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Elf Bar Elfa

The perfect way to move on from disposables, the Elf Bar Elfa is a compact and user-friendly vape pen compatible with prefilled pods. Those pods give you a wonderful array of diverse flavours to enjoy. You will benefit from amazing convenience, but you can take advantage of many outstanding flavour choices. Why not continue your vaping journey with Elf Bar but with prefilled pods featuring diverse flavours, built-in coils and salt nicotine? You can look forward to benefitting from the flavour and satisfaction you need. Better still, each pod delivers up to 600 tasty puffs.

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What is the Elf Bar Elfa?

The Elfa is a compact, rechargeable vape pen compatible with prefilled pods. It is inhale activated for ease of use and can be recharged in as little as one hour. There are no buttons or controls to master, and so the device is ideal for both beginners and more experienced vapers on the go. To find out more please visit our dedicated Elfa information & FAQs page

What is an Elfa pod?

Elfa pods are e liquid reservoirs that are each prefilled with 2ml of juice. They feature built-in mesh coils that deliver intense flavour and that you don’t need to change. Simply vape until the e liquid is exhausted and then discard your pod and start vaping with another. Stick with the same flavour or switch to a new one, it’s up to you!

Which flavours can you enjoy with Elfa pods?

There are 13 delicious flavours to explore with Elf Bar Elfa e liquid pods. With fruit, soda, dessert and candy recipes in the mix, you can look forward to amazing variety. There are too many flavours to mention here. But from Strawberry Ice Cream to Pink lemonade and from Elfbull to Banana, the enticing choices are guaranteed to keep you vaping happily, day after day. 

What are the advantages of Elfa prefilled pods?

Prefilled pods are easy to fit to your vape pen. They feature built-in coils which ensure you never need to change your coils. There are many great flavours to choose from in the Elfa range and you can change flavours whenever the mood takes you. Prefilled Elfa pods enable you to take advantage of the user-friendly Elfa vape pen, a pocket-friendly choice that you can take everywhere with you.