Doe Nutz

The Yorkshire Vaper continues his success with a collection delivering the ultimate indulgences. You don’t need to be Einstein to deduce the theme here and these mouth-watering treats won’t disappoint your taste buds. If you are nuts for doughnuts, you have found your vaping nirvana! Custard Doughnut, Boston Cream Doughnut and Butterscotch Doughnut are all special juices honouring the stickiest of sweet treats.

Each flavour in the Doe Nutz collection boasts a 75VG base which is suitable for sub ohm tanks. The 100ml of sweet and delicious nicotine-free juice is supplied  in a short fill bottle to which you can add your nicotine shots. We can’t imagine that there is anyone out there who wouldn’t appreciate these moreish and original flavours.