry and custard flavour is a tribute to the iconic pink Cadillac

Grizzly – Strawberry with a hint of red liquorice which would delight your average bear

Angels – Jam on toast is an unusual yet tsasty homage to the Hells Angels!

Home Run – A unique breakfast vape honouring a certain circular cereal

Liberty – New York cheesecake with a hint of lemon which should not be missed

Sure Shot – Sweet candy flavour with a touch of fizz to tingle your tongue


KonceptXIX Collection

It was inevitable that the Vampires would turn to crafting high VG juices and here the must-have results. The KonceptXIX collection boasts an enigmatic name which perhaps only vampires understand, but the flavours are fab! Each is 80VG, nicotine-free and supplied in a short fill bottle. There are 12 amazing recipes to choose from including both Vampire Vape classics and new delicacies. They are divided into four capsule collections as follows:

OriginalHeisenberg, Pinkman and Blood Sukka

BakedPhat Drizzle, Pie Eyed and Poley Rolly

Fresh All Day Grape, Kool Kick and Tika Taka

SweetGet Cubed, Golden Thrill, Sticky Spot


Nic Salts Collection

Vampires may be the blood sucking undead, but they are not daft. Nic salt e liquids have taken the vaping world by storm and the Vampires have risen to the challenge of reworking popular flavours to feature salt nicotine. The 50VG bases are suitable for most electronic cigarettes and Vampire Vape Nic Salts flavours are available with nicotine strengths of 10mg and 20mg.  You can look forward to smoother throat hits, purer flavour and longer lasting effects from your favourite Vampire Vape flavours. Naturally, your choices include Heisenberg and Pinkman but there are many more tasty juices to enjoy. Don’t miss Catapult or Vamp Toes and watch this space because this is a collection which will almost certainly be expanded.

Shortz Collection

This collection of 70VG short fills would delight any sub ohm vaper. The Vampires have been busy creating enticing flavours and there isn’t a drop of blood in sight. What you will discover is exciting slushies that would delight even Dracula. Better still, there are fruit and soda flavours in the mix. You must top up with Rhubarb and Ginger but don’t miss Highland Soda as it honours a certain drink which is allegedly made from girders!

Vlad’s VG Collection

The legendary Vlad the Impaler has been tampering with Vampire Vape flavours! Favourite recipes have been treated to revamps. While the thought of messing with such classics as Heisenberg and Pinkman might fill you will as much dread as facing Vlad himself, it turns out that the new recipes are rather good. Each is 70VG and so suitable for sub ohm tanks.

Heisenberg No Ice – a very familiar flavour but with less chill

Heisenberg White – The original Heisenberg with a small tweak

Pinkman on Ice – Fruity Pinkman with a menthol kick

Pinkman Revamped – Pinkman with added strawberries

Fatal Attraction – Red fruits with an icy finish

Black Ice Breaking Point – Black Jacks with a menthol blast to finish

Blue Gun – Blueberry bubblegum and candy sweetness

Loser – delicious pineapple and Mango punch

Raspberry Blast – Juicy raspberries and peppermint perfectly blended

The Ryder – Sweet strawberry donut to savour

DIY E Liquid

The Vampires are creative creatures and now you can get creative too. The Vampire Vape range has been expanded to feature everything you need to mix your own amazing juice. You will discover base mixes, flavour concentrates and Nicit Up Nicotine shots. You are assured of exceptional quality with Vampire Vape and you can craft DIY vape juice with genuine bite.

Dot Pro Prefilled Pods

Users of the Dot Pro pod system can also enjoy popular Vampire Vape flavours courtesy of this collection of replacement, prefilled pods. Loaded with amazing juice, the pods boast impressive ceramic mesh coils for intense flavour. The collection includes Heisenberg and Pinkman, together with Tobacco, Menthol, Lemon Pie and many more incredible choices.

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What’s wrong with you?

If you haven’t tried Vampire Vape’s eliquids yet, what’s wrong with you? Take a good look in the mirror! But that doesn’t really work for vampires does it? Just try the juices immediately, otherwise we will send an army of the undead to sort you out! You get free UK delivery when you spend just £9 and our multibuy deals give you even better value. Don’t miss our carefully chosen collection of the latest e cigs and vape tanks from the leading brands.

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