Vape Liquid Flavours

Wow! With so many e liquid flavors at your disposal, you may be wondering where to start! At Vapester, we feature every e liquid flavor that you could possibly find yourself craving not to mention a fair few which you may not have imagined even existed! Showcasing the planet’s finest juice, our extensive range ensures that your vaping life remains satisfying, exciting and flavoursome! Whether you are searching for your usual favourites or something completely new, Vapester is the place to be! From simple fruity vapes to complex tropical blends and from authentic tobacco flavours to tempting desserts, our impressive vape juice conjures the taste of your favourite treats!

Tobacco 193 products
Mint & Menthol 376 products
Fruit 916 products
Berries 641 products
Desserts 236 products
Drinks 137 products
Spices 82 products
Citrus Fruits 272 products
Sweets 280 products
Cereal 14 products
Nuts 36 products
Bakery 187 products

Your Vapester E Liquid Flavors Menu

So, what’s on the Vapester menu?

Well, just about everything! If you don’t know where to start, simply think of the foods, sweets, drinks and treats that make your mouth water and then choose the e cig juices which feature those flavours. But don’t stop there! You are certainly in for a few surprises on your vaping journey! It is impossible to know which vape juices will suit you best without trying a fair few.

You might not choose to eat mints but minty vapes could be a different story altogether! You just might become a convert to fruit or discover than you can’t live without the taste of cereal. The only way forward is to get stuck in, select a variety of flavours and vape them! There will be e liquids that simply won’t ring your bell and others that you can’t get through the day without. Here’s a quick guide to your options:

Tobacco E Liquids

Ideal if you are quitting smoking, tobacco flavours give you that familiar and satisfying taste which helps to relieve your cravings. Many of our popular brands including Vapemate, Vampire Vape and Hangsen offer outstanding tobacco flavours which mimic the taste of popular cigarettes from “light” to stronger varieties and also rolling tobacco. Better still, you will discover tobacco vapes which include menthol or caramel notes to add a refreshing kick or greater depth to your vaping experience. Explore the 88 Vape collection for amazing value or the Manabush, I VG and OFE ranges to enjoy new takes on tobacco vapes.

Mint and Menthol Vapes

Often referred to as chilly, icy or sub-zero, mint and menthol e liquids feel fresh and uplifting. You can cleanse your palate between flavours and put a spring in your step with these delicious juices whether you go for a simple minty variety or a more complex flavour profile featuring a hint of menthol. Hangsen’s Menthol Sensation is a great pick if you want to keep things simple and Vampire Vape’s iconic Heisenberg is an enigmatic flavour that is not to be missed. Double Drip’s Crystal Mist combines fruity notes with menthol and the Nasty Juice collection brings you a variety of tempting fruity blends, all with a hint of menthol to give them an interesting edge.

Fruity Juice

Enduringly popular, fruity flavours are must have for many vapers. Think of any fruit and you will find it’s distinctive taste captured in e cig juice either alone or in a yummy cocktail. Whether you go bananas for, well, bananas or you can’t live without your apples and pears, you are in for a series of treats! Hangsen, Vapemate and Vapouriz all offer delicious fruity varieties, alternatively check out Pacha Mama, Summer Holiday, Far E Liquids and Shlurp for collections which are dedicated to fruity notes.

Beautiful Berries

Talking of fruit, berries particularly lend themselves to flavoursome vapes and so here you are spoilt for choice. Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries all feature in the mix and there are some awesome flavour combinations to explore. Don’t miss Vampire Vape’s outstanding Bat Juice or Natsy Juice’s Devil Teeth and we should also mention the gorgeous Slam Berry from Charlie’s Chalk Dust. Then again, perhaps you should indulge in No. 5 from Beard Vape, an all-time great featuring cracker crust, creamy vanilla cheesecake and ripe strawberries.

Citrus Fruit Juice

Bringing a refreshing kick to a variety of vapes, citrus notes provide a touch of zip and zing. You are never going to be short of choices if you appreciate citrus fruit, whether you favour purely fruity juices or complex dessert flavours. From Element’s kick-arse Key Lime Cookie to the Fabulous Jungle Fever from Ruthless, citrus flavours add an extra dimension to all manner of vapes!

Dessert Lovers’ Dreams

If you find it hard to resist a great pudding then we might be able to save you a few inches on your waistline! Dessert flavours will ease those sweet cravings whilst providing you with smooth and indulgent vapes to enjoy. Sound good? Check out Beard Vape, Cosmic Fog, Cuttwood, Liquid State, Dinner Lady, WFFL and Super Strudel if your mouth has started to water! With pretty much all of your favourite desserts captured in our vape juices, you will discover a fiesta of flavour that is hard to resist. Whether it is custard, cheesecake, waffles, or apple pie that you can’t live without, your dessert of choice is here waiting for you but don’t forget to test the water with the amazing Milk and Honey from Cosmic Fog!

Drinks Flavour E Liquids

From the taste of the energy drink that give you wings to your favourite incarnations of coffee, you will find your preferred tipples captured in style right here. You are never going to be short of milkshakes, lemonades, colas and coladas with our extensive e juice offering. Try Hangsen for energy drinks, Zap! Juice for sodas, Summer Holidays for the totally tropical and Shlurp for the undeniably original!

School of Spice

If variety is the spice of life for you then spice is the variety of e juice to go for! The inclusion of a touch of spice transforms a flavour from the ordinary to the extraordinary, witness Cuttwood’s outstanding Mr Fritter with its dusting of cinnamon. On the other hand, Hangsen’s Ginger Secret is full of pizzazz whilst Naked Fish’s Piranha is curiously low on bite but is certainly enhanced by a dash of delicious vanilla.

Sweet as Sugar Candy

Yep! There’s nothing quite as moreish as your favourite sweets and our candy vapes are no exception! You will be amazed at the authenticity of the flavours which honour sherbet, Rhubarb and Custard, Pear Drops, liquorice, Cola Cubes and strawberry laces to name but a few. You absolutely have to try Vampire Vape’s Black Jack (guess what that tastes of?) and then there is the unbelievably delicious Wonder Worm from Charlie’s Chalk Dust. If you are a fan of bubblegum, you should head straight for the Bubbleworx collection and your sweet side is sure to be satisfied by any flavour from Dr Fog’s or Juice Sauz.

Sensational Cereals

Many will tell you that there is nothing so great as a breakfast vape! Cereals may not be the most obvious vaping temptation but trust us, cereal flavoured juices are absolutely delicious. Raid the Cuttwood, Dinner Lady, Charlie’s Chalk Dust and Whip’d collections for your fix and if there is one juice you absolutely have to test run, its Dinner Lady’s Cornflake Tart which will simultaneously take you back to your youth and to heaven in just one puff!

Going Nuts for Nuts

OK, so you don’t get any crunch but nuts nonetheless add a special quality to a variety of vapes. If you don’t believe us, try Da Vinci Code from Decoded to experience a riot of pecans or Charlie’s Chalk Dust Peanut Butter and Jesus for what can only be described as a religious experience! Alternatively indulge yourself with the excellent Sting Ray from Naked Fish which delivers the perfect blend of chocolate, cream and hazelnuts.

Vape Juice to Savour

If we had a few weeks to spare we could explain all of the available flavours! Unfortunately, we don’t have that privilege and in any case, we suspect you would rather vape the juice than read about it! Suffice it to say that flavour is the name of the game here at Vapester and whatever your weakness, you will find plenty to please in our range. With e liquids this good, your vaping life will always be a happy one!